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  1. Game

    Move nr 20 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving North Description: Leaving the area with the houses were we spent hours searching to finde nothing just to stubble on to a bag lying under some bushes, opening the bag reveals some food and ammo and we decide to split it 50/50. Finding a spot to hide in we take some time to rest. While we wait I take out my map to plan were to go next. I search for the coordinates we found in the message inside the large house, the coordinates show me what looks to be some sort of harbor located really far away from were we are now. I look over at Arc and show him the location on the map, "The coordinates you found are extremely far away", he looks at the map and then back at me. "We can keep moving north but we can have this as a plan B if it turns out to be nothing". Thinking that sounds like a good idea we pack up our things and head out. Taking some time to rest was good for us and we now move quickly. Even when moving by the edge of the city it still feels like moving through a warsone. We still hear gunfire in the distance from the east, but feeling like it's starting to get normal we just keep moving and focus more on our close surroundings. We keep moving with good spead and after not very long we reach our destination. The map of the city I have was made before this city fell apart shows us a big possible apartment building to loot, but standing infront of it I can see that it is nothing left of what it used to be. Almost all windows are broken ether by shooting or vandalism, bulletholas paint the sides of the outher walls, blood, glass and a few bodies are spread out on the ground, large holes from explosives have torn apart big sections of the building, fire have swept through rooms leaving black marks crawling like shadows out of windows and a sickly smell of burned and rotten flesh is filling the air. "I think we found hell on earth..."
  2. Patch Released!

    The new map is absolutely huge! So far loving the new patch, good job BSG
  3. Game

    Move nr 20 Group Name: A new start Action: Searching/exploreing Description: Waking up I see that Arc is allready up and standing by a table with his map layed out on top of it. I walk over to him "whats up?", "I think we should search over here" Arc point at a spot with a couple houses not very far away up noth. I agree and we head out. We come across a area with a few houses with an apartment complex to the east, talking for a short moment we deside that we should search all that we can. While walking towards the area we keep hearing gunfire coming from the east and suddenly Arc bursts out "I swear to god that gunfight Or gunfights. have been going on for like 2 days Now...HOW MUCH AMMO DO THEY HAVE!? making me laugh. Reaching the area we take a look around to check if it is clear and what typ of houses there are. It's a few typical mid class family homes, a log caben and one really large house what looks to be a sort of "summer/vacation" house. To the east there is a apparartment complext which looks like it have been torn apart by many moths of neglect and looting. "Don't think we will finde anything good in there" I say so we start with the closest family house. The house is a mess but it dosen't look like it have been looted a lot, the oncer who lived here just seem to have left in a hurry and the huse have more or less stayed like they left it. "I think that the onece who lived here left not veary long ago" I tell Arc. Arc walks up the stairs to the scound level of the house to search for more loot while I search the rest of the downstairs. Some time passes while we search but when we are done we regroup downstairs again. Arc tells and the shows me that he found a message writhen in blood by somebody named Jodie that writes to somebody called mike about a possible militarry encampment. "The military can maybe help us get out of this city" I say after reading the message, "We have to try ". But first we are going to try and search these last houses. Move through and search the other smaller houses in the area it all gose well untill we reach the large house. Not beeing able to open or break open the front door Arc trys to destroy a window. The secound the window breaks a alarm sets of making our ears ring by the loud noice. Arc quickly jump in through the window to shut it off, After a short moment of panic the alarm gose quiet. I'm still waiting outside looking around when I see Arc standing in the window looking at me. "Why did you break the window?" I ask, Arc just simply answer "How was i supposed to know Russians also had Break in alarms?" I jump in through the window and we start searching. On the scound floor we finde a door with a chaine look. "we will have to come back to this later or something" Arc says looking at the door. continuing to search we start to here banging from the street where we were just a moment ago. Looking out of one of the windows we see someone search through on of the buildings we were in. We leave the large house and start to move NE to try and dodge any encounter.
  4. New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    Can't wait, awesome trailer BSG you guys really know how to hype up a game.
  5. Game

