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  1. Nation Fusion Interview 2/23

    Thanks for the update, lot of thing in it made me excited.
  2. Game

    Move nr 7 Group Name: A New Start Action: Searching desperately for food Description: Waking up to a new day, It's still poring down rain outside. My leg feels better i think untill I try to stand up. Holy &#%! that hurts. I sit back down in the bed and put a hand on my knee. I take a look at my map and from what I can make out there is two or three buildings not very far away. Knowing how litle food I have left I stand back up, working through the pain I pack up my things and head out. Going back out in the rain feeling pain with every new step I take and the rain poring through my clothes, I desperately keep searching for food while slowly moving towards my new destination. After reaching the destination I see that it only was two buildings. I do a quick search of the area around the buildings to make sure I'm alone. The doors are locked except on of the building have a broken window so I start with that building. Starting to feel like it's becoming a regular thing I ready my weapon and do a quick search trough the house to see if it's safe. When done I start to search for more food and equipment. A couple hours pass and when I feel like I'm done and can't finde anything more. I go back out and finde a rock to smash one of the windows with on the other building. I do my my safety search and the start looting. A couple hours more passes while searching, tierd I sit down by one of the walls to rest my knee. "I got to leave this place" but for now I need to let my knee heal.
  3. Game

    Move nr 6 Group Name: A New Start Action: Movein deapper into town searching for food Description: Waking up to the sound of rain. I sit up looking out of the window I see that the sun has started to rise and the rain is poring down. I slowly stand up feeling the urge just to lie down and sleep couple minutes more. Eating breakfest and listening to the rain I start thinking about friends and loved onece I have lost, about Anna and how much I whant to leave this god forsaken place so I then can forget everything. After finishing eating I notice how low my food is geting "Well it looks like it time again". Climbing out of the window feeling the icecold rain down my neck sending shivers through my body. Pulling my hood over my head I start walking. keeping low and out of the morning sun I start searching every house and car I can get in. Moving deeper in to town I start feeling more and more uneasy ... A couple of houres later of searching, with drenched clothes and freezing in to the bone I stop searching for food and star searching for a new place to sleep for the night. After a while I finde a house with a unlocked door. I do a search trough the house to see if it's safe and then I put a chair under the door handel to block it. After that i do new search through the house to fine anything useful. When the searching is done I hang my clothes up for drying. when thats done I finde a table to sit down by. "It's time I make a plane to get out of here. I'm so tired of just wandering about" I start with making a basic list of what I need. * Finde more food, water that can last for a while. * Finde more equipment, medecin and bandages, maybe a rifle. * Strength in numbers, going to try to finde Artyom, Egor or Pavel if anyone is still alive. They all lived in the outskirts of the iner city. * Find a way out. When done planing I go finde a bed or a palce to sleep.
  4. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    That is some pimpy a** guns
  5. Game

    Move nr 5 Group Name: A new start Action: searching for a place to stay the night. Description: After surviving my encounter, leaving the area with a Grach Pistol and plenty of ammo "Now I have a chance of defending myself if the situation ever calls for it" I start to make some distance from the area where the gunfight just took place. Its now getting dark and Im moving quietly in the shadows stain out of the moon light looking for a place to rest. Tired and exhausted I find a house, door is look but one of the windows is broken so I climbed inside. When my feet hit the wooden floor I pull out my pistol making sure I have a round in the chamber, then start searching through the house to make sure its safe... (if the house is empty) When the house is cleard I finde some empty cans and metal trash I put in a small piles on the floor infront of the broken window to make a sort of noise trap to give me a chance if somebody tries to climb in. Then I almost colapps on my resting place falling asleep instantlly.
  6. 1PN138 Night Scope

    looks cool
  7. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Looks really good
  8. Game

    Move nr 4 Group Name: A New Start Action: moving from AP-02 to AO-02 Description: As a shock passes through me, I wake up by the cracking noise of gunfire. I sit up quickly. And try to figure out where it comes from. "It's just a few blocks away!" I think to myself. I sit there for a while as quiet as I can, listening for gunfire and if it's approaching or not. After a while the shooting dies down and the only thing left is total silence. I'm sitting there waiting, listening for the slightest noise. After a while, It hits me "I have absolutely nothing to protect myself with" I move to the kitchen and start searching for something, anything more useful then my bare hands. As soon as morning comes start to move my barakade being very conscious not to make to much noise. keeping to the shadows and moving slowly and quietly I make my way towards where the gunfight took place.
  9. Game

    Move nr 3 (repost) Group Name: A new start Action: Move from AQ-02 to AP-02 Description: After searching throug all those cars I feel a bit tired, defeated and a little sick. I sit down at one of the cars to rest for a moment. After a while and when I have goten a bit of a rest I stand up "I can not just sit here and rot" I think to myself. So I start walking to my destination, I do not waste any time searching through any more cars or buildings. when I reach my destination It has already become dark. "How much time did I waste looking through all those cars?" I ask myself. I start to look for a house with an unlocked door. I find a small house with a door that has been kicked open. I slowly push open the broken door and walk inside. I make a quick and quiet search through the house and the barrikade the door with a bookcase and a armchair I find in the living room. After that I find a bed and fall asleep.
  10. Game

    Move nr 2 Group name "A new start" Action: I continue to move from AR-02 to AQ-02 to search for something useful. Description: After finding two M.R.E I start looking for a place to stay for the night. I finde a little "shed" if you can call it that it seems like it could collapse at any time. But the door is not locked and it is probably safer to sleep here than in the open with all these thug and animals. And if someone comes they will probaly not check this rundown shed first of all. The next day I continue to "AQ-02" as it says on my map. I move forward slowly and as quietly as I can. I'm looking through all the buildings and vehicles that are not locked while I move towards the location on my map.
  11. Game

    Move nr 1 I'm moving from AR-02 to AQ-02 to search for food/water and weapons.
  12. New players

    Character name Lucas Description 27 years old, 1,95 m tall, blue eyes, blonde/brownish hair, scruffy beard, wears glasses, got a small scar under he's right cheek near his neck. His past Lucas was born in Sweden in a family of four, was a quiet child all the way to his late teens. He was a weird mix of a computer nerd and one who loved doing things like hunting and being in the countryside. He spent his childhood playing computer games, hunting with his dad or hanging out with his friends after school. When he turned 18 he spent two years in the army and leard to love it. After his time in the army he became a full time hunter How did he get to Tarkov? He was given the opportunity to hunt in Russia. So he took it and ended up in a place called Tarkov. It was a city located in the Norvinsk region of northwestern Russia. There he spent a couple of weeks hunting until he met Anna a woman who made him never want to leave, so he didn't. Anna is now dead... and now he's just trying to escape Predilections Drinking, Hunting, Family and friends Friends Anna (the women he loved, now dead), Egor (a close friend), Artyom (best friend) and Pavel (friend). Wounds, and battles Has a scar from a knife under his right cheek close to the neck from fighting off a robber. Killed a group of 5 armed thugs in revenge Aspirations Living a good life with the people he love. The greatest achievement that character did nothing Strength 24 Endurance 21 Accuracy 35 Scout
  13. The Escape from Tarkov-based forum text RPG has started!

    Going to try it right away!
  14. Creating a character in text forum RPG

    I'm really excited for this little RPG , It's something special if your game is so good that the community (with some help from the developers) is willing to make a text RPG about your game in the forums.
  15. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    This sounds like a pretty fun idea.