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  1. Forum Text RPG Bestätigung durch Gamemaster

    Keine Ahnung.. habe mittlerweile 6 Tage auf dem Buckel und immer noch nichts... hoffe, dass es nur an einem hohen Ansturm von Leuten liegt... Hoffe werde das Problem mit dem Charakter nicht haben. Abwarten und raiden
  2. Hey Leute wollte mal die von Euch fragen, die schon spielen können, wie lange muss man so auf die Bestätigung nach der Erstellung seines Charakters warten, um endlich loslegen zu können? Habe erst warten müssen bis man mal an die Reihe gekommen ist seinen Charakter erstellen zu können und nun warte ich schon eine Weile auf die Bestätigung durch einen GM...
  3. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Alesky Описание Name: Alesky "SkyKnight" Drakuv Age: Unknown Gender: Male Size: 180cm Eye colour: brown Hair colour: brown Country of origin: Germany Characteristics: perfectionism, skeptic to other people, Attention to situations Его прошлое Alesky was born in Germany on 5th July 1989. He was the only child in his family and grow up with his german mother and his father from russia. Even if he was a baby, he was touched by the conflict between the east and the west. Later on he tried to understand the reason for all of the problems that appear in that connection. With his interest for weapons and technic he became a technical product designer for a great weapon industry after he passed his A-levels and also earned the required know-how to use and put weapons together. Alesky also stood at the front in several battles of the modern conflicts. He became a famous person in the world wide weapon industry. Lots of people were upset and tried to attack him so he had to live in a secret place somewhere in the south of germany. Как он попал в Тарков? Alesky made meetings all around the world. Some days before the events in Tarkov, he was invited to meet some russian military developer for chemical weaponary. He should help them to make it possible to built a automatic assault rifle with bullets that have a chemical core inside, which could change the possibilities of modern warfare in every single consideration. Пристрастия Alesky likes to do sport in his spare time but he often works with his computer and creates new kind of weaponary. Nevertheless he is a big fan of computer games, especially for shooter and tactical games. He really enjoys to be with close friends but because if his job he prefers to stay alone. Друзья Alesky doesnt have lots of friends because many people dont like the project he is working for. In the weapon industry he ois really famous but he would call the people he has to deal with "friends". In general he doesnt like the word "friend" because one of his friends cheated on him in the past, which made him think of peoples intention and get him to the attitide, that he has to be careful with the people he deals with. Ранения и битвы When Alesky was 16 years old he tried to create a gun with a plastic bottle and a cutter knife. He was really angry because it didnt work as it should so he took the cutter and stabbed it into the bottle. The knife was so sharp, that he stabbed right trough it into his right hand. But the most remarkable scar is right over his left eye. With 24 years he shot a rifle with high recoil. Dust and other things like small stones lie on the ground. One of the stones hit him with high speed in the face and knocked him out. He also benefits experience of several battles in afghanistan and lybia, where he got more ideas for new weapon systems. Стремления Alesky is a perfectionist and prioritized quality more than quantity. He already deals with the most popular weapon industries on the world but his goal is the total opposite of his job. Also if it sounds really really strange, he is looking for a world, where is no need for the use of guns and other stuff to shoot people. Самые значительные достижения персонажа On the 7th of october 2016 Alesky was rewarded with a prize for global weapon development and its eeffectiveness in combat. Since this event he also got the title of "SkyKnight" because his weapons dont look like to be from this world. His personal opinion about his greatest achievement is that he helped thounsand of people to survive against violence, pain and crime with his job. Сила 25 Выносливость 27 Меткость 28 Инженер
  4. Dog Tags changed or bugged?

    I feel honoured that you call me good Im not bad in the game but far away to be really good... I know your statement and of course there are people who would quit because of that but I think a way like the one LordSquidworth mentioned is a really good idea... I think BSG will change prices of the dogtags or when they dont do it with the tags maybe they raise the prices for attatchments etc. We have to wait until we know more about it
  5. Framerate issue

    Hey ya, had the same problem on Shoreline in the Sanatorium... There my FPS dropped down to 8 and there was no change up or down... the FPS and average FPS stood still on 8! I relogged and everything worked as it should. Imo its a "bug" or a problem of the game. In the newest post they said that the priority of the game is based on CPU not GPU so I think there is nothing wrong with your graphiccard or the version of it... Dont worry about it.. everything should be alright
  6. Dog Tags changed or bugged?

