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  1. What monitors are you running?

    Asus 27" ROG PG279Q IPS 2560x1440 165hz
  2. The concept art of the trader "Skier" (Baryga)

    Good work! Can't wait for beta
  3. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    There are some players specs and fps so you can check out how it runs on different computers. Those are older versions though so performance should be better now?
  4. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    How? They will just die and give up
  5. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Good stuff devs!
  6. The Hideout announcement

    This needs to happen!
  7. The Hideout announcement

    Awyeah i have suggested stuff like this in the forums! Super awesome work devs!
  8. Bans for cheating

    Good job! Personally i can´t understand why someone would go trough the trouble of cheating or even paying for cheats. I would assume that takes time too, time that you could have used to "Git Gud" in the game. Cheaters must have some real insecurity issues. GOOD RIDDANCE
  9. Hyvä hyvä! Mitäs jengi on diggaillu EFT?
  10. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Hype! Thanks for the info.
  11. The Shoreline Location

    Looks epic! Would be nice to get some update on the progress for next patch! Can´t wait to try something new! Good job Devs
  12. F1 grenade - death video

    You should have added the freeze frame "at this moment he knew, he f***ed up"
  13. Woods action baby! I got to the loot box in the "mountain hole" as i like to call it Start hearing multiple footsteps and i ready my shotgun! Boom the first one in the chest and he goes down flying but now i see two more armed baddies coming I run and jump behind the boxes and throw a grenade at the wall so it bounces right in the center It explodes just as the two guys are charging in and the explosion sends them flying at me! heart is beating, but i´m alive! These are the moments i play this game for. Sadly i did not get it recorded
  14. To the guys in woods - Sorry

    I know the feeling! You really need to stay focused and give it your all
  15. To the guys in woods - Sorry

    Ok ok only love