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  1. The SCAV extraction points?

    @ShowMeDeWai you should update your map with the wrecked road exit. See KombatKarl attached video to see it next to Tunnel exit
  2. Can't extract from raid

    I had this issue with Factory (Night) as a PMC. I would also suggest to attach your log files for that day also. YOUR DRIVE:\Escape from Tarkov Beta\EFT\Logs (4x files)
  3. Whats the purpose of SCAV raids at night?

    I know what you mean. At the start of a wipe you could ambush people but after players level and your scav doesn't. You don't get an upgrade to your starting gear to help fight in the night (NVGs, Flares, Chem light) this may change later on but at the moment it isn't very feasible.
  4. Recent Patch Problems

    Go to the following location (C:\Users\"YOUR PC NAME"\AppData\Local\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\CefCache) and delete the 3x folders, 3x files; Cache, GPUCache, Local Storage, Cookies, Cookies-journal & Visited Links. Then go back to the AppData folder and go to Roaming and look for a BSG folder (C:\Users\"YOUR PC NAME"\AppData\Roaming\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher) delete settings and re launched the launcher and after setting it up for the first time see if that fixes your problem.
  5. AI difficulty issues continue

    The AI does need more tweaking on many issues: * Lack of sound - conversations with other bots, saying "I heard something" to give you an idea there is a bot nearby, frag out & movement sounds. * Aiming - head shot you the moment you come into contact, Miss every shot when you have a gun but instant double tap when you rush them with a melee weapon. * patrolling - Don't move from spawn, Don't move when gun fire is heard, they don't chase pscavs when they engage other bots/pscavs.
  6. Dehydration and Camping

    It would be hard to stop campers with dehydration because all they would do is bring in 10x spec ops pineapple boxes and there ready to go. Where as everyone else will have a harder time playing the match because you've made drinks in the map harder to find and will make the normal players more upset about the lack of supplies in the map.
  7. startup crash error

    Yep BSG has got a notice on the launcher
  8. Backpack belt feed for future LMGs.

    With the grenade system as it is currently is, it would take a lot of grenades UNLESS you tuck it right under the persons butt.
  9. Will there be a Nuclear Power Plant Area?

    We don't know what the future holds but it sounds like a good Idea. Knowing the devs they will be looking at new places outside of Tarkov for maps. We may get one later down the road.
  10. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    @se7en0311 I know there is a few things but what I mean is trying to loot things without being shot either looting the spawn houses or by snipers watching the crates. I just hope that the buildings have good loot-able items (File cabinets, crates, locked room ect) Shoreline for me goes like this. *Run from the spawn zone. *Loot the middle two houses, kill the bots (If I want weapons) *Go to bus depo and kill and loot *Choose an exit and kill and loot. Customs *loot spawn customs shed and gate buildings (Kill or team up with players) *decide to go left (Loot campsite crate) or right (Loot construction yard & kill bots) *clear apartments loot until full *clear fuel station or bypass (depending on capacity / health) *kill or avoid bots at the checkpoint *check a few more loot spots in the yards *Leave My personal opinion is I find customs to have more involved with it than shoreline. This is why I'm hoping the map being expanded will have MORE potential than customs but I will have to wait and see
  11. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    I hope these extra locations contain more loot / loot-able items as shoreline doesn't offer too many places at the moment with good loot.
  12. Roubles Bug

    Could you provide screenshot and maybe a video clip for the dev's to see this bug in action
  13. Not even in Beta

    This is just another player venting their frustration on the forum and not productive in anyway.
  14. Someone tell me if you find this kill legit...

    Weapon responsible I would guess is the DVL-10 Saba tor (Suppressed Version)
  15. Does selling stuff increase rep (after updates)

    You have to complete the tasks at the moment to earn reputation.