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  2. Weapon Companies Thread

    Manufacture/Company Name: Sako Limited The type of weapons they make (pictures optional): They made the variants RK 62 and RK 95 TP for the Finnish army. The rifle with the scope here is the 95 TP model, barebones version is the RK 62. RK stands for "assault rifle", TP stands for "folded stock". Their email or official marketing contact information: Email was not found on their site. P.O. BOX 149 FI-11101 RIIHIMÄKI FINLAND Tel. (+358) 10 830 5200 Any additional comments you have: Depending on the fictional location and future setting of world affairs and Tarkov, it could make sense that some version of the Finnish rifle could make an appearance in this Russian conflict. After all, Finland is located just across Russian border so legal / illegal weapons trade between the two countries could be a possibility. Also, making the in-game model could be easy (?) as it is clearly based on the legendary AK-rifle that is already existing in-game. These rifles could form a more exotic part of the EFT AK-family.
  3. Suomi

    Tervehdys naapureille, laittakaahan viestiä mikäli olette hyvällä porukalla Tarkovissa liikkellä.