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  1. Every time i match against a full geard team

    Maybe dont play tt/axe. best way.

    Flying cheater is known old cheat. He will be permabaned dont worry.
  3. Karma system

    today i saw in factory AI-scav (no player) went to 3 dead bodies, and 1tap headshoted them. all 3. wot da hell was that....
  4. For the love of god HOW? PLS TELL ME HOW?!

    This is what i see in factory. Nonsense.
  5. 48 Keys in 4 slots! 2 Keybars :D

    and what about put 9x Keybar in gamma ? that could be 144 keyss...... YAY
  6. Patch 0.4.1. **

    tak op pouhym jednom dni zvedli ceny I-casu a W-casu z 5000 euro na 8000 euro a ze 7700 na 12200 euro per case. to jsou fakt slusny palky......
  7. And i say NO ! no factory key fo my cheeki, cause he is not good breeki. tak tak tak..... normalnaya.
  8. uu cheeki ? u breeki ?
  9. How do I get better?

    hope they change this s*.
  10. More Stash Space is it coming ??

    it would be possible to expand stash ingame with quests upto EOD stash size (ie 63x10) not sooner then OBT hit the shelves.
  11. cant finsih my prapoor mission

    isnt it a quest you complete for different trader ?
  12. My lucky AK74U :(

    ye camping this hidden area..... you are a hero indeed. Not.

    play all 4 maps in offline first. that helps.
  14. Spawn campers are ruining this game

    they say, its a part of this game. so throw genades at exit tunels....