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  1. Random Damage

    Same here, but on Factory
  2. Update: A Real Struggle

    80KB/s* Got abit faster.
  3. Ya ever just die within 3 seconds of spawning?

    That exact thing also happened to me.
  4. AI is to to weak on range now.

    I've had AI stare at me while walking backwards. Not shooting.
  5. Scav is a useless mechanic

    AI ATM are near sighted and slow.
  6. Scav is a useless mechanic

    On factory, I spawn in then leg it to the nearest camping spot. Then wait a while. If I just spawn in and don't move the mouse, that works half the time. Depends on whether you spawn with another player, on top of each other.
  7. Why can't I place a Dovetail on my SKS?

    Seems so. Unless you find an intact, OP SKS as loot.
  8. Why can't I place a Dovetail on my SKS?

    At level 3, Skier sells "UTG SKS SOCOM rail mount".
  9. what am i doing wrong?

    Arma 3 can't be compared to EFT in that way. Arma 3 is built upon everything before it, right back to OFP from 2001.
  10. Which loyalty lvl for armor/helmet?

    Skier sells PACA at level 2, but you need to be quick. Please do not correct people with your bad information ))
  11. Which loyalty lvl for armor/helmet?

    Skier sells Paca at level 2, for 21450* Haven't seen any helmets at level 2
  12. FPS issues with my PC

    OC your CPU, if you can. I was running stock settings without knowing it. That was allot slower. Loaded the settings from the CMOS, and back to 80fps+ with dips. The CPU was at 3.5ghz (stock boost), Reset the OC to 4.6ghz (boost) CPU: x5675 12gb ram 970 SSD