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  1. GraveDohl

    Idea for the top tier helmet

    Yup, i saw hahaha
  2. Congrats on the lvl 40 club :)


  3. GraveDohl

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    The "Small Horror" That's the last one for now, wouldn't wanna spam more to follow when i got more mods/unlock more traders
  4. GraveDohl

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    The "budget" DMR - Russian Style Looks better when equipped with bigger mag:
  5. GraveDohl

    7 Day New Year Feedback

    This phenomena are players who are "training" their strenght, cause every nade you trow gives you +1 strenght
  6. GraveDohl

    New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    That's amazing, a whole copy of the game to give away for those early pledges! Really love that you guys are doing this! Sadly i wasnt that smart to back you guys that early I was aching for news and some substantial information about the coming month, and this thread makes me look forward to this month with even more hypedness! Cannot wait to see all the changes and which guns you guys finished for us keep up to good work!
  7. GraveDohl

    New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    @bFe so i expect a wipe with this coming update before the end of the year
  8. GraveDohl

    Escape from Tarkov Development Diary

    Well you can always look at this  forum post from a few months back to see the aspirations they set for the future....
  9. same here, got that error as well but the weird part is, my mate and I both finished the pt 2 at the same time, tried both to "complete" it and both got the 707 error. But yet did my mate get the pt 3 mission queued after he tried to "complete" the pt 2, and i don't see that one anywhere. Some weird bugs going on with this one
  10. GraveDohl

    Quest Mega Thread

    spawn rate of USB is upped as far as i know, before the quest patch i only found one in around 50 runs there, now i find one in around 10 runs there, have found 2 for skier and have found 3 for the tradable m4 at Peacekeeper level 3 now. Before the quest patch i only found 2, since the launch of beta..... So spawn rates definitely increased, could be that you guys are not fast enough since a lot of players seem to rush the place, same as i do i just B-line for that spot and if it isn't there i set up a ambush/go for scope shack.
  11. Same here, really think it could add a lot of positivity and i know my friends would buy the game once they get a whiff of it Any progress on this @ArmaSwiss? or did the gamescon get in the way
  12. GraveDohl

    Idea for the top tier helmet

    so is the rhino
  13. GraveDohl

    Idea for the top tier helmet

    Hi guys, i saw this beauty yesterday and i thought " oh snap if only this one could be in the game it would be amazing" https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aQeXn9K_460sv.mp4 I dont know if it is easily accessible to you guys, but this thing could be amazing for a number of reasons: It is a futuristic helmet which actually is there in real life it is a protector for the whole face area, so less hassle for hitboxes it could be the best level since it protects everything on your face even against heavier bullets I hope you take this one in consideration since i think this could be an amazing part of the game Here is the site along with some images: http://devtacdesigns.com/
  14. GraveDohl

    Poll for pending CBT access players

    exactly this, this is what im hoping/assuming but it would be nice to have a definitive answer from a dev/someone who knows for sure from inside