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  1. HA4ALN1K_666

    god mode

    ha I get that it has a bunch of errors, but the language used was english
  2. HA4ALN1K_666

    god mode

    and how did this english threat ended up in spanish????
  3. HA4ALN1K_666

    Hacker Report

    This isn't a hack. It's a glitch where u glitch yourself through the wall and u are invincible to other people but u can shoot them and kill them. To kill these assholes all u gotta do is throw a grenade at them. An actual nade not a flash or anything like that
  4. HA4ALN1K_666

    Umm whats the deal BSG

    Kk well if u dont check reddit nor twitter well guess what? Ur going to suffer. Just check reddit instead of forum it's that simple
  5. HA4ALN1K_666

    When will the armor bugs be fixed

    It literally says I have EoD under my name? At least on my screen
  6. HA4ALN1K_666

    When will the armor bugs be fixed

    Where is ur EoD tag if u have EoD
  7. HA4ALN1K_666


    duck u dude, Keeps saying the same poo over and over again. Plus after all the explanations he still keeps saying the same poo. No one obviously cares about what u gotta say and ur stupid "suggestion". I'm outta here.
  8. HA4ALN1K_666


    pfff this guy LOOOOOOOOL. LMAO U may be rich but u are obviously stupid and retarded. after all the explanations u still think its a "GREAT" idea which proves my point of u being a retard. That IQ test I linked might help u out a bit
  9. HA4ALN1K_666


  10. HA4ALN1K_666


    This guy smh. He made my day
  11. HA4ALN1K_666

    face shield

    haha this guy. Could ur professional ass explain to me how coding works? How much effort u gotta put to simply change ammo parameters? Since ur such a smart ass, I would like to hear it from u
  12. HA4ALN1K_666

    Why are there still Hackers?

    silly question
  13. HA4ALN1K_666

    Upgrading to EoD?

    Yes since u need to reset ur account after purchase
  14. HA4ALN1K_666

    PMC Spawns

    Well guess what, Its a BETA game. All these are errors and will be fixed. Should've read more about the game and should've known that there is late spawns but the will be fixed in 0.10 i believe. This game gives u a unique experience. Accept the fact that its a beta and u will truly enjoy the game
  15. HA4ALN1K_666

    Shotgun reload animation cancel?

    double left click i think it is