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  1. Stupid quest

    What's wrong with the solution? I've completed most quests solo. What do you want us to tell him? Git gud? He's unable to finish a raid - that's his issue. The fact that he is externalizing why he cannot finish a raid tells us he isn't at the level to compensate for what the game throws at him solo - hence the advice to team.
  2. Stupid quest

    You’re acting like you can’t team up in this game
  3. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    I didn't realize you had omniscient knowledge of how every round was played. And this was before scavs were introduced too. Too bad I don't keep games vids from 9 months ago.
  4. PayPal Refund?

    Out of curiosity does that post still exist somewhere? The one you linked.
  5. i love this game, but im done

    Right but tc isn't complaining about that, he's saying they have surreal aim, which they most certainly don't. Nor is their perception surreal.
  6. i love this game, but im done

    100% this. If anything the game is at it's easiest it's ever been. Before = no scav mode. Later = scav mode in. Later still = reduced cooldown on scav mode. The scav ai is fair. If you're going to claim it isn't, you best turn on shadowplay and show us two or three of these through the bushes 50 feet away kills.
  7. Feelsbadman

    Not sure what your point is with this. You should have some sense of time management / time to move to extract from any given location. Also as a tip, you sprint faster with your blade / pistol.
  8. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    There's camping and then there's camping. Just about every other casual match I have with randoms on the unofficial discord, the plan was always "get on rafters, shoot below". That's fine by me, waiting for prey. Waiting literally in one elevator-sized spot for 20 minutes while corner peeking is not fun, efficient or tactical. It doesn't even make sense. At least on the rafters you can have coverage of different spots. The other PMC could have easily looted the place and left without contest.
  9. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    You're saying to get the reward someone needs to give you two of the same guy's tag? Or you're saying you'll only accept 2 at most for each target (from different people who killed the targets). I'm guessing it's the latter. Out of curiosity, why do you want these players dead? I've played with them a few times, they aren't that crazy good that they'd make me want to bounty one of them. The first ever round I played with TAW guys, the "leader" had us do a 5-man factory. The strat? Stay at white light S-curve, all five of us, two facing each way, the fifth acted as an extra in case of reloads.
  10. Recording software is your friend
  11. Jumping Off The Roof

    I have to say, 9 months owning this game this is probably the most silly thing one could complain about. I mean one guy above wrote that jumping it is the "lazy way", as opposed to what, RNG searching different spots? 10K usd says the guy who has keys complaining about jumpers looked up key guides.
  12. Proof that the game isn't giving us 1440p

    Post a pic comparing 1920x1440 and 2560x1440 in game, including a shot of the inventory screen. I'm confident you'll see the difference. Either way, there's no reason why 1920x1440 should give a different vertical res in the menu from 2560x1440. The devs need to address this.
  13. The other day I made this topic: TLDR: setting the game to 2560x1440p doesn't actually give you true 1440p: it gives you 1920x1080. I asked people to post pics of their 1440p game, they didn't, they just said theirs "looks" the same. This issue is known as evidenced by this reddit post who took klean_upguy's advice on how to fix the res via regedit, which no longer works as far as I can tell. Source: What I managed to do was change the res in-game from 2560x1440 to 1920x1440. Here is what 2560x1440 looks like: Here is what 1920x1440 looks like It is crystal clear that the second one is actually showing what 1440 should look like instead of 1080 vertical pixels. For anyone who can't tell, more pixels = more on screen = more stash shown. Can we get an official answer to this? We are thinking we're playing 1440p, but most of us seem none the wiser at the fact that we're playing on stretched 1080p.
  14. 1440p

    Can you post a pic please? Not asking for much here.
  15. 1440p

    This is what my "1440p" looks like. I guarantee that true 1440p would have the menu smaller / more sharp. The difference is that apparent. Imagine the difference in the inventory menu.