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  1. Fake Limbs

    haha nice troll question
  2. Elviras supply plan quest?

    i got some questions about the ``supply plan`` quest from elvira kabibulina ! Skier interfiers with the mission ``kind of sabotage`` how are the concequences working out in that quest? i kinda want to boost elvira, but i got skier on crown lvl or lvl 4 how ever you want to call it thx for any replies! and have a good one
  3. should be fixed by now but there was an overlogging on woods because of the quests
  4. Closed Beta will start in July!

    you forgot the trader quests
  5. Closed Beta will start in July!

    that would be to good to be true............. but lets hope for the best
  6. Some controls not working.

    NAH THAT DOESNT WORK MUST BE THE default controls that corupt it
  7. Some controls not working.

    what if you have costum key controls? the thing is i cant get the ammo and chamber check to work on costum controls.any help would be great!
  8. May 18: the first European Developer Hunt in-game event

    id like to join the hunt: MastaStona