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  1. Is there the item of binocular ??

    They also announced that we will be able to use rifle scopes as monoculars... @shou1209 pls use search function before you create any topic to prevent duplicate topics, these features you suggest are already planned.
  2. Dying simulator

    I also said the tutorial is coming with release, what am I missing?
  3. Dying simulator

    This is not your tipical casual type of game that you can just pick up and play it and do well in it. Its marketed as hardcore and realistic which means you have to actually learn how the game works to be able to survive and do well in the game . Its your and your friends own fault for buing into a testing phase of a hardcore realistic FPS and thinking it will be like COD or Bf and that you will be on top of the scoreboard after 2 days... I know that spawn killing is bad but if you know they are coming, its really easy to kill them. Thats how I started surviving, i hid in the bush on the spawn and waited for them to come for me, after few raids i learned where are they coming from and now i can either push their spawn or run away safely. Its all about the experience, if you want to git gud in a game like this, you NEED to play with more experienced ppl, and not just with your equally unexperienced friends... Or learn from your mistakes but that takes longer and is more frustratig As i wrote in previous comments, there is some kind of tutorial coming so tell them to wait tell release and then try again, if they still cannot handle it, too bad its not game for them, which is Ok as the devs said themselves, they do not aim to please everyone
  4. Dying simulator

    No its not comming...there is no need and it would dumb the game down... I was also noob when I started, got slaughtered by fully geared high level "veterans ", then i joined a random group of experienced players i found on the forums, learned from them, and now im soloing almost all the time, sometimes even take out a group of 3 or more... And thats exactly what devs want us to do, thats why there is sherpa program, learn the game by playing against \with more experienced players. Thats why many low ranked players in CSGO will never get out of silver ranks, playing silver vs silver -bad vs bad player, you cant get better if you play against bad players all the time. Any kind of matchmaking would devide the playerbase, prolong the waiting times, made the game much more predictable - destroying the charm of this game, that its unpredictable and full of surprises, you dont know what to expect behind each corner, is there a group? Is there a pistol lonewolf? Did this guy i just killed had a friend and now hes hiding in the bush? Or two friends?... You would eliminate all these situations by matchmaking Ps: there will be some kind of tutorial when the game releases, new ppl will not be thrown into the game clueless as now
  5. Why we need a fake death feature

    Oh yesss i remember whole beginning of that campaign is like from that movie, good old times
  6. Why we need a fake death feature

    This just reminded me of that movie with Vassili Zaitsev (enemy at the gates?) hiding among the dead bodies in the fountain I dont see the game breaking @Prometheus is pointing at, you can camp dead bodies now, whats the difference in camping a fake dead body or real dead body? Yes you can "stage" The ambush where you want but later we will be able to move dead bodies or your incapacitated friends, so... I like this idea because why not? It would add to the intensity and realism.
  7. Player Skins!

    Y U NO USE SEARCH FUNCTION No seriously its been discussed gazzilion times and there is some kind of character customization coming later down the road
  8. People hiding in bodies

    You cannot ban someone for using game mechanics, even if its not intended to be used in this way, its not really a glitching because its 100% reproducable and does not require any special steps to achive it, just go to dead body and lie down. Its imperfect game coding and you cannot punish players for it, Its most likely going to change later as its not the priority now
  9. Moments that make you go 'Wait what?'

    Yeah just dont show them the finger, some may get angry, i learned the hard way
  10. Upgrading to EU

    Whats wrong with your game? Why is EU the way to go? The only difference in EU version is that you can run it anywhere on the planet, unlike region locked versions, the EU is basically not region locked. You cannot upgrade to another region lock, you can only upgrade the lower game packages to higher packages, from "left behind" to EOD for example. If you want the game with another "region lock" You need to pay the whole price, this is normal when you buy "cd keys" online, some games are cheaper in russia but they are region locked and you cannot Install\play them in EU or others if you dont have tunnel or russian VPN.
  11. MistaBurns.

    Yes and they write it in every post like this, also there is a rule to not name and shame like this post is doing. If you used the "search" function before you wrote this post, thats also in the forum rules to prevent duplicate posts, you would have known that.
  12. MistaBurns.

    Why though? If he is cheating, anticheat will ban him sooner or later. Either way, devs dont accept reports in any form.
  13. ComTac Toggle

    No i understood it, i knew about the adjust option ,i was just being literal... Altough im starting to have trust issues, look at No 9 Yes i agree that it would be nice to have ingame
  14. ComTac Toggle

    @Deadmode used them IRL and he said there is no on/off switch
  15. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Well thats just like... your opinion.. If its on the market in russia then there is no reason for it to not be in EFT. These are mods from companies that ppl suggested and voted for on the forums to be in the game. Thats it