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  1. jupi4

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    New map looks so good. Damn I can imagine accidentally shooting those mannequins and revealing my position many times.
  2. jupi4

    Patch v0.80 - Release Date ?

    Maybe today, tomorrow...next month... ?
  3. jupi4

    Any of you watch anime?

    I used to watch dragon ball z when i was a kid, now I'm an adult.
  4. I would die after being gangraped by evil scavs and then they would eat me.
  5. jupi4

    Gear Fear

    I can't even remember how the gear fear felt anymore
  6. jupi4

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    A: No.
  7. jupi4

    Cancelling healing/reloading

    When healing/reloading animations come, please tell me we will be able to cancel the process. Filling that 60 slot mag for 40-80 seconds without being able to cancel it if i hear a footstep or something would really suck. So is there cancel option? Cancel by moving? or literally stuck until it's done?
  8. Yeah I guess I wont mind them when netcode is done properly so they dont hatchet my head from 10 meters distance
  9. Maybe some kind of system that detects players gearscore and limit 2-4 hatchlings / raid.
  10. Running with a hatchet during this event wont get you far either, yet people do it.
  11. Yeah some kind of system that keeps container locked, unusable for the whole raid, unless player equips gear worthy of certain amount (before raid starts of course). Would also stop people from hatchet running to factory key spawns and marked room and stuff.
  12. jupi4

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    If the prices didnt go up, I could introduce my beginner friend to all the goodies from traders now, but he aint got the dough.
  13. Only reason I play woods is because it has the best fps of those big outdoor maps.
  14. jupi4

    Instant replay cam after death

    I wouldn't mind giving away my shitty spots and learning many new ones, but yeah should be able to watch only after the match/squad members killed. I think it would be really cool feature, but not before game works properly.
  15. jupi4

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    So kill on sight is way to go, unless witness have a good reason to remain hidden in the bush, run away and spread the tale, there must be something in it for the witness.