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  1. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Yeah COLanski, no offense taken, and if my response was a bit "trollish", I apologise, wasn't meant to be, just meant to explain my reasoning. Also to all those worried about Scavs grabbing and extracting, I'm pretty sure in the original announcement it was pointed out that Scavs cannot extract, rather they have to Survive until end to keep loot they acquired, although I may be mistaken.
  2. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    That's why I suggested having some pre-dead scavs laying about with damaged weapons maybe with only a bit of ammo, just a suggestion, and a plausible one imo as far as realism is concerned, no need to get upset PS As for a "real combat situation", we happened to find plenty of weapon caches around and in homes that were left behind, and to disarming dead enemies, yeah we did, because we had our strykers and hummers to throw them in and somewhere to take them, this game scenario is a bit different than conventional warfare from a world superpower's perspective
  3. Cheaters ban wave

    Good job, I hate cheaters, and I don't "hate" much.
  4. Preparations for the next update release

    Proud to a part of an Alpha that I believe in, keep up the good work, recommending this to all my friends!
  5. Screenshots of the SIG MPX submachine gun

    I'm syked about this one, for some reason I just don't like the Russian SMG. Keep up the good work!
  6. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    I am not against the scav mode, but whoever mentioned spawning weapons in random places gave me an idea, I think it'd be better, and more realistic to spawn dead scavs randomly around the map with their gear just like when we kill them. This would make more sense for the theme for dead bodies to be laying around compared to weapons still being in a high traffic area, and it would give fresh spawns with no gear a chance to get into the action with something other than a melee. As I said though I am not against Scav mode, but I do think 60 minute CD is too short, like 2 or 3 hours would make it less exploitable, and screw paying to get back in faster what kind of sense does that make? I'll probably regret that as I am one of those "bad" players, sorry we're not all pros, but I don't care if I get shot in the face 9 out of 10 times, that one escape is absolutely worth it. I love this project, and I want it to be as realistic as possible while giving everyone in the community a fun experience, MLG or not. Keep up the good work!