    Move nr 19 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving to destenation Description: The map showing us a big possible house to loot, ends up nothing more than a pile of rubble. having walked some distance to get here we give it a try and start searching through the dust and rocks. "Ahh" I take a look at my hand as blood starts pouring out staining the ground beneath me, I cut myself on some sort of rusty metal. Holding my hand over my head to lower the blood flow to my arm, it helps a little bit. Moving deeper in to the rubble Arc finds a first aid kit. He walks over to me with it and asks me to sit down so he can treat my wounds. I sit down and he starts with pouring some disinfectant on my hand and it stings like nothing els then he starts to bandage and rebandage my wounds. Searching through the rubble is tiring and we deside to take a short break. i take out some of my food rations and start opening up one of them but I look over at Arc who is sitting besides me looking down in to his backpack with a face of disappointment. I ask him whats wrong, he then pulls out a small pack of food "last one" he says. I pull out one of my three remaning food packs "Heads up!" I throw it over to Arc and he catcheses it. Desiding that we both should save our food for a little while we pack it back up and leave the rubble Walking a short distance over to a hardware store and from it we can see a barber shop not very far away. We try and searching them both but we learn quickly that they have been have looted and picked klean of anything useful. Cuting our loses we stop searching and take a look at the map to see were we should move next. I proposes that we make some distance moving north and away from the gunfire coming from the east. When we start moving it's allready geting dark but we use it to our advantage and keep to the shadows while moving. Moving north past the building we just looted we come across a field of uncut grass with some good hight to it. "If we keep low and hide in the tall grass we should be able to cross this with no problem" I say. Arc looks at me a bit worried " are you sure about this?", "Well it's dark out and we both wear clothes with no eye catching colors." Arc still does not look as if he is convinced. "Do you want to walk all the way around it?" I ask. "Well if it will keep us alive, then sure" I sigh and agree that it might actually be a good idea to not run out in to the open. "fine, we will take the safe rout." As I say that we see a flash of light on the other side of the field followed with a load "BANG". We hit the ground eyes locked at were the flash came from. It's dark and impossible to see anything further then about 30 m infront of you. "I don't think that the shoot was towards us" I wisper, "BANG", "BANG","BANG". three more shoots ring out and the only thing we can see is the light from the muzzle flash. "no he is not shooting at us" Arc then responds. "I think he about 50-70m away, it's impossible to be sure in this damn darknes" I tell Arc. We wait for what seems to be eternity but we hear no more gunfire so we start to crawl to the left side edge of the grassfield. Reaching the edge of the field there is some buildings runing alongside the grass. We stand up but keeping crouched enough to get some cover by the grass. "You see anything?" I ask "no" arc says looking around. Moving north and trying to stay away from were the gunfire came from. With the buildings on our left we keep low and our senses is on top listening for any sound. Crossing the field leads us to a area with some buildings. We are not able to see what typ of buildings they are in the compleat darkness. We walk over to one of them, finding the door it's allready open so we walk inside to find a place to rest for the night.
  6. Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    April 19th!
  7. New AK variant screenshots

    cool now I'm really hyped! Just hope the patch is coming soon.
  8. Game

    Move nr 18 Group Name: A new start Action: Moving to destenation Description: Not finding anything except some small scraps of food in the house. After this houses we search the last one but we quickly learn that there is no reason to keep search this area any further becouse of the heavy looting. Decideing that we might finde something more usefull by the outskrits of the city we start moving to a new area by the edge of the city. Still having the aim to move north we just deviate a bit to have a biger chance of finding some food or usefull items that can help us on the way. (//sorry it's so short, dident have a lot of time. will do a better one next time.)
  9. EFT Dev Blog (sound)

    When they were at the shooting range it look like they shoot a 22 at one point (about 6:15-6:20). If there is going to be 22s in the game, dont think they will be of any use at all.
  10. Game

