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  1. Hacking Again

    These last 2 weeks EFT become unejoyable, not because of the desync and other bugs which is ok for me at this stage but because of hacker. At first i was skeptis with people that post about hacker because since i played from April i never met one...but now i have met 3 of them. Flying guy, shot from closed distance in one closed room From a guy that i can't see except the foot step (no its not a desync)...and another flying guy.... Loosing gears is not a big deal for me, but to met some scumbag like them is really irritating.. Devs and moderator keep saying the same thing over and over again and lock all the thread about this.... ignoring discussion about hacking is ok As long as you show the real work to us....ok the last wave ban is acceptable...but where is those logarithm to counter the cheats or hacks? Is it only fantasy? Ignore us and people will keep posting about hacks. i will put a side for a moment this good game until the next ban wave period... cheers guys and enjoy the game...
  2. DVL 10 ammo rarity

    I already have DVL 10 itself bought from skier...magazine also, only missing the ammo...i wanna test it...i havent test this gun since i bought the game in april.
  3. DVL 10 ammo rarity

    Already 3 days i'm sitting waiting on prapor to sel this DVL 10 ammo...and failed up to today.... is it so rate now? i already level 29 and prapor max.
  4. Granade not working in factory

    No i don't. Next time i will try to capture it if playing again in factory.
  5. Granade not working in factory. Not even give a sound (only drop sound). From 5 attempts, only 1 that sucess to kill 1 Bear. The others are failed. I never have this problem before, only today. this could be a bug.
  6. Group spawn location

    That is why we need VOIP
  7. Scav on Scav

    I also get duck up (more scav killing scav) since beta alpha, more cooperation between players...some of the new players are still learning and some just dont care..the one that does not care usually will show up in the forum complaining the game, their money and gears gone and the game is a joke... though, this will repeat again with the official release of the game...
  8. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy on shoreline...thank you for your kiver helmet and 2 saiga's weapon...and many others... you suprise me when you shoot from the bush near the gas station..lucky me..altough i only bring pistol but i got 3 F1 from the loot chase me...and i nuke you 2 times...enjoy... caution: people bring postol might sometimes have a nuke or several ither granats in his carefull next time..finish your opponent quickly..
  9. Traders won't go up with money spent?

    I have solve the issue with peacekeeper. Now i reached 1M spent. when the spent stuck, i sell emoty magazines, and the spent back to normal. its weird tho, but working for me..
  10. Traders won't go up with money spent?

    Its not working again!! today its stuck at 890k...i almost levelling peackeeper to lvl 3 and it get stuck again.
  11. Traders won't go up with money spent?

    Its working now!! After 5 hours When i came back to trader peacekeeper just to check whether the 550k has change, it is showing 802k..
  12. Cant Find friend?

    Foreveralone and wacko...same here.. looks like we need to make a a lonefighter..
  13. I have the problem only with peacekeeper. Spent money stuck. The other traders are fine for me. seems each of us experience the same but only with different traders. has the Devs noticed about this?
  14. Traders won't go up with money spent?

    Its not working..i have refresh, back to main menu..and the spent still at 550k. i try to buy MP5 that cost $1022 from him and then i go out to main menu and back again to him and still the amount spent is at 550k! Recently i success to sell ak74N, i go back to main menu, wait for a while then back to him and the spent still at 550k ! Either its only me or bug on peacekeeper.. i dont have problem with other traders, only him (peacekeeper).
  15. Traders won't go up with money spent?

    We all know that now peacekeeper always run out of money.. but not that i want to point out.. My peacekeepr already at level 2 and i already at level 24. i managed to sell to him 3 times and the problem my spent money does not increased!! It stuck at 550k. does anybody experienced the same?