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  1. EFT vs PUBG

    I have never played PUBG, but my decisions to not play a particular Steam game are directly related to how many concurrent Steam degenerates are playing it. I also use Twitch as a metric.
  2. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    The video, at 5:33, shows Arena as unlocked. I'm looking forward to the blind fire and grenade control.
  3. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Please explain.
  4. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped; but I would think that there are too many major fundamental systems completely missing from the game to consider it beta.
  5. New to EFT.

    You better field strip an MRE if you plan on killing me. You're going to need the calories.
  6. New to EFT.

    Since you bought the limited edition I assume you have faith in the developers. So just remember that this is very much a testing phase. Provide substance in your feedback and play in moderation so you don't burn yourself out between content patches. You can request to be invited to the EFT alpha discord. The details should be on your profile page, or the email that was sent to you. Welcome, and prepare to die.
  7. List of Current Available Weapons

    Oh yeah, and that's been there since last year. So there goes all hope for the other two newly listed weapons to be added any time soon.
  8. List of Current Available Weapons

    They keep the list updated. The only 2 weapons I believe that are not currently in game are the Vityaz and the Chiappa Rhino. Which I assume since they added them this month there's hope they'll be in the next update.
  9. List of Current Available Weapons

    Nice looking out, but there is an entire area of the forums that already has a complete list. http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/38-weapons-department/
  10. Weapon Companies Thread

    The Turkish Tisas 1911 would be nice to see in game. We need a range of cheaper alternatives, currently it's just the Markov. http://www.turkish-manufacturers.com/company/tisas-trabzon-gun-industry-corp_40515.html Glock 18 would be pretty sweet to see for higher end pistols. http://www.glock.com/GlockLanding/index.html HK UMP .45 http://www.heckler-koch.com/en.html Can't have bolt actions without the Remington 700 (M24) https://www.remington.com/