    Imo they should decrease the amount of money you get by selling the dogtags! Of course not like every dogtag costs 3000 roubles for example but there should be an other way to calculate the worth... If there is a level 50 player with an hatchet and you kill him 5 seconds after spawn you shouldnt get 65000 roubles!!! Atm its to easy to get money ( you loot like 2 safes and some scaves with mounts and other equip for weapons and get like 70000+ roubles (my personal experience)) I have no worry about losing a M4 or a Helmet cause the price of the traders is very low in comparision with the amount of money you get per standard raid... Maybe its only my opinion but the price for a dogtag should be decreased!
  7. Terrible Game Performance on my 1080Ti

    I think they will fix it soon cause they already mentioned some of this problems in the current interviews.. i run shoreline with my 1060 Gaming X 6GB with like 50 fps +- in the forests and 30 +- in the sanatorium... As ziatco already saaid... CPU has higher priority than GPU at the moment and there willl be fixes for sure! But keep in mind that there are multiple ways to check something like that. 1.) You create a game and for every modell you implement you try to fix FPS issues and so on or.... 2.) You create a detailed world how you ll find it in the end game and fix the FPS issues and so on with every update step by step Some people prefer 1 choice... some others 2... Of course choice 1 contains a better game performance and you are avle to play without FPS issues but... with that choice game developement would keep longer if you imagine there is an update everyday which includes a new texture or something like that... Choice 2 includes the endgame basement and the developers fix the issues on it to optimate game experience... Now you have to deal with Frame drops and other problems but we can sent them information and they can use them and the different HW we use to get rid of the problems and solve them much faster. In my case ( I dont like to play Shoreline atm) i changed maps and play Woods... I really like this map and gun fights are the best on it Try something else
  8. Engine upgrade?

    Hey guys Some days ago Unity presented a new version of their engine and what should I say? Its overwhelming! I know that the BSG team works on graphics and other stuff to make the game more authentic but also more "beautiful". So do you think there also could be an engine upgrade so there are more possibilities for the team or is there a higher chance to break the current game work they spent so they "destroy" the game? I mean i like the style of the current game building but when i see how grass looked like 2-3 years ago and how trees look like or move in the woods i ffel kingd of scared I believe in the team and hope they make good things come true... Until then Let´s escape!
  9. Escape From Tarkov: Game Tech Overview

    Yeah I wait for the day antialiasing works fine and shoreline works on 60 fps + ... But im fine with it and like to play the game every day and I believe in the work you guys do with every update Looking forward to that!
  10. Creating a character in text forum RPG

    Very cool idea and I think its a nice game if you are done with the base game for a while so you can relax in the RPG text game
  11. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    Cant wait to see HK416 / G38 ingame Hope there will as lot of weapons as i think there will be
  12. I really like the idea cause its something different we can check out. Unfortunately I dont have the 20 posts you need to enter the game so i have to write posts also if there is no topic i really want to talk about... thats kind of weird imo
  13. Game prepare operation failed

    I already did the same thing and the proble is still the same... I am worried that its a problem with my pc or something instead of the servers of the game
  14. Game prepare operation failed

    I played the game today and after some hours i turned off my computer... 1 hour later I Started the game again and i got the Error : ,,Game prepare operation failed. Backend error: Backend error: Couldnt connect to the server." Is this a problem because of the server issues and the new players? My friedns are able to play the game but I only see the menu with "Preparing data files" and every 20 sec i get this message...
  15. Easter Eggs?

    In dorms you have to go up the stairs into the second floor and watch the ceiling ... There you can read the music bands "Metalica" "Rammstein" and "Linkin Park" , of course in different spelling