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    is ne beta komm mal klar --- Es war einfach zu verführerisch :-D ---
  2. Porter1705

    10 Million Rouble Lottery/Giveaway

    Many thx. 7 Millions was spent to a standard edition player named Hatto
  3. Porter1705

    10 Million Rouble Lottery/Giveaway

    88 was just a bunch of luck. I saw this and had to smile. I love the ideas before a Wipe :-D Winning was not my intention.
  4. Porter1705

    MPA1 vs MP7A2

    https://www.heckler-koch.com/de/produkte/militaer/maschinenpistolen/mp7a1/mp7a1/produktbeschreibung.html https://www.heckler-koch.com/de/produkte/militaer/maschinenpistolen/mp7a1/mp7a2/produktbeschreibung.html "The MP7A2 features a Mil-STD-1913 U-shaped triple rail hand guard for mounting optional accessories on 3, 6 and 9 o'clock." Thus the only difference between the two versions is the possibility of mounting 2 attachments, such as a laser, a flashlight, etc.. All performance data of the two weapons are absolutely identical. Thus it is already correct, how it is represented.
  5. Porter1705

    Damaged body parts get reduced max health during raid

    Interesting :-D Make it much harder, and a lot of fun
  6. Porter1705

    Tarkov Roadmap

    Das "Problem" ist wohl auch Nikita. Der bekommt manchmal so Eingebungen, wie man das Leben noch ein klein wenig schwerer machen kann. Das kann man schlecht in eine Roadmap mit einbringen. :-D
  7. Good morning, everyone, I think it's time for some feedback. I bought the game on 29.03.17 and am rather from the category lonely wolf. Why? People talk to me too much in Discord/Teamspeak and I love the challenge, as well as calm in the game. So thanks @Battlestate for the ingame equipment, as well as the key of the Standard Edition. Will someone be happy about it from the community. General: The difficulty in the game is ingenious. Exactly what I've always been looking for. Partly a real challenge. Especially with the new map and the SCAV's the first thought was - "WTF this is too hard for me". But after several rounds of desperation it got better. After all, I am learning to love grenades after all these years :-D Now times without poo. I like the way the game has taken. And I don't think it will get much easier. The game punishes your impatience or any wrong decision. The art is to learn from it. Cheater: Yeah, they're a damn problem. But that's not just the game. The Flea Market did the rest here. The game is worth taking this path now, because you can earn real money in a simple way. The situation is comparable with the beginnings of World of Warcraft and it is and will be forever an arms race with the cheaters and the now emerging groups with commercial interest. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented. Realistically speaking. Because as long as there are people who spend real money to buy an advantage, there will be people who offer this service. This leads to the one or other frustration thoughts. This only for the sake of completeness. It is not easy to take action against these people and it is of no use to anyone to talk to you in hate triads. The Lab: Hammer Map that what I could see from my crawl position so far. And that's not even in the beginning as much as the map has to offer. I'm aware of that, but first I have to keep my head down :-D I love the map, angled, you have to pay attention to every noise and just hope to be faster than everyone else. I especially like the idea that alarms can be triggered. The first time it was a shock moment. But you can also work with it after a while and thus direct your attention in a certain direction. That can make your life easier if you survive the confrontation. The Loot itself is worth the risk. The difficulty is hard. At first I thought that the headshot rate was much too high, but on closer analysis it's more likely to shoot the center of your body. Can end badly, may be a little too blatant for generality, but on the whole bearable. You just can't rushen anymore and get scared by your own shadow. A very good challenge! With this in mind, many thanks for the development so far. I still enjoy the game after all these years. And that rarely happens. Enjoy your turn of the year and a successful year 2019.
  8. Porter1705

    Free trial codes

    KI12D-DC4A8-XI34K-1AY5U Have a lot of fun :-D
  9. Porter1705


    Das freut einen zu lesen. Das Geraffel mit den Quietsch-Bunten Paintings hat z.B. Rainbow Six direkt uninteressant gemacht. Oder PayDay2. Zu Beginn noch einen auf "normal" gemacht, und dann diese Mainstream Pseudo Teile rein gepackt. Macht das Feeling kaputt. Tarnung auf den Waffen ist was anderes. Das wird ja nicht zum Spaß gemacht und hat seine Berechtigung :-D
  10. Porter1705


    Hmm ... Holy poo. Ja ich glaube diese Worte treffen es richtig :-D Nur BITTE BITTE BITTE wenn ich die ganzen nahkampfwaffen sehe. Fangt nicht mit bunten Skins an, dann ist das Spiel auf CoD Niveau und zumindest für mich Geschichte.
  11. Porter1705

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 1 Flashdrive. I'am Online now. Send me a PM with your price. thx
  12. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    wonderfull. Did it works? Or do you got an error?
  13. Porter1705

    My friend is too scared to play!

    hard but funny way ^^
  14. Porter1705

    Can anyone post or send me the compressed game files

    If you have Download them all you first have to open 1 and extract the one archive in there. Same thing with this extractet one. Important is to use WinRAR not 7Zip or something else, cause it's a high compressed RAR4 File