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  1. Dogtag nerf?

    Calm down kiddos lol
  2. Running Factory with an RPG? SURE

    What RPGs?
  3. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа William Описание Born into a family of stevedores, William Hammerstedt enlisted for active military duty in the British Army on his eighteenth birthday. A veteran of three wars, he saw action at the battle of Goose Green during the Falklands Conflict, participated in Operation Nimrod of the Iranian Embassy Siege as a part of Team Blue in 1980, and was also assigned to unit Bravo Two Zero of the SAS during the Gulf War in 1991, where he remained on active duty in the S.A.S. Его прошлое Highly observant, calculating and decisive, Hammerstedt’s demeanor may denote traces of impatient cynicism, but he possesses a profound sense of ethical responsibility. He does best when assigned with junior operators of strong moral conviction, whom he can mentor. He is a known thrill seeker with very little regard for his personal safety. He is fearless in battle and can be a great asset for offensive maneuvers, however he seems to enjoy the havoc and chaos of war. Can be narcissistic. Past Training: British Army: Parachute Regiment British Army: S.A.S Bravo Two Zero British Army: S.A.S Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major) Как он попал в Тарков? Hammerstedt's portfolio caught the interest of USEC command, and was invited to take part in an international joint training exercise in Russia along with other elite operators from around the world. During the exercise he was approached by a USEC operator named Alex Ryder who was leading a J.S.O.C covert mission into the Norvinsk region to track and shut down the weapons dealer 'Al Qazar' who was supplying illegal firearms to rebel groups in the area which were causing issues for USEC attempting to move through tarkov. He, along with a select few operators from Korea, France and Germany, and half a dozen USEC operators were deployed into Tarkov to eliminate Al Qazar, allowing USEC to move in. Пристрастия During basic training, Hammerstedt discovered his aptitude for firearms, a skill that he would continue to develop and master over them during his time with the British Army. His skill with a rifle eventually attracted the attention of the S.A.S, catapulting his career into Counter Terrorism. Друзья During a training exercise in Germany, Hammerstedt befriended a GSG 9 operator, Monika. Their friendship is competitive in nature as they constantly try to out do each other. He often teases her for relying on complex technology to achieve her goals. They are in constant communication, confiding in each other everything. Ранения и битвы Hammerstedt's extensive career has left him covered in scars and wounds. He wears them like a medal of honor. Стремления None. Самые значительные достижения персонажа Partaking in the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980, Hammerstedt took lead in the raid that ultimately ended the week-long hostage scenario. Сила 27 Выносливость 27 Меткость 26 Боец
  4. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Every gun that is in Contract wars will be in EFT. They are also aiming for around 300 different weapons in the game so you can bet some of those will be western rifles lol. For example, the M16A4 is confirmed and MAY be getting released alongside the glock, which is coming soon. Regardless, the M16, Scar, G36, Famas etc are all going to be in the game. Guns take weeks if not months to make in this game which is why we have so few right now.
  5. new P2W backpack sold at Fence LOOOL

    For those who don't know:
  6. Shotguns Shoot Tissue Paper

    The slugs were literally just changed this patch and will continue to change until they get it right. Please do your research before you start calling out BSG for not doing it right. Damage values depends on distance and if you are within 25 meters you can 2 shot someone with ease to the chest. This is far beyond shooting tissue paper. So yes, you are incredibly wrong. Everything is still being worked and tweaked. I would have thought this is a given know... the big orange text at the main screen saying "THIS IS A BETA VERSION OF THE GAME AND IS NOT COMPLETE"? If you're disappointed that an early access game still in development isn't perfect then you are unpleasable and I recommend Call of Duty for you.
  7. It's not a lack of servers, since most people can match just fine to other maps, and when you match it opens an instance on a free server. One server can and does host multiple instances across multiple maps. The issue seems to be the servers they DO have are having issues opening instances on factory. They could add a thousand more OCE servers and no one would still be able to match into factory. Basically it's a software issue not a hardware on their end.
  8. Sorry bro, just tired of people not reading rules before joining a community. Seems pretty common sense to read the rules. They do care about OCE, they posted a poll for info, and they actually gave us OCE servers when we asked. They don't have map specific servers, so you're ignorant to think that BSG aren't going to give us "Factory servers". Doesn't work that way champ.
  9. I myself have posted a thread on this so I know for a fact there are already threads addressing the issue. Posting more is against forums TOS
  10. This has been posted many times and has already been addressed by devs. You will be removed from the forums if you don't follow the forums rules which clearly state you must use the search function before posting. Had you done that you would have found several threads on the issue.
  11. Can anyone find a lobby on factory?

    There's already dozens of posts on factory matching times. Use search function before posting, it's in the rules
  12. Cheating player m4um1

    You're wasting your time mate. They don't accept cheater reports.
  13. Skier level 4

    It takes a while to kick in. Give it a few minutes