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  1. Will be live in 25 minutes, this week I'm giving away a Left Behind edition! Twitch.tv/MadMcardle
  2. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    Cheers man, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome year streaming and did say I would give a copy away. More will be coming in 2018 too. Giving something away offends you? That's sad man
  3. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    No worries man, if anyone needs one still have 4 left, just drop me a message and will jump on
  4. MadMcardle

    Pre-order/Purchase Options

    I was wondering if it was planned, or possible to add, the ability to get the multi buy discount option across two different types? For example if I wanted to buy a Left Behind Edition and Prepare For Escape Edition? Also what about an option to gift an upgrade to someone? Thanks in advance, Mad
  5. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    Was a great stream to end the year with, 2 copies of EFT standard edition given out, our last run we did a grenades ONLY run, which was absolutely HILARIOUS!
  6. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    20 mins remain, enter now in stream!
  7. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    LAST CHANCE! Someone will win it in the draw tonight! Good luck!
  8. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    Lol just add me on EFT if you like man, same name
  9. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    LIVE in 5! Come grab some tickets!
  10. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    Another PMC now has a 206 key! @Vigo1337 I have 4 left at the moment if anyone wants one!
  11. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    Nothing man, I have 5 now if you still need one? lol
  12. MadMcardle

    EFT Standard Edition Giveaway!

    LIVE in 15 mins! Come and grab a ticket to enter the draw!
  13. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    Sure man have four left at the moment, add me on EFT or Steam if you still need one!
  14. MadMcardle

    206 key needed!

    Gave another to @Fr3shM3at tonight! Dropped me a pack of cigs too lol! Anyone else need one?
  15. MadMcardle

    Quick Question!

    Yes it will certainly improve the game man