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  1. Tr4wnet

    labs scavs

    True to a certain extent.
  2. Tr4wnet

    Is it just me or are there more cheaters?

    I think there should be a system on the this forum that if you type the word cheater or hacker you cannot make a topic.
  3. Tr4wnet

    No Result Screen after Offline-Round

    They removed it because who really cares about offline mode anyways. Your kills wont bring xp so why would someone care...
  4. Tr4wnet

    Secured Containers on flea market

    Just trade for them on the forum. Probably get a better deal.
  5. Tr4wnet

    Game changing features

    Title is in english yet the post is in german. :confused:
  6. Tr4wnet

    actually finish the game soon

    Out by the end of the year. LUL
  7. Tr4wnet

    A wild suggestion regarding wipe

    "Dear Nikita..." Lol like hes going to read this.
  8. Tr4wnet

    {FDB} gaming community

    Sad that theres no Teamspeak communities anymore.
  9. Tr4wnet

    After mission stats gone - offline mode

    Sure thats okay but you will always have a good fps and desync-less game on offline mode. You get pretty much completly different experince than if you would play normally. Sure you practice your aim and then you land those shots on online, but it wont matter when they take no dmg at all because of the server issues.
  10. Tr4wnet

    After mission stats gone - offline mode

    Nobody really cares about offline mode so probably thats why they removed it.
  11. They said they will.
  12. Tr4wnet


    Toz DansGame
  13. Tr4wnet

    Doing nothing against hackers?

    Best you can do is to report them via the bug report system.