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  1. Randoms Looking For Group, TK On Spawn

    That's why I suggested create and "manage". You would have to decide what is sufficient evidence etc. It might require video evidence for example.
  2. Randoms Looking For Group, TK On Spawn

    Another option could be to create and manage google spreadsheet. You post a list of dishonourable names. So then players can check before they join a squad.
  3. The penalty for wounds needs to be greater

    That's a fair point. If you start at lvl 1 again I think you will find its much harder because your limbs break and you bleed much more easily. This is one of the many reasons I think they should do away with the skill system.
  4. Oceanic server heads up

    Was just killed by one of our winged friends. First one I have seen on the Australian server. So, look up my friends. Apologies to the player I shot who was (I later realised) hiding from our winged friend.
  5. need advice

    The game is hard. A lot of players will be in a similar position to yourself. Dont be too hard on yourself. If your in a game with 10 players, all of who want to kill you, then you might only have a 10% chance of getting out. Map knowledge is a huge advantage in this game so give youself tome to learn the maps. Also if you are hiding in a bush and getting shot? I suggest you put your graphics settings to minimum. Then you will see why people are spotting you. Good luck in Tarkov
  6. Having a hard time finding extraction points

    You probably need to buy the maps, take a screen shot and study them. Pretty sure there are also some maps online that people have made. After a while you will start to remember some of the names of features and will be able to relate them to positions on the map. It does take a while. I imagine that the current extraction system would be very difficult for new players and I sympathise with you.
  7. Please, Please a Ping counter or something...

    Yes a ping counter would be great. In the mean time this might help you.
  8. Different Guns Have Different ingame ads Sensitivity's?

    Well if its realistic then I feel it should stay that way. Maybe you could go onto the forums of the other games you play and ask them to make their guns handle like EFT. Then your muscle memory would be fine.
  9. Warning to all players

    Laughed my ass off, well done
  10. Is adding a crosshair legal?

    That's interesting. I have never seen the laser on any surface beyond 20 meters
  11. Is adding a crosshair legal?

    Hip fire is very accurate in this game. When watching some popular youtubers it seems that most of them have a cross hair. As others have said there are monitors that have the function built in or you could just put some magic tape on your screen. Currently the devs are allowing a lot of things that some players would consider cheating. 1) cross hair 2) Reshade type software (some monitors also have shadow removal built in) 3) Glitching I think the reason people are not getting banned for these things is that in most cases it simply cant be detected or stopped. I don't use any of the above but I have changed my graphics settings from highest to lowest settings. Doing so has doubled my extraction rate. I just cant see the laser in combat
  12. Saiga extended magazine

    Hmmmm, so that we can bounce 8 shells off armour rather than 6?
  13. Where do I get Gas analyser?

    This is the reason some people find the game a lot more difficult than others. The quest part of the game is all luck. Last patch I found my gas analysers in the filling cabinet on Woods. So far this patch the only one I have found was on the body of a PMC I killed.
  14. 10 Trizips full of M4's giveaway

    Very kind of you but I'm fine.