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    New animations showcase

    Holly poo.... Blown away by the detail! I can wait for 2 more weeks!
  2. I know what means to lose everything.... Believe me your looking at a man who's decisions lead him to losing the people he would die for.... 


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    АС ВАЛ

    @trainfender @Kiba_Stream
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  5. Don't wake the bear up believe me that will be the final mistake you ever make.


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    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    This is just the begining still have a long way to go brothers! Cheers happy birthday BSG!
  7. CypherEntrix

    HK-16 Leak!

    We need a update video from you Redseven plus it's a excuse to upload and we want more videos!
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    Arkadaslarim bu postu guncelicem akşamı! Yeni silahlar eklenecek bekleyiniz işten çıktım an ilk isim bu olucak.
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    Then it would lose its uniqueness fairly and turn in to Pay2win attacents for weapons like do you want that 60 round drum mag for the M4 it's all yours for 99cents....I mean in the wrong hands it will flop that's for sure.
  10. CypherEntrix


    These rounds were made with Special purposes I think that's what draws you in to them 9x39 platform is very rare and unique and diverse platform. it can defeat 7mm steel at 100m...that's insane in real life if your enemy had this your pretty much duck...it can defeat level 2 and level 3 body armour. Just over kill for its purpose I think that's why they don't give them to a regular Joe.
  11. CypherEntrix


    I think it's more comparable to whisper or .300 black.
  12. CypherEntrix


    SP5: The cartridge case is a cartridge case from a 7.62x39mm cartridge, with a barrel re-integrated under a 9-mm bullet. The cartridge SP-5 is sniper round that is made with high accuracy and has a 16-gram shell bullet with a steel core surrounded by lead placed in a bimetallic shell. The steel core, to increase the bullet penetration, is placed in its nose section. The lead core gives the bullet the necessary mass and ensures its penetration into the grooves of the barrel.The bullet shape with a length of 36 mm provides it with excellent ballistic properties when flying at a subsonic speed. The speed of a bullet when firing from a special sniper rifle VSS Vintorez or AS Val is 280-300 M/S muzzle energy is 600–700 J SP6: The SP-6 cartridge is intended for shooting from AS Val and is a Assault round intended for hitting targets concealed in cars or protected by body armor. The SP-6 bullet has a mass of 16.2 grams and a steel hardened core. At the head of the bullet, the core protrudes from under the shell of the bullet that is, the half-shell bullet Due to its design, the bullet of the SP-6 cartridge has a stronger punching action than the bullet of the SP-5 cartridge. The speed of a bullet when firing from a special sniper rifle VSS Vintorez or AS Val is 280–300 m / s. The muzzle energy is about 600–700 J, which is approximately twice the muzzle energy of the bullet of the 9-mm NATO cartridge, fired from the popular silenced submachine gun Heckler-Koch MP5SD variant The bullet of the SP-6 cartridge is able to pierce an 8-mm steel sheet at a distance of 100m or hit a target protected by a bullet-proof vest level 2 and 3 at 300–400 meters. PAB-9: The bullet of the PAB-9 cartridge, in contrast to the SP-6, does not have a rear centering girdle, the rear cone of the bullet is longer, the diameter of the core is slightly larger.The SP-6 and PAB-9 bullets also differ in the length and thickness of the lead shirt. As a result of such changes, the bullet and the PAB-9 cartridge itself have a more substantial mass, while the bullet's indicators of shooting accuracy worsen. The increase in the length of the leading part of the PAB-9 bullet could not but lead to an increase in the boost pressure and an increase in its initial velocity as compared with the cartridge SP-6. The bullet of the PAB-9 cartridge weighing 17 g develops an initial speed of over 300 m / s. The cartridge was developed as a cheaper version of the SP-6. Bullet weight is higher and is 17 grams. After the development was widely advertised, however, the bulk purchases were limited to several batches. Currently, it is banned to use because of the higher pressure in the barrel of both VSS and VAL, which reduces the life of the weapon to about 3000 shots. SPP (Blue tıp): Developed in 2002 by order of the Tula cartridge plant as a replacement for the expensive and low-tech cartridge SP-5. The bullet of the SPP cartridge pierces a steel sheet 5 mm thick at a distance of 100 m. The steel sleeve is coated with a phosphate coating, the bullet head is painted blue The SPP bullet consists of a bimetallic shell with a truncated tip and a combined core - a bare steel core at the head of the bullet and a lead core behind it. The “SPP” bullet provides breaking through of a 5 mm thick steel sheet made of steel of grade St.3 at a distance of 100 m or “6V23” body armor at a distance of 250 m. BP: The cartridge, designed to replace the "armor-piercing" SP-6. The bullet of the BP cartridge pierces a steel sheet with a thickness of 7 mm at a distance of 100 m. The steel sleeve is coated with a phosphate coating, the bullet head with a protruding steel core is painted black.
  13. CypherEntrix

    A weapon you must include in this game

    No. We need 9A-91. More 9x39mm variants
  14. CypherEntrix

    Attention hatchlings!

    Sometimes an ally is greater then any weapon. Two heads are better then one
  15. CypherEntrix

    Attention hatchlings!

    No it's to survive by all means necessary.