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  1. Porter1705

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 1 Flashdrive. I'am Online now. Send me a PM with your price. thx
  2. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    wonderfull. Did it works? Or do you got an error?
  3. Porter1705

    My friend is too scared to play!

    hard but funny way ^^
  4. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    If you have Download them all you first have to open 1 and extract the one archive in there. Same thing with this extractet one. Important is to use WinRAR not 7Zip or something else, cause it's a high compressed RAR4 File
  5. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    Occupational illness, I am a complaint manager and if you have the opportunity to help someone, why shouldn't you do it? There's enough people here just bitching. The few "good" ones make the difference.
  6. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part1.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part2.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part3.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part4.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part5.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part6.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part7.rar https://www.bluhm.it/report/Game2.part8.rar It's double compressed using WinRAR. Just the game including the patch without logs. It will take another time to finish the upload. I think no longer than a half hour after this post
  7. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    -.- just a couple of minutes. its about 5GB compressed. 700MB Parts are in the Upload :-D
  8. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    For Sure, why not. But would it work? Don't know. If you want to try, say a word and i upload it on the server. So you can download at any time ywp, wireless lan should be the problem at his site.
  9. Porter1705


    Es ist herrlich, endlich kann man mal wieder spielen. :-D
  10. Porter1705

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    sounds great. Thx for the short Update
  11. Porter1705

    Escape from Tarkov stürzt immer ab

    Wenn er die 30 mal knackt. Hatte bis vor wenigen Monaten auch noch so eine alte Kiste und so ziemlich die gleichen Probleme. War zwar ein Tower aber mit einem Alter von 11 Jahren :-D 12GB DDR3 RAM nannte der sein Eigen. Aber mehr als Factory war nicht drin, mit einer Menge Abstürze. Auch wenn es weh tut, spare Dir das Geld für den RAM und kaufe Dir was Neues. Musste auch in den sauren Apfel beißen und habe es bisher nicht bereut. 2GB RAM für die Graka sind mit Win10 leider ein schlechter Scherz. Mein Windows 10 frisst gerade nur hier im Forum 12 - 14% des GPU Speichers von 8GB. also Rund nen GB. Das wird bei Dir wohl nicht anders aussehen. Und dann ist für das Spiel einfach kein Platz mehr da und es macht die Grätsche
  12. Porter1705

    Account upgrading

    your'e welcome
  13. Porter1705

    Account upgrading

    How if i have to. Take a Friend on Factory 4 Example. Meet at some of the closed exits and get him my stuff in a T-Bag. Fits in an gamma Container ... but wait, youve got no gamma container ^^ sry my mistake. So one friend with the factory exit key AND a gamms Container. He bring me a T-Bag, i give my stuff to him and he left. After Reset the same in the other direction. But i would only do with dome Dollar/EUR and if i have a keybar. Weapons, Ammo, Rubel and all the other stuff can be earned by playing. I guess it's my 10th wipe. So with every beginning, i will performe in a better way while scaveging :-D
  14. Porter1705

    Account upgrading

    Thats a possible way to keep your stuff. But it's also dangerous, cause you can only do it in a raid. But seriously, getting stuff and money is not a really problem in this game. Just play the SCAV Games every 25 (or 20) minutes and try to survive. Just Keys are really important to save .... searching for the marked key since 37 lvl ^^ found nothing
  15. Was richtig cool wäre, natürlich nur d#für die Schadenfreude, die gekaufte Version des Spiels der Leute :-D Ich meine die ham nix mehr *gg* Für den Cheat bezahlt, fürs Game bezahlt und alles für Nichts, weil man nicht spielen kann und keinen Nerv hat es auf ehrliche (ja manchmal frustrierende Weise) zu lernen. Das wäre der Hammer :-D