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  1. No rest for the wicked!




  2. CypherEntrix

    eroktic wtf

    I hate that guy... He single handedly poo us over..
  3. CypherEntrix

    What are you thinking.......

    If people want to leave EFT over a stupid copyright claim on some who just bashes everything that EFT does wrong... Bye we don't care! I am still playing Tarkov i don't give a poo about some youtuber. all these youtubers throwing a tantrum "boycott dont play EFT....." just stfu we don't care. I still enjoy the game.
  4. CypherEntrix

    New animations showcase

    Holly poo.... Blown away by the detail! I can wait for 2 more weeks!
  5. I know what means to lose everything.... Believe me your looking at a man who's decisions lead him to losing the people he would die for.... 


  6. CypherEntrix

    АС ВАЛ

    @trainfender @Kiba_Stream
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  8. Don't wake the bear up believe me that will be the final mistake you ever make.


  9. CypherEntrix

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    This is just the begining still have a long way to go brothers! Cheers happy birthday BSG!
  10. CypherEntrix

    HK-16 Leak!

    We need a update video from you Redseven plus it's a excuse to upload and we want more videos!
  11. CypherEntrix


    Arkadaslarim bu postu guncelicem akşamı! Yeni silahlar eklenecek bekleyiniz işten çıktım an ilk isim bu olucak.
  12. CypherEntrix


    Then it would lose its uniqueness fairly and turn in to Pay2win attacents for weapons like do you want that 60 round drum mag for the M4 it's all yours for 99cents....I mean in the wrong hands it will flop that's for sure.
  13. CypherEntrix


    These rounds were made with Special purposes I think that's what draws you in to them 9x39 platform is very rare and unique and diverse platform. it can defeat 7mm steel at 100m...that's insane in real life if your enemy had this your pretty much duck...it can defeat level 2 and level 3 body armour. Just over kill for its purpose I think that's why they don't give them to a regular Joe.