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  1. Talyarin

    Cancelling animation

    That is honestly quite genuinely a really fascinating explanation and it really makes sense. A minor issue, though, is that I think already, due to desync/connection issues, doors are occasionally "Partly opened", that is to say on your client the door is open, but on the server it's not. Usually a side effect of that is your character being unable to use anything, since the server claims you're still trying to unlock a door, but your client is claiming the door is already unlocked. On the locked door on third floor of Factory I was trapped in that state of immobility, where I could move into the room, but my arms were absolutely useless. I panicked, since I literally couldn't defend myself at that point, so I forcibly closed the game, and reloaded everything. Because the client claims I was inside the locked room by the time I forcibly closed the game, the server seemingly responded with "I mean, there's no logical flaw in that, let's put her inside the locked room", but I noticed that when I approached the locked door, it was still locked. I absolutely agree, that is an issue that could be game-changing. I kinda compensated for that by saying you couldn't use your guns while cancelling an animation, that is to say put a little cooldown on actions after cancelling, but that's a minor fix considering if you're in a group - and who are we kidding, you most likely are if you want to survive - a teammate can immediately approach the door and unlock it. That, and what you mentioned yourself about connection issues around unlocked doors randomly closing in your face, but I would say, doesn't that issue already exist on the underground section's locked extract door on Factory? There's this little invisible wall that makes it hard to enter/exit the extract section, which has got me killed beforehand by someone hurling a grenade at me while they were extracting, and I was stuck on that invisible wall trying to run for cover.... Whether it's due to a misplaced invisible wall or connection issue I'm not sure.
  2. Talyarin

    Cancelling animation

    Hiya! I've no clue where to put this, since I'm not sure how big or important it is. I will also point out that I have searched this forum for about 20 minutes, coming up fruitless on whether somebody already asked about this, so if it has already come up, sorry. It's just very frustrating to die while executing an animation, especially if it's because some person turns a corner the very second you've executed the animation (either opening a door, unlocking a door, opening a wooden container, etc). Is cancelling animation something that should be implemented? I'm not asking for full control of the gun or something, just asking for the ability to search for cover during the very unfortunate event of a random scav/player turning a corner that is 20 metres away... At least put a buffer on the character to be unable to shoot while they're running away from a cancelled animation. Yes? No? Pointless?
  3. Talyarin

    How old are you?

    20 this August!