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  1. Tr4wnet

    MPX MQB barter trade.

    Only 200 of them. Probably bots trading it.
  2. Aaaand no bugfixes. Great. Kapp
  3. Tr4wnet

    Made a fragmovie, hope I can get some feedback.

    Fragmovie lmao
  4. Tr4wnet

    Are wallets working again?

    I dont think that "feature" makes sense.
  5. *general they adding new content but no bugfixes comment*
  6. Tr4wnet

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    Just wait until they release more patches. If you only have EFT as a game to enjoy, you doing it wrong.
  7. Tr4wnet

    Pripyat map

    Your name shows up next your logo btw.
  8. Tr4wnet

    Black Friday 30% discount!

    Its always the f|_|ckin VAT.... Its like 35%
  9. Tr4wnet

    Friendly suggestion regarding Gamma glitches :)

    I dont think gamme glitch is possible right now. I would like myself to be proven wrong.
  10. Tr4wnet

    Easter eggs

    I think i know one: A firefight where you dont get killed because of the lag spikes/freezes when you shoot at a player. Kappa
  11. Tr4wnet

    Official Trading Thread

    Cheers again, m8 +rep
  12. Tr4wnet

    How rare is this scav lol

  13. Tr4wnet

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling MARKED KEY for Power cords.
  14. Tr4wnet

    Gamma Case Giveaway