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  1. EU Escort In-Game Event Takes Place on June 8th!

    Unfortunately I could not participate in the last event. I would be very happy if it works this time. Discord: LazyLaubert#4505
  2. Spamthread

    aber ich muss länger spamen als du
  3. Spamthread

    nix da
  4. Spamthread

    keinen sinn. de brauche 20 posts .de
  5. Tarkov isn't shaping up the way I thought it would

    Well at least Takov is desinged to be a survival shooter ( as DayZ is one ) so waht do you expected
  6. Where to find ak74 supressor and a holographic sight?

    Hey there I'm also looking for a special Holo. I just can't find the one you can see on the gun of the left guy on the new USEC Picture. I had it ones before the last wipe but cant find it anymore. Is it only a press version content? Pls Help!
  7. USEC vs BEAR ratio [POLL]

    Is it possible to change the fraktion?