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    Second test season of Escape from Tarkov ratings

    and how do you do this or is it just in the main game, or download something??
  2. Surviv0r1969

    Servers terrible again

    not to mention the 10-20 min matching at times
  3. Surviv0r1969

    Escape From Tarkov Forum Video Widget is here!

    will everyones be listed there or is it just a select group that will show up there?
  4. Surviv0r1969

    Edge of Darkness glitch?

    ALL the things you get only on game release
  5. Surviv0r1969

    Edge of Darkness glitch?

    that is what youll get when game is released
  6. when can we expect these to be in the game? will they just be running around with gear to give to people?
  7. Surviv0r1969

    Official Trading Thread

    so have you got spare docs case m8? if so what you after?
  8. Surviv0r1969

    Official Trading Thread

    Factory Key AND Checkpoint Key And 5 Wallets Exchange for Docs Case eu servers i got 2 silenced pm with drum mags in exchange or how much?
  9. Surviv0r1969

    The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    excellent news... now for the update?
  10. Surviv0r1969

    Karma System - I know, I know!

    cant wait for karma, if i want kos ill play COD
  11. Surviv0r1969

    Wipe After Gamescom?

    yes mate that was about 3 days ago... could be earlier they might have said that incase of delays and stopping people moaning if its late
  12. Surviv0r1969

    Wipe After Gamescom?

    they said in last dev stream 3-4 weeks
  13. Surviv0r1969

    Spawn camping has to be stopped

    should be either 1 of 2 things 1 - upon spawning you have an invisible shield over you that lasts a few seconds once you start moving. if in a group then you are all spawned close to each other like 10 meters or so 2 - all players spawn in at the beginning, only late spawns should be the scavs. so if the game has 7 players then all 7 spawn at the start only 3 - in the pvp "Arena" bears should be one side with their exits at the customs area etc and usec should be as they are now spawning around customs with usual exits. then all would know they are in a safe area for a while, can group and then fight exit campers is frustrating but part of the game, it happens in real life where would camp an area they knew people tried to escape to so we should have to put up with that if someone has that much patience. makes the game too boring for me like sniping does having to wait potentially ages for someone to come along yeah i know i said 1 of 2 things but 3rd is for the later arena map lol
  14. Surviv0r1969

    Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    thats not a way of meeting players in game tho is it, thats fine if you already know somebody who plays or you wanna spend hours and hours adding random players in hope to chat. voip IS ESSENTIAL for this game and is a must
  15. Surviv0r1969

    roof scavs

    love them scavs on roofs, make you have to look high and low now...... but please help them fall off when you kill them.. killed lots on the roof and only had one fall off with sks. some seem to hang on by the little toe
  16. Surviv0r1969

    Strange Link

    voice app to talk to players
  17. dont affect me, but nice one BSG
  18. Surviv0r1969

    what am i doing wrong?

    this will be the dogs bollocks m8, the devs are to be honest one of the best i have seen in alpha/beta/early access for a long time. they will get the job done. stoopid things like this is what alpha/closed beta are for. be patient
  19. Surviv0r1969

    offline economy and saves

    suggested this months ago mate, 2 seperate games online and offline...... be great for when internet is down or playing up as could play offline but was also shot down. im sure somebody after release will sort it out to be able to do it
  20. Surviv0r1969


    to be able to delete a dialogue you have had with someone would be great instead of it just sitting there cluttering up the list
  21. Surviv0r1969


    the scavs are turned up too much there is too many of them, especially why they are still OP. factory is nightmare crazy everywhere with scavs
  22. Surviv0r1969


    tnx guys i had searched but so many threads with scavs i couldnt find anything
  23. Surviv0r1969

    Food & Drink

    the menu should have eat/drink rather than pick up, irl if you wanted to eat you would put it in backpack to get it out to consume should have take and Eat/Drink
  24. Surviv0r1969

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    5 mins to match, sometimes more. even getting "no servers available". nice to see the scavs are still OP and your dead before you get chance to raise ya gun
  25. Surviv0r1969


    think it would be good if there was a choice once the traders are leveled up, like...... you can get a akm from prapor for 250,000 or one from skier for 5 tools and 5 chains (just an example) so you can have the choice whether to barter or purchase giving you another selection choice in game. also with factions i think it would be good for the game to select whether you a usec or bear, that way the game can stay balanced with an even amount of each. especially with karma coming in as you could end up with all usec on the map and only scavs to kill. and would be a walk in the park if all the usec met in the game and walked through killing all in their path as nothing else in the game but scavs.