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  1. Looking to try out the game?

    LOL, punch yourself, and cough up the 45 bucks dude... Well worth it IMHO.
  2. The miniature red dot sight Trijicon RMR

    I'm curios... What adapter will this require? And who will sell it, at what level? I love the optic, it looks awesome. Good work as always!
  3. USEC & BEAR Medals

    Factory 3:28:00. Be there or be square!
  4. USEC & BEAR Medals

    That's disappointing to me... I really would enjoy playing with you
  5. Invisible players?

    The issue is very annoying, yet in part may be due to my potatoe internet connection paired with flooded servers... I am hopeful for the return to normal very soon, because almost half my time in the game is wasted due to this problem. Thanks for the reply!
  6. USEC & BEAR Medals

    Wow... I'm sorry that you went to all that work for a friend who doesn't play anymore. I will gladly become your friend and play with you if you ever want to group up! Seriously nice work though. Think you could mill something I could throw on my Gucci belt and sport around? Show people not to mess with this guy, because he's a big balla.
  7. Invisible players?

    Understand that the server stressing is induced by devs, and occurring in preparation for open beta, arguably the game/servers are far from ready, but that's besides my point. Before this patch, and the server's floodgates being opened, I had very few issues, and once they upgrade or fix any issues with their servers, then the game will be back to normal. Also give the game a bit of grace, simply because this is still a beta, and not a completed game. I love where they are going with the game, and this issue will be long forgotten after a fix.
  8. Invisible players?

    Selfishly glad I'm not the only one experiencing this major server flaw. Does it happen to you on all maps, or is it specific to shoreline? It only occurs on shoreline in my case.
  9. Invisible players?

    I have alt-f4'd and the issue still persists. It's frustrating because I am still killable by people that are not affected. Hopefully its fixed soon. Thanks for the reply! A ghost that can still be shot, lol. I have been killed multiple times while "ghost mode", and it frustrates me to no extent. I really hope the open beta doesn't evolve these issues further. Hopefully this will be fixed ASAP.
  10. Invisible players?

    Has anyone else ran into "invisible players"? I have been killed multiple times by people I cannot see, or hear. I know this is an issue because when I have been grouped up, specifically on shoreline, My buddy may be able to see me whereas I cannot see him, and vice versa. I believe this is due to some sort of server issues, and hopefully will be resolved soon, because dying from thin air kind of hurts my ego, lol. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue, or found a fix for that matter.
  11. Add more servers?

    I agree, but with as much that is happening with the game, and granted the game is still in beta, I think the amount of work and effort they put in outweighs their "inability/unwillingness" You also must realize, they are server stressing in preparation for open beta, so the servers being slow and stressed is induced by the developers, which in turn will lead to an increase in server stability, and performance. As stated, this summarizes my point exactly.
  12. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the Scav on Shoreline at approx 12:00 where we met in the large theater, then I gave you a salewa and you gave me an RGD-5, then we encountered a guy outside, then proceeded to lob grenades at him. After that we went back through theater where I killed a player and got his ak 74n with a PSO then through the building killed another guy, and I gave you his Loadout. We are still in game, so if by some chance get ahold of me. However rare that is, its almost rarer meeting a friendly player scav, LOL. To add on to this, we proceeded to the road to Customs extraction point, where I tried to spell out my name on the wall for you with bullet shots, then I got stuck and accidentally extracted. Whether you read this, or someone else does, that was a hell of a lot of fun, and I do hope you read this later on!
  13. Add more servers?

    I believe this is due to the server testing that the devs are currently running. They are testing server load in preparation for open beta. I am frustrated as well, but in the end it's a good thing, because more servers will likely be added.
  14. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the Scav on Customs where we met in dorms, then proceeded to unlock a door at 2nd story, then I let you loot a safe with some rubles inside, from there we traveled through gas station, and eventually to the factory with the two gun crates where I bestowed upon you a 45 round AK mag, then we blasted three scavs, and a possible player, I hope you read this, and reply. That was awesome even though I was lagging balls.In game name is Kelso!