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  1. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    HOLY... They are looking AWESOME!!! <3
  2. Inventory Expansion

    Besides them of course!
  3. Inventory Expansion

    Heard some rumors that you can upgrade your stash only via questing, but who knows exactly...
  4. Inventory Expansion

    Jesus, no! As far as i know, there wont be any kind of microtransactions... thankfully!
  5. Carrying the wounded

    Hahaha, that´s what i call Teamwork!
  6. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    HYPE!!! Thanks for your hard work!
  7. Versicherung sinnvoll?

    Ich finde die Versicherung gut, dass einzige was mich persönlich stört ist, dass sie eben auch greift wenn man sein Zeug wegwirft. Wenn ich ehrlich bin, geht für mich auch kaum das Hardcore Feeling kaputt, High Loot bekommt man eh in den seltensten fällen zurück und für diejenigen, die die Versicherung stört ist sie Optional.
  8. Unique ingame ID

    I think it´s the Crown you got in the Global Chat.
  9. profile reset??

    As far as i know, Yes! You´ll start with the gear you began with but all the other stuff will be gone.
  10. I dont think that this is fully implemented yet, I actually did everything to upgrade the Loyalty Level but its still at Level 1. Right now it wouldnt make much sense anyways, cause Fence only sells Items other Players sold to him.
  11. Equipinflation

    Ups, habe dein Anliegen falsch interpretiert! Hmpf, Stimmt auch wieder...
  12. What does the exclamation mark mean?

    Hmpf, maybe its for Dev´s or Moderator´s?
  13. Is EOD worth it?

    Ur supporting the Dev´s with it and help them to create this great Game, so yes.
  14. Are you bringing in VOIP

    Yes, there will also be Radio´s and Stuff.