    Move nr 17 Group Name: A new start Action: Searching anything useful Description: Getting too sleep in a comftreble bed, something I havent done in some time I feel well rested. standing up I walk out to see if Arc is awake or not. Walking in to the room he was sleeping in, seeing him lying in the small childrens bed makes me crack up. I tell him to get up and that we have to keep moving. We sit down at the dinner table and lay out a map. I start by saying "We need to keep moving north, we also need more suplice if we are ever going to make it". Talking a bit I ask him if I could get some of that food he found. He says "sure" and hands me half of what he found. Extreamly suprised about his generosity I give him some extra ammo for his MP-443 pistol I gave him back at the farm. Leaving the house it's a quiet morning, no gunfire, no screaming, just some birds chirping in the trees. Our destination is not very far away and we aim to search a couple houses not far away. We move slow trying to stay in the shadows away from the morning sun. Reaching the area of the houses we finde four more houses. One of them have burn marks by the edges of every window and looking through one of the low once the whole interior is completely black and every piece of furniture is neither damaged or burnt to a crisp. "I think we should skip this hous" ,"I don't think anything have survived in there". We skip the burt house for now and move over to the house right beside it. It's a "typical" family home, nothing really unordinary except that it's a litle bit burnt on the wall facing the other house. We first make a quick safety search through the house then we do a careful search for anything useful. Mothes of looting and not cleaning have left this house in a mess. There is broken family portrets, empty cans, diferent kinds of trash litering thr floor, even a one time use grill in the midel of the livingroom. Moving to the next house the door is locked and all the windows are boarded up from the inside. Walking to the backside of the house we finde a broken window and the planks boarded up on the inside look a bit losser then i the other windows. removing the planks useing the butt of my shotgun we then climbe through the window and in to a kitchen. This house looks alot less looted like someone have been living here. I look att Arc "Stay on you guard" We the start to search with guns ready...
  11. The Traders Greed event is over

    It's better to have a good patch then a rushed patch.
  12. Game

    Move nr 16 Group Name: A new start Action: Searching for food Description: clenching my teeth and puting my hand on my elbow I sit back up. I sit there for a short moment just holding my elbow waiting for the shooting pain to faid. I let go of my elbow and put my hand on the floor to stand back up. I then reliese that I have been siting in a small pool of half dried blood. The realization makes me quickly jump back on my feet but the fast motion almost makes me slip and fall again. After taking a moment to steady myself I start to slowly and carefully move back to the curtain being very aware of where I put my feet. Moving the curtain the light reveales a body lying in one of the beds. It looks like his rib cage and stomach is open. Having a closer look I see that alot of his organs are gone...!?@#* I thought we were done with this crap. Not wanting to see more of this stuff I dont check any of the other beds. I search any drawers and cabinets that are not locked, not finding anything I walk out of the room again. Looking to my left I see Arc walking out of a room a couple meters away from me with a first aid kit in his hands. "I see that it went better for you..." I say holding my elbow,"diden't you finde anything?" he says. I look back at the room and then back at him " A body missing he's organs..." After searching the last rooms we then move up to the roof. We finde a dead body in a crawling position looking like he was trying to get to a box. both the body and box have been looted. Arc tells me that he have barricaded the door and it should keep us a bit safer for the night, then he tells me somthing about a bar, a cigar box and a reward. I try and ask him about the "reward" but he just tells me that he's extreamly tired, looking at him I can see that he's not lying. "okey we can talk about it tomorrow" I say. Arc starts to stumble towards a big pipe and then he crawls underneath it. I look at him a bit confused and he sees it "rain" he says, "ahh okey" I replie. I finde a second pipe not very far away from Arc and sit down beside it. I take a look in my backpack and see that I have no food left..."sigh...can this day get any worse" I mumble to myself. crawling under the pipe I feel my stomach and arm wounds screaming back at me in pain. Laying under the pipe I try and get some sleep. "Bang!" I hit my head waking up. "ah dammit!" I say to myself. I see Arc looking at me still under he's pipe."You okay?" he asks,"yeah yeah I'm okay just a bad dream" We both crawl out from under our pipes. Holding my forehead and looking at Arc I tell him that I'm completely out of food and need to finde some ASP. We walk over to the edge of the roof and have a look around. Not very far from here we see a couple of houses, "We can start over there" Arc says and I agree. We guess which houses it is on the map and then we leave the hospital to once again travel through the streets of Tarkov... We move as fast and as quiet we can, keeping low and listening for any other sounds then our own foot stepps. "It's a bit calmer today" Arc whispers, "maybe it's because it still early and the bandits have to have there morning coffe before they start to butcher each other" I reply with a joking tone and smiling. I then quickly relise what i just said and how bad it actually sounded "or maybe we are just lucky" I quickly say. Trying to change the subject I start to ask him about the "reward" he was talking about yesterday. He tells me about a bar called Romp Bar and that he has been there before and that he heard talk about cigars or somthing. "Maybe we can take a look in to that later if it's not to far way, but for now we need to finde food" I replie. Spending the whole morning moving we finaly reatch the area with the houses. There is five houses, four in a row and one a lite futher away from the others. the one house sperated from the others is alot bigger. "Is that a "small" police station?" I ask. "I think so" Arc replies. We slowly walk up to it guns ready. Looking through one of the windows we see that it actually is what we thought. "It's not a chance in hell that this is not looted" I wisper. We walk to the backside of the station and finde a back door. Placing my hand on the doorhandel and pushing down the door slowly creeks open. We spend a long time thurowly searching through the whole station. When done searching it's mid-day and we move from the station to the row of the four houses. Searching through all the houses takes a long time and when we are done it's late in the night. barricading the door of the house to the far right we find a room to sleep in.
  13. Ragman - the new merchant!

