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  1. nabboboy

    0.12 NEW factory boss sneak peek

    Should have a new unique weapon with 80(+?) pen AMMO
  2. nabboboy

    Fastest Death

    thats why i dont play scav in woods anymore
  3. nabboboy

    Need some help with game's settings.

    make sure that this settings is set to "gsync" and that your games setttings have vsync off (and,if the game settings allowe it, set the hz to 144)
  4. nabboboy

    Need some help with game's settings.

    Ok if Gsync is actually on then the red led on the Base of the right corner of the monitor should be on. Gsync works only when games are on full screen mode (no windowed/borderless) When you are in game try clicking the hz over clock botton on your monitor twice (the one over the power botton)
  5. nabboboy

    Quick Tip

    quick tip to save some space in your stash
  6. nabboboy

    Factory Quickie

    Ye also I was pretty tired so I decided to extract
  7. nabboboy

    Factory Quickie

    better not to be greedy
  8. nabboboy

    Attention To Details <3

    nice detail/easter egg
  9. nabboboy


    We have a winner
  10. nabboboy

    Woods Roof Spot

    How to get to the roof.. I don't think It's op because you don't have any covers and you can't go prone... Still an unexpected spot to surprise the enemy
  11. nabboboy

    New to EFT.

    ayyy welcome aboard! Just take your time learning the game and enjoy every raid good hunt
  12. nabboboy


    Teaser pic of the new map "mountain" that is coming with the next patch.
  13. nabboboy

    Rip 500k #2