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  1. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    If the prices didnt go up, I could introduce my beginner friend to all the goodies from traders now, but he aint got the dough.
  2. Only reason I play woods is because it has the best fps of those big outdoor maps.
  3. Instant replay cam after death

    I wouldn't mind giving away my shitty spots and learning many new ones, but yeah should be able to watch only after the match/squad members killed. I think it would be really cool feature, but not before game works properly.
  4. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    So kill on sight is way to go, unless witness have a good reason to remain hidden in the bush, run away and spread the tale, there must be something in it for the witness.
  5. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    So in the name of realism, there must be one witness of the friendly killing or else the reputation wont drop at all.
  6. I think only problem is that if you are unlucky you can join a raid with nothing but hatchlings. If there only were like 1-3 of them it would be good. Some kind of system that detects what you are wearing and limit of 1-3 nongeared players / raid would be my solution. Because I dont want hatchlings to completelly disappear and it feels good to do a hatchet run right after you just died and lost all your gear, maybe while waiting other squad members to finish the raid.
  7. New Interchange Screenshots

    All those cash registers hehe
  8. Breach Locked Doors

    I really like hunting for rare keys, feeling when finding one...shooting locks would ruin all that and make keys pretty much worthless. Maybe something like shooting where the door handle/lock/hinges are could make opening unlocked doors faster/smoother, something like that would be cool.
  9. So many teams

    I just got team of 4 players, hatcheted first one, looted his gun and rest is history. They were all brainlessly looting dorms.
  10. Performance drop with new patch?

    Other maps are playable (around 60 fps), but new shoreline fps is only 5. Minimum video settings, except some view distance. Radeon R9 280x i5-4460 8GB Ram
  11. The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I hope you can only buy this for 1mil roubles from traders, instead of farming boxes as hatchlings until you find your 1 mil epic loot.