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    Trailer patch 0.9

    Looks really nice
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    Move nr 28 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description: We wake up early and keep moving towards the pharmacy. The city is unusually quiet, we don't hear much at all except for some distant gunshots now and again. The quiet streets feel almost safe and we unknowingly start talking a bit higher and moving a bit more careless then we usually do. We make some good distance and as the night comes we find a building to sleep in.
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    Move nr 27 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description: "Hey let's stop for a moment" We slow down and Arc looks at me confused. "what is it?" he asks. With swet runing down my face I say. "Not to complain but we have been moving all day, and we should start looking for a palce to spend the night, it's starting to get dark." Arc nods and we start to look for a place to rest for the night. We finde a medium size house standing ner the edge of the forest with the front door unlocked . "I can take point" I say and put my AK on full auto. I go in first and Arc follows me. We do a quick search and the house is compleatly empty, there is nothing but dust and clutter littering the floor, "It looks like they even took the furniture whit them" I say with a joking voice. We finde a bed but it's ruind and smashed to pieces. After search some more we finde some pillows and blankets to make some makeshift beds. While making our beds Arc asks me, "Is there something you want to say?" I look at him "What?...no..what do you mean?". Arc turns back to his bed making and shrugs his shoulders "You havent been talking mutch lately...and you seem to be thinking about something". I sigh and stop making my bed, "I have just been thinking about the old man and his group, and when we made that deal with the bandits. I think about what could have happend if we weret there. I think about everything else I have seen in this mest up city and I hope to see my friends again". Arc nodes and we finnish our beds. Before we go to sleep we sit and talk for a while about everything that has happend these last day's. The next day we pack up our things and walk out the door, we take a quick look around trying to determine where we are on the map and then we start to move again towards the pharmacy.
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    Move nr 26 (repost) Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description : Waking up, the fire has calmed itself and its mostly thick smoke rising from the area. The thought of checking it out cross my mind but I quickly shake it of. "There will probably be other people there with the same idea..." I say to myself. I tell Arc that we should try and get to the pharmacy as fast as possible, "We have alot of food to last us for a while, also the longer we wait the bigger the chans is somebody will get there first". We move fast but cautiously, being very careful not to make too much noise.
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    New WIP Materials Coming Soon!

    nice...but i hope that the grenade launcher is extremely hard to get or hard to use.
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    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    It's more of a Battlefield clone and I personally don't think that they have murch incomen, exept that you shoot guns and that they both have nice graphics.
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    Photos From Battlestate - Pt. 2!

    looking forward to the Mosin, the FAL is nice to...just hope it's not to expensive...
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    Escape From 250k! - Forum Milestone

    Fun to hear that the community is growing
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    Move nr 25 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving Description : We move fast through the streats whit the old man guiding us. It's almost fasanating watching the old man move through the city, he is both swift and quiet despite he's age. "This part of the city is dangures so be quiet" the old man wispers and puts a finger over hes mouth. "We are geting close", nobody says anything more while we move through the streats and we keep low and on edge. Exept for hearing some gunfire we move without mutch trubble and the old man guides us through the streets. He shows us various hiding spots and the fastest routes and secret passage to use. possible places to loot, and places not to go... If you want to stay alive. We keep a good tempo and make some good distance.
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    Move nr 24 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving,searching and trading Description: Tired and with sore feet we keep moving through the city toward where my friends told me to go. While walking I keep having a quick look over at Arc, he looks like he is thinking about something. "What are you thinking about?", he looks at me "Should we stick together after this?" I look a bit confused at Arc. "What do you mean? If I finde my friends?". "Yeah..." Arc replise. "Of course, If there is no way out of the city where we are headed it's only good to stick together." Arc nods and we keep moving. Walking for hourse through the city and a forest we finally see what looks to be our destenation. A big gate and walls seem to surround what looks like a small settlement or chekpoint. Arc points at the gate "We must be geting close!" I look at the gate and spot a figure walking out of it and places himself infront of the gate. "looks like they have guards on duty." Arc tells me that we should be fine if we take it easy and dont have our weapons out. I look at Arc concerned "Are you sure?" He looks back at me and nods. I hang my shotgun over my shoulder and we start moving. HALT! The guard is in ready stands with his AK rifle pointed at us. (in russian) "Who are you and what is your business here?" Arc takes a slow step forward with his hands over his head. "We are here to finde some people and maybe trade some items". The guard looks at us suspiciously "Fine but keep you weapons on you back and in your bags...and dont try anything funny". When we are through the gate Arc stops me on the other side." I think we should split up for a moment, you should try and finde you friends I'll ask around a little too but first I need to get some food. If you what to buy or trade something there are a couple merchants around here but I suggest that you start looking in the Romp Bar. Arc points at a building. "We can met up in about 2 hours outside the bar". I have a quick look around to see if I can finde my friends outside of the bar but I have no luck and finde nothing. Walking inside I get hit by the smell of warm food. I walk over to the counter where I'm greated in russian by the bartender, I in terrible russain ask him if he speaks english. "Well you have to in this business...so newcomer welcome to the Romp bar if you what a place to eat, sleep, trade or talk this is the place for you". I smile a lite and say "Ok thanks, yes I would like to know If you have seen or heard anything about these people". I pull out a photo from my wallet and hand it to him, the photo depics me, my wife Anna and my three friends Egor, Artyom and Pavel siting in a bar all smiling at the camera. "Sorry man there is so many faces who come and go through here". He hands back the photo. I extremely disappointed take it and put it back in my wallet. "Can you leave the city from here?" I ask. "If you are not part of the military or ready to spend some serious cash your chances of passing through this checkpoint is slim to non existent..." I put my head in my hands and slope down on the counter. "All this way for nothing..." I mumble to myself. The bartender looks at me and sigs. "come closer" he whispers. "I know of a different way out of the city". I sit back up and lean in. "There is a harbor on the other side of the city...it's a dangerous travel but if you make it I have heard that they smuggle people out by boat". I look at him with a surprised face and pull out my map. I place my finger on it "do you mean this harbor?". "Yeah...thats the one...looks like you have heard about it already" I look back up from my map at him. "Yes I have...I though about going there first but this place was alot closer". He nods and with a smirk he says "So now you know were to go...but do you have the equipment?". After spending some time trading and negotiating I ended up selling my saiga shotgun, some ammo and a knife to buy a week worth of food and a AK 74U with ammo. After trading I wait outside the bar for Arc, some time passes and he shows up. I tell him everything the bartender told me and sugest we spend the night here to then start traveling down to the harboar the next day ...
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    Move nr 23 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving north Description: We finde a place to rest for the night and keep moving north the next day. //sorry I know it's extremely short but I'm sick and just don't have the energi.
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    Upcoming New Mods!

