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  1. wicked_illusion

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    There is no fighting on my end. I am simply stating that tarkov wants realism and the current armor meta and bullet meta is far from realism period. I dont care what people have seen in a video in test situation. I have family including my father that are combat vets that have seen first hand what a 7.62 bullet does to somebody even wearing armor in the chest region. I am talking real life scenarios here not training or test video.
  2. wicked_illusion

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    No you need to educate yourself before you speak bud. Regardless in real life that type of armor it will still duck you up broken ribs not to mention knock the ducking wind out of you your not gonna keep walking towards it taking even more. This realistic real life poo in a video game talk gets old especially from tarkov fanboys. You want real life join the army. Hes right I have done 400 damage to armor and still cant kill em shits completely broken. And discourages new players to put the game down because of it. The bullet tire in this game is ducking retarded.
  3. wicked_illusion

    After update (HELP)

    Yep happens to me daily also to my squad mates as well ive been saying this but get attacked by the tarkov fanboys directly after.
  4. wicked_illusion

    EFT needs a kill cam and a report system

    So tired of hearing this statement about realism. This is a video game you wanna go to war then join the military. Now I like some aspects of realism but to much will kill your game. A kill cam would be great I've been killed by suspected hackers but cant prove it because of no kill cams. If your in a party then fine once your party is out of raid you should be able to see a kill cam. It's a great tool to catch hackers even easier. But this realism poo statement gets old. You say realism ya okay taking several shots with armor in real life will take your ass out. So dont talk this realism poo because theres several things in this game that's far from realism. Having a party it's hard to identify your team mates since they refuse to add some basic teammate HUD. At least add ducking clothing then so you can identify your teammate. Once again basic items. Maybe a ducking compass like come on you think military doesnt use such things. Realism my ass.
  5. wicked_illusion

    Game performance,Dsync,lag!

    It sucks I've supported this game from the start. I am just not seeing tons of progress here and the dev's are quite most of the time on this topic i enjoy this game and the mechanics but boy today was unplayable. I think you Developers need to take a step back stop creating maps weapons etc and put all resources on to optimization server side adjust. Key to a successful game is everything running correct. Especially losing all your gear because of server issues literally pisses me off to lose a full kit.
  6. wicked_illusion

    Game performance,Dsync,lag!

    Was playing a few games earlier and wondering if people are having this issue iam talking factory run people lagging scavs sliding around. Shots not registering this has been happening a lot lately after patch what is going on. I ve lost gear because of server side issues. Is this being looked at? And no its not my internet connection tested its performing where it should be other games with no problems. And my hardware is high end as well.
  7. wicked_illusion

    AI shooting though trees and bushes

    First off like to say I enjoy this game in the hardcore aspect of it other then loosing all you're guns which is annoying as hell. Honestly there needs to be a better system for this. But back on point I know this is beta so calm down boys nothings perfect in a beta these days. But programing AI should not be this difficult if I cant see AI neither should they iam tired of getting shoot though poo not knowing where the hell they are and dieing and loosing all my gear just so a axe wielder hiding in the corner comes out and and takes all my poo. I mean this should be a top thing to do on you're list shouldn't it? I don't understand why this simple stuff hasn't not been fixed yet. Giving the loot mechancis in this game you gotta have your AI on point its just so dam unfair to loose it that way.
  8. wicked_illusion

    spawn question

    Thanks for the info this cleared up a lot of confusing info. At least I know when player scavs spawn in now.
  9. wicked_illusion

    Losing loot

    Guys you gotta do something and not realease the game with full loot wipe if you die. You will kill your own game doing this people will get pissed off eventually and quit. suggestion why not tweak the insurance make it more expensive on pieces and have it guarantee your stuff back. Hell put a time penalty on it 2-3 days on return i d be okay with that. Because at this point in current stage I am telling you it will kill this game. I love hardcore games with the healing system you guys put in makes it realistic. But to lose all your loot is to much. You spend all your time just to go out full set to get 360 one shorted by a scav it's ducking desspressing it will kill this game.
  10. wicked_illusion

    spawn question

    I can't seem to.find anything on this so say you que up for a custom match it you load in does everybody load in at the same time at various locations? Also do people just keep spawning in on this session your in? Also once you kill the scav patrols do they keep spawning after so many minutes and finally how many players spawn in per session?
  11. wicked_illusion

    storage and management

    So iam.curious are you guys gonna make it to.were cash and keys don't take storage spaces? Because I gotta tell you it takes up so much space.
  12. wicked_illusion

    Looking for a clan or squad.

    Hi really looking for either I know the game decent know what to look for i really enjoy this game and would like not to be solo anymore thanks