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  1. RupSon

    New animations showcase

    Are these animations visible only in the first person view, or will we be able to see as, let's say, a scavenger is patching himself up ?
  2. RupSon

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    No, but I demand a birthday cake. Does that sounds better ?
  3. RupSon

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    No birthday present for us... in form of a new gun perhaps ?
  4. RupSon

    Shpagin Submachine Gun - Work In progress

    Oh wow. My bayonet has just grown bigger by couple inches. I wonder will there be any customisation avaliable, outside of different magazines
  5. RupSon

    Trader Changes 10-4-2018

    Lvl 4 Prapor looks kinda empty now, lmao How about some new weapons to fill the empty space ?
  6. You people need to stop preassuming that the suggestion is worthless, just because its author is known for having controversial opinions you disagree with. I actually dig the idea, it could possibly help balance some things out.
  7. RupSon

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #6

    Can we expect any new weapons other than HK416 in the incoming patch ?
  8. RupSon

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    Sheet better have Mosin in it, otherwise all the slavboos, including myself, are going to tear your arseholes apart
  9. RupSon

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    I am no gun expert whatsoever, but from what I know, submachineguns are no longer viable on modern battlefields. Since the game aims for hardcore realism I think the only way to make SMG's somehow relevant, is to make them much easier to obtain and maintain. Besides that. I feel like they need to make inventory weight something to bear in mind when choosing a loudout. I love the way they made it in the Stalker Misery - most of the time you run with one gun only, to get as much stamina as you can. In Tarkov, you can carry 4 AK's, heavy armour, 2 round magazines, and a gamma container full of crap and still be able to run around like a madman. Doesn't feel real to me.
  10. RupSon

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    What if there's more stuff like this in-game we just didn't find yet ? ;0 PS. Eat my ass
  11. I think that 60 rounders will get nerfed once the weapon jamming mechanics are fully implemented. In real life, AK 60 rounders (at least the ones produced in Russia) have proven to be of an absolutely unreliable design and jam constantly. Quad-stack magazines, as well as the drums, should be much less dependable than the old two stacks, that would definitely make players think twice before picking one of them. Other then that, they should reduce the gun's ergonomics much more significantly than they do at this point. Having a 60 rounder is like having a fricking brick tied to your gun and this game aims for realism, doesn't it ?
  12. RupSon

    August Discounts!

    Let them buy the game all over again to boost the devs budget, then ban them again if they still will be cheating . Sounds fair to me
  13. RupSon

    Informacje na temat aktualizacji 0.10

    To niezłe tłumaczenie z Google translate
  14. RupSon

    130 grams of real courage!

    Mosin laying next to the ammo box... We better see it implemented soon, blyat
  15. RupSon

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    As far as i know, VSK is basically a VSS with some internal changes to make it easier to produce - not so exciting I'd say. I mean, it's always good to see more diversity, but IMO there are many other DMR/SR class firearms, that would be better, my top pick would be the Dragunov - now that I think of it, that's the firearm I'm the most hyped to see Feel free to do so. People has been already posting their gun's pics on the SKS thread