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  1. TomatoDK

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    TomatoDK#4168 asking for veification
  2. TomatoDK

    Official Trading Thread

    WTT 1 Leopold Mark4 HAMR scope for a pistol case. WTB 3-5 hoses for 50000 roubles each. PM me.
  3. TomatoDK

    Official Trading Thread

    Interested in your 2 hoses. PM me with price
  4. TomatoDK

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 5 hoses. Paying 200.000 roubles.
  5. TomatoDK

    Hacker are back

    Me and my friends have seen people flying - and oneshotting us several times this weekend. This last time the player who was flying around and shooting us all at woods, is called -omitted by moderating team-. Now when I go to report hackers, I see that you dont accept people reporting hackers ? WTF ??????? So you are saying you dont want us to report hackers that ruin the game for us ? So what are we suppose to do ? Just say NOTHING - and then you wont know there are hackers in the game ?? Or what ????
  6. TomatoDK

    The Hideout announcement

    Ehm okay ? Nice pictures ? But what is it ? A place we can go to on a map, and just sit and hide ? Or whats it for ?
  7. TomatoDK

    Dark screen

    So I got banned from forum for using hinting a swear word. Wrote that game was "broken af". Got me banned from forum for 1 month. Wauw Anyway..... just tried the scav mode. Spawn in at forest map. Totaly black screen (as always when playing eft). See some dark characters walking around. How do I know if they are other people playing as scavs ? Or if they are computer characters (AI) ? Or enemy players ? I decide not to open fire. He speaks russian to me and leans left and right (friendly sigh I guess). Then another comes to us and also speaks russian. All fine. Suddently after 30 seconds one of them starts shooting at the other !? Who do I shoot at then ? When one of them is killed, the other guy shoots me too !? WTF GAME ?! Also how the hell (I didnt use the F-word, so dont ban me again for a month, moderators) do I know what way to go ? Screen is completely black and there is no map. Eeehm ? Cant be bothered reading all the 1000´s of posts on the website (in case other users have asked same questions). Btw I STILL have suddent "lag spikes" (fps drops) when encountering and shooting at players. So much stuff stil broken. Shall I just shoot at everything that moves, cause we cant see anything ingame cause its so dark all the time ? Isnt it possible to see how many "players" are on the server ? We´ve had access almost a YEAR now, and lag spikes (stable fps) is still not fixed. I feel a "dayz 2.0" here Please answer my questions regarding always black screen with no idea where to go cause of no map. And the black characters - how to know who is who. And why would that scav start shooting at us (me and another scav).
  8. TomatoDK

    The plans for the remainder of 2016

    So the beta isnt coming in november ? Will it be this year at least ? Getting a bit boring only being able to run through factory and the other location. What about other locations on map ? Will they be opened soon ?
  9. Then they thank you for your money
  10. Only from the people outside the tank : "no, PLEASE, dont kill me" ☺
  11. TomatoDK

    Tarkov Newsweek magazine is back!

    If they cant fix AI being so op, with next patch, they should let us alpha testers battle agains each other. More fair gun fights than "super-oneshot-headshot" AI´s.
  12. TomatoDK

    Tarkov Newsweek magazine is back!

    I totaly agree with you <3
  13. TomatoDK

    Tarkov Newsweek magazine is back!

    So whats the "news" ? Are AI fixed ? Or what am I gonna read about that is helping me with the game ?
  14. TomatoDK

    Release in 2017?

    Yeah I wouldnt be surprised if its just another announcement that gets denied and another delay coming. Good day.
  15. TomatoDK

    Release in 2017?

    if they said it on camera, then its official announcement". Period.