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  1. So I don't really know anything about the macros, but I'd like to buy a mouse that has a program to download and make macros on it. Because of all this macro stuff going on, I'd like to know if I'll get banned, by using a mouse that has macros option, but without actually downloading the macro, or using it? Again i don't really know anything about macros, Thanks
  2. HA4ALN1K_666

    Performance issue any suggestions?

    How much ram do u have? 16+ should be more than enough
  3. HA4ALN1K_666

    Interchange gun store key?

    Discord? If yes add me Ron#9657
  4. HA4ALN1K_666

    Interchange gun store key?

    Who they? I thought you have the key
  5. HA4ALN1K_666

    Interchange gun store key?

    poo dude, BUT WHERE???!!!
  6. HA4ALN1K_666

    Interchange gun store key?

    Hey, Has anyone found the gun store key at interchange yet? (I think the store is called KIBA ARMS). If yes, I'd like to know (and I'm sure others too) where did you find that key? I've seen 2 RSASSs spanw there with 3 M4s one raid. Much appreciated !
  7. HA4ALN1K_666

    Patch time

    God damn people... You guys put so much pressure on the devs and when they finally give us a date,y'all now want to now the exact time! What is wrong with people nowadays?!
  8. HA4ALN1K_666

    Need answer for CPU and GPU upgrade

    Thanks you so much for your answer really appreciate that
  9. Hey, I currently own an I7 950K + GTX 1060 3GB+22 GB RAM. Planning on buying a AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-Core/12-Thread Processor 4.25 Ghz or an I7 8700K 3.7 Ghz with a GTX 1070 TI. As I'm not really good in the CPU and GPU stuff, I'd like to ask a question to you guys : Will I be able to play on Ultra setting on all maps without lag? If not, what should i improve in my rig? Thanks, your help is much appreciated
  10. Nah bad for me. Only 60hz:( Also thinking about buying a I7 8700k with a gtx 1070 TI, will I be able to play on ultras at 60 fps( not shoreline of course)? what do you think?
  11. To be honest, i don't know. Do you know a way to look it up? Thanks! will try it out!
  12. Hey, I'd like to know what GPU and CPU you guys recommend me for a stable 60 fps on ultras (all maps) Currently playing on minimums(except texture quality on high, and SSR on ultra, 30-60 fps) My current rig: I7 950K+GTX 1060 3GB+22 GB ram DDR3 Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, I'd like to make a suggestion to the devs that will make sniping in Tarkov more enjoyable. What I think devs should do, is to actually make it possible to climb that big rock in woods no matter your strength level. Why? Simply because it's an unfair advantage that high strength level players do. How mad would you be if you kill a full gear dude on that rock and you can't get his loot. So no matter your skill, no matter your strength level, you should be able to climb the rock without suffering. It'll be more fair, and will actually give a good reason to use the long range scopes while the other maps aren't out yet. What does the community think about this?
  14. HA4ALN1K_666

    How about making loadout saver?

    For exemple: you buy an AKM, a bunch of mods to it, some meds and ammo. After you've done making your loadout, you could just save it somewhere in game, so that instead of buying all of that stuff again each raid (which takes some time), you could simply buy everything from the save you've made. You could also save multiple loadouts to save time. What do you guys think about this?
  15. HA4ALN1K_666

    New Weapons

    Yup there will be a few new weapons this patch.