    A Lot of them looks cool... and very expensive
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    Move nr 22 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving/searching Description: Finding a what we only can guess is a abandond homless shelter it's completely empty except for a van just standing alon in a small parking space to the side of the homless shelter. Eventhough it looks empty we do a quick search in the area. Not finding mutch we walk over to the van, looking inside it looks empty. Pulling on the handel to the front seat it opens up, "thats odd?" I think to myself. The key is not in the ignetion so we start searching through the whole van. Searching through the van dose not take very long, being two people searching a very small area we do it in less then a hour. We finde a key under one of the floor mats, but when putting it in the ignition and turning it nothing happens, "of course..." I disappointed say to myself, "what else was I to expect". I get out of the van and walk over to the front of it, looking at the engine I instantly understand why it did not start. The battery and a bunch of components are missing. Instead of a vehicle we use the van as a shelter for the night and once again we decide to take turns at guard duty. Not much happens during the night and we both get some well needed rest. We get together at first light to decide where to go. Looking at the map I realise that we are getting really close to our end destination. Having a look in our bags we see that we have enough food to last us for a couple of days. Desiding to make some more disctans north while we have some food I mark a spot on the map and we head out.
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    Move nr 21 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving North Description: "It's your turn" I wake up by Arc shakes my shoulder. "It's time to stand guard." I get up and nod back on the Arc "okey i will wake up when it's time". The bow goes over to a temporary bed as he made of some flat cartons and walks to bed. I walk over to a box about 2m in front of the door leading into the room, with a shotgun layde over my legs, I'm waiting. What feels like a couple of houres pass and I start to get a little tired and go over to a window placed by one of the corners of the room, I can not see very far in the dark, I mostly just stanad there thinking about everything I've seen and been a part of. As I stand and look through the window, occasionally I hear gunfire from the city, most of it sounds like rifle fire... Standing in the window thinking, I'm about to turn and go back to my box when something catches my eye. I see somthing what looks like a figure of a persone about 10-15m away from the building searching in something...I stand by the edge of the window looking at him or her I can't make out any distinct features in the darkness. A solid 2 minuts pass of the figure searching what I only can guess is a dumpster then the figure stops moving and starts to look around. He does not look armed so I'm almost thinking about waking Arc up so we can go and talk to him/her. Though just when that thought gose through my head the figure starts to move again and pulls out what looks to be a bag of some sort out of the dumpster, looks at it and then runs away...A bit disappointed I turn around and walk back to my box. During the night I have started to feel a small itch in my throat and by first light it have developed to a real irritation. I wake up Arc and with a soure throat I tell him about the persone I saw during my guard time. And I alsohe tells me that it may be some type of Gas from the old Radiator or something along those Lines. So we decided to leave, before leaving we take a quick look at the map, we plan to move further north and to search on the way. Me and Arc plan to search only Cars and High priority Buildings Like Unopened businesses/Houses. When I open my backpack to put back the map Arc take a quick glanse at it, "Do you have any food?" he asks, "no not realy". Arc open up his backpack and pulls out some food packets and hands them to me, "Thanks I owe you one". It feels good to leave the building but before we leave the area we make a quick search through the dumpster I saw, for something the person might have left or misst. We then head back out in to the dangerous streets of Tarkov, searching any car or building we can while moving north.
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    Move nr 20 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving North Description: Leaving the area with the houses were we spent hours searching to finde nothing just to stubble on to a bag lying under some bushes, opening the bag reveals some food and ammo and we decide to split it 50/50. Finding a spot to hide in we take some time to rest. While we wait I take out my map to plan were to go next. I search for the coordinates we found in the message inside the large house, the coordinates show me what looks to be some sort of harbor located really far away from were we are now. I look over at Arc and show him the location on the map, "The coordinates you found are extremely far away", he looks at the map and then back at me. "We can keep moving north but we can have this as a plan B if it turns out to be nothing". Thinking that sounds like a good idea we pack up our things and head out. Taking some time to rest was good for us and we now move quickly. Even when moving by the edge of the city it still feels like moving through a warsone. We still hear gunfire in the distance from the east, but feeling like it's starting to get normal we just keep moving and focus more on our close surroundings. We keep moving with good spead and after not very long we reach our destination. The map of the city I have was made before this city fell apart shows us a big possible apartment building to loot, but standing infront of it I can see that it is nothing left of what it used to be. Almost all windows are broken ether by shooting or vandalism, bulletholas paint the sides of the outher walls, blood, glass and a few bodies are spread out on the ground, large holes from explosives have torn apart big sections of the building, fire have swept through rooms leaving black marks crawling like shadows out of windows and a sickly smell of burned and rotten flesh is filling the air. "I think we found hell on earth..."