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  1. sgtmoss

    SCAV player vs SCAV player

    This has been talked about et al Im sure this post will get locked but fully agree. Stop the AI from targeting you for killing a scav they were already targeting... its really obvious. And yes, we need karma system badly for scavs, its just stupid deathmatch rn, but hey, thats basically the whole game.
  2. sgtmoss

    0.10 patch WIP

    "0.10 is soon. Patch notes will be next week!" 'Leaks'.... Jebaited
  3. sgtmoss

    Trailer patch 0.9

    ^ Tarkov community in 2 posts LMAO
  4. sgtmoss

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon!

    Thaaaaaaank you
  5. sgtmoss

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    All trader levels and items are unlocked for everyone and you can literally make money just by buying and selling things back
  6. sgtmoss

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Ok, but this entire QA is filled with estimated times, 'next few updates', 'its coming next' etc. I don't need an exact date and time but this is an important feature just like med animations, they gave an idea of the timeframe for that.....
  7. sgtmoss

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    So this is about the fourth different answer we’ve gotten. How about ‘when‘?!
  8. sgtmoss

    Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    Amazing. So I guess the attachment system will eventually work with tac vests as well. Very cool.
  9. sgtmoss

    Redesigned Head Gear Slots

  10. Is this croatian? do you mostly play out of the EU or US as well?
  11. sgtmoss

    Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    That stock fold tho *kleanGasm*
  12. http://imgur.com/tbSArMZ AK-9?
  13. sgtmoss

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    That youre probably right on. I thought that as soon as I saw them say that, it just gives them the first week of August as well to get things going without 'missing' the deadline.
  14. sgtmoss

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    I would honestly doubt that at this point. They would have said so when these patch notes released I think. If anything, the relative brevity of the patch notes means it will be on time.