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    Move nr 35 Group Name: A New Start Action: Search Description: while passing a house something catches my eye, there is smoke coming from the chimney. I slowly walk up to the house, listening for any noise. I try looking in through a window but I'm not able to see much. walking over to the front door I put my hand on the doorknob and gently push it down. To my big surprise it slowly creeks open. I take a quick look around before slowly walking inside with my AK ready.
  2. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 34 Group Name: A New Start Action: Moving Description: Waking up to sunlight hitting my face through a near window I stand up and have a quick look around in the small building. Now when I actually can see something I realize that the building is a small abandoned shop. I search for anything useful but it seams to be some sort of tourist shop and all I can find is useless novelty items. Giving up on searching I eat some breakfast, pack up and head out again. I have a look around, find were I am on the map and start moving towards the pharmacy.
  3. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 33 Group Name: A New Start Action: Moving Description: The moon slowly starts to show it self as I move through ruined streets. I keep my weapon ready and my eye's open, trying to move from cover to cover. The night seams to be a cold one and not to frees I try to hold a good tempo, I also eat some extra food for some more energy. "God I really don't like these streets", The night is not only cold it's also unusually dark and with a lot of the street lights not working it's hard to see more then a couple meters in front of you. There is some gunfire echoing out over the city occasionally, it's not very close so I pay it no mind. I move for a couple hours more before I decide to find a place to rest in. I find a small building, not really sure what type of building it is due to it being pitch black outside. I feel if the front door is unlocked and it slowly creaks open. I do a quick search through the building to make sure that I'm alone, I then lock the front door and find a spot to sleep in.
  4. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 32 Group Name: A New Start Action: Moving Description: "What?...how?...when?". I look around not sure if I'm dreaming or just the worst navigator in the world. "Arc, I don't know how to tell you thi...Arc?... Arc!?" I turn around to see that Arc is no longer walking behind me. "what in gods name is happening?" I take a look around the area, "Arc!...Arc!" I look around trying to find him and also were I am. Some time passes and I can't find Arc. I find some street signs and looking at the map I see that I'm not as close to the pharmacy as I thought. I sit down on a nearby park bench to think for a moment. "Were did Arc go?...How did I get so lost?..." "No I can't just sit here, I still need to get to the pharmacy. And who knows? I might meet up with Arc again when i get there". I stand back up and start moving towards the pharmacy once again.
  5. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 31 Group Name: A New Start Action: Move Description: It's a cold morning and even with the sun shining through the trees Arc and I try to keep a good tempo trying not to get cold. The woods are quiet, and we find a good trail heading towards SW and it eventually leads us to the edge of the forest. Through the tree lining we can see a highway running through the forest, on the other side of the highway we see a smaller road running towards were we are headed. From where we are standing, the left side of the highway leading out of the city is full of cars and the right side is almost empty, "everyone trying to leave at the same time leads to almost no one leaving... Arc can you see the road on the other side?". I raise a hand and point, "yes I can." he replies. "Good, I think it leads towards the pharmacy. We have to cross this highway, keep your eyes open". We step out of the forest and crouched down we move towards the highway, it's not very far but we are out in the open and something I learned from traveling with the old man is to stay away from the highway and open road. We reach the side of the highway, quickly we move through the cars keeping our heads down. In the middle of the road is a railing separating the two sides. We stop for a moment and look right and left to see if the coast is clear, we then jump over the railing and run over to the other side. We walk over to the smaller road and have a look around. On the left side of the road we can see what looks like some buildings and on the right side there is some more forest running alongside the road. We have a quick look at our map, I look at Arc with a smile ”we are getting close, finally…”. We decide to follow the road but instead of walking directly on it we walk alongside it inside the forest.
  6. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 30 Group Name: A New Start Action: Moving Description: Even it the tent was old and not the most comfortable we still got some good rest. Now with daylight through the trees we can see more of the camp. We see that clothes and a bag are on the ground, We search through the bag and clothes for anything useful. When done with the search we eat some breakfast. After breakfast we keep moving towards the pharmacy. //My group with Arc (Lightstrike778) was broken up for some reason. Is it possible that you can put us back together and move us to where we were. I know that I'm not supposed to say where we are but we where at AO-09, I really don't want to move all the way from the city spawn again.
  7. Floppy_Moose

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Good locking rifle, hope it's really cheap.
  8. Floppy_Moose

    130 grams of real courage!

    Cool stuff
  9. Floppy_Moose

    Leak Material from Podcast #5

    no more instant healing, will take some time to get used to...really nice animations though
  10. Floppy_Moose

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #5

    looking forward to the Flea market, will probably help with a lot of annoying fetching/loot quests
  11. Floppy_Moose

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    I think I need some more posts
  12. Floppy_Moose

    0.10 patch WIP

    Yes! Flea Market!
  13. Floppy_Moose


    Move nr 29 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description: "That was close" I peek over the trashcans and look around making sure that the people have moved on. I then turn back to Arc "I think we are good, let's go". We slowly and carefully sneak past the area were we saw the people. Walking for a while we reach the forest, we start to move faster using the foliage as cover. After a couple hours of moving it starts to rain, first a lite and then a real downpour. We keep moving late in to the night until we come across a old camping site, there is remains of a burnt out fireplace and two still standing tents and one collapsed. I look over at Arc "let's check it out", we move over to the camp with weapons ready and make a quick search. We first take a look inside the tents. The first one has old clothes and a sleeping bag in it "Good let's check the other one" I whisper. Walking over to the second tent we notice it's full of holes "are those bullet holes?". Opening the door/flap we get hit bye the strong smell of rotting flesh. "it look's like we have to take turns in the first one". We close it back up and take turns sleeping in the empty tent. The next day we keep moving towards the pharmacy.
  14. Floppy_Moose

    Trailer patch 0.9

    Looks really nice
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    Move nr 28 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description: We wake up early and keep moving towards the pharmacy. The city is unusually quiet, we don't hear much at all except for some distant gunshots now and again. The quiet streets feel almost safe and we unknowingly start talking a bit higher and moving a bit more careless then we usually do. We make some good distance and as the night comes we find a building to sleep in.