    This could help with separating friends from foes
  14. Game

    Move nr 15 Group Name: A new start Action: Searching for my friends Description: Walking through the wartorn city of Tarkov we finde a hospital. Alot of the windows are blown out, there is rubble and a couple of rundown cars by the entrance. Walking closer and taking cover by one of the cars we have a quick look around the entrence. There is no one outside the building and taking a look in lobby we see old blood on the floor and walls. Taking a look at my wounds and feeling the pain I could definitely use som more meds, if there is any left. I look at Arc "what do you think we should do" He tells me that he also could use some meds or other useful items, we argee on searching the hospital. Taking a step in the hospital I get hit by the sweet and sikening smell of rotten meat, Somebody or somthing have died in here. The hospital is a mess, there is blood and signs of fighting and looting. But notheless we keep searching. from what we saw outside the hospital have atleast two or three floors so we start searching the first. Standing in the lobby there is two hallways runing down to the right and left of the the lobby and almost straight behind the reseption in the lobby is a staircase leading upp to the next floor. Next to the stairway is a door going deeper in to the hospital but it's locked tight. looking down both hallways there is a row of doors some open and some closed. Starting with the hallway on the right walking to the end of the hallway and slowly and quietly working our way back towards the lobby. When done searching through all the rooms we can get open we do the same thing on the left side. When done searching we move up to the next level. It's just one long hallway from the right to the left with more rooms running along the sides of the hallway. We do a searching sweep down the hallway and all the rooms we can get in to. When done searching we go to the next and last floor, moving to the next floor the stairs end and the smell is getting stronger but we see nobody so we start searching.
  15. Game

    Move nr 14 Group Name: A New Start Action: Heading north Morning: Waking up and hearing some distent gunfire from the city I feel like we should not stay in this place for very long. Eating some breakfast we plot over next move. Arc proposes that we keep away from the highway as mutch as possible not disagreeing I plan out a rout, might not be safe but it's still better then walking on the open road. After packing up we head out. Leaving the apartment building we take a quick look around to see if the coast is clear. We quickly cross the roud to the other side. We skip searchig the other apartment building and keep moving. Mid-day: With weapons in hand we move past looted buildings and houses of a destroyd city with the feeling of dread and paranoia increasing the deeper we go. Passing bulletholes, casings and other signs of constant fighting trough the city, seeing a couple bodies who every single one of them looks like they've been shot or butcherd. Most of them look like they have been thoroughly looted so we keep moving. We hear some gunfire now and again but we try and keep away from any sort of potential threat so we stay low and quit. Evening: Even with the feeling of wanting to turn back rising we press on. After moving for a while we try and find a house or building to sleep in for when it gets dark.