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  1. HA4ALN1K_666

    PMC Spawns

    Well guess what, Its a BETA game. All these are errors and will be fixed. Should've read more about the game and should've known that there is late spawns but the will be fixed in 0.10 i believe. This game gives u a unique experience. Accept the fact that its a beta and u will truly enjoy the game
  2. HA4ALN1K_666

    Shotgun reload animation cancel?

    double left click i think it is
  3. HA4ALN1K_666

    issue in launcher

    lol dont ask me. idk why but thats how it works
  4. HA4ALN1K_666

    issue in launcher

    Ahh another one. NEVER buy EFT from other website but the official one. g2a is known for scamming people. Unless u purchased a shield or whatever the security thing is ur f ucked. If u did purchase it contact the seller
  5. HA4ALN1K_666

    Combat stutter

    lol I would recommend reading about the game system requirements before making a purchase (especially non-refundable) and making a statement. 8 GB of RAM is nowhere near enough for EFT. Recommending 16GB
  6. HA4ALN1K_666

    1,000,000 and Counting...

  7. HA4ALN1K_666

    Is there a fix for this?

    Just took a full gear set on factory: Fort, New Helmet with Fast MT face shield, and a VSS. Got shot with a Glock once in the middle of my face and can't repair the face shield since it has so little damage. Is there a fix? I don't want to run around with that hole in the middle since I can't buy face shields yet. Thanks
  8. HA4ALN1K_666


    Make fun of cheaters lol
  9. HA4ALN1K_666


    lol there we go. Exactly what I wanted
  10. HA4ALN1K_666


    I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T USE HACKS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK Just kidding. F uck all those cheaters. duck them. Learn how to play the game dipshit.
  11. HA4ALN1K_666

    What happened to the old AK sounds?

    Title. They used to sound so powerful and unique and really cool with a suppressor on. It's been a couple of patches since we don't have the good old sounds. I Would like the old Ak sounds back if it's possible. I mean if the AK sounds we have are realistic and that's how they're supposed to be heard but damn... I want the good old sounds. Thanks
  12. HA4ALN1K_666

    Questions about "partial wipe" for devs

  13. So there will be a partial wipe this month. Everybody knows that. The thing is that they will not reset trader rep. NOT THEIR LEVEL. You will still need to grind to level 40. My questions: 1-Will u need to complete quests again after wipe? 2-If u don't need to redo the tasks, how are we suppose to level up? I mean doing tasks was the easiest and fastest way to level up. Do u get my point? If there's no quests=A LOT harder to level up. thanks in advance
  14. HA4ALN1K_666


    i don't know, works fine for me
  15. HA4ALN1K_666

    Battle royale

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL This post literally made my day And trust me, I had a poo day