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  1. A question about the Saiga shotgun

    Awesome! thanks for the reply I needed the info for my new vid. I watched a few videos for it on youtube and that thing is scary as hell in real life!!
  2. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if the standard Saiga shotgun in EFT has 0.0 smoothbore barrel or is it choked, rifled etc etc. Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. Grey Color on other maps

    Cool I didn't know that But I think the duller colours make Tarkov feel more apocalyptic, with the grey pallet it feels drained of almost all life.
  4. Grey Color on other maps

    To me after the last big patch everything does loos a bit blander, almost lie someone knocked the contrast down a couple of notches.
  5. Any form of map?

    Glad it helped you out, jumping into customs was the worst one for me! The public exit is almost impossible to find if you don't know where it is.
  6. Any form of map?

    Thanks for using my video
  7. Why even have factions in this game, if...

    Hopefully when they implement the karma system it will balance things out as it will cause negative effect for the teamkiller players. It's the nature of the beast that we play unfortunately
  8. A few things to make the game better.

    I like the idea of a flip out compass it's a nice touch
  9. A few things to make the game better.

    I would say the biggest thing the game needs is a simple compass. It would make navigating a new map a lot easier for people.
  10. #EscapeFromSpawnkill

    I understand your frustration, it's happened to me too. But we have to look at the whole picture which at this point is that we're playing less than half of a game. There are so many more things that need to be put into the game before it's even ready for general release like the rest of the maps, the karma system, skills and the hideout to name a few. I truly believe the devs are not just going to leave the spawning issue there and that it is penciled in to be fixed somewhere down the road. Spawn killing is a pain and I do swear like crazy when it happens to me, we just need to be a bit patient and let the devs get on with it. I'm not disagreeing with you just sharing my opinion. See you in Tarkov
  11. what am i doing wrong?

    That sounds like the desync problem, I have had many times where I have unloaded a gun into someone just to be one shot killed by them. It's a pain and very annoying but the game is in closed beta which is no where near completed. We are all testers for them at this point and we need to do our part to tell the devs what isn't quite right. It's hard not to become frustrated with it but give it time and final product will be a completely different beast and you'll find that you'll have your good days and your bad days.
  12. Kotton's Noscoping Spree.

    I heard that they will be starting the next inductions when the closed beta comes out and then it will be weekly waves on a first come first served basis, so get ready for that because it is not far away at all But I wish you the best in Tarkov
  13. Did you know...

    Yes I could have just disconnected but why get in to that habit if you can't do it in the online mode, fight it out and take it like a man. Besides the challenge of getting to extract in that condition was fun and a good test to see how far you can actually go before dying.
  14. Did you know...

    So, there I was minding my own business in an offline explore of the customs map and a lot of you should know that there is a white tent next to the right dorm building with a guitar next to it. Me being me thought, wouldn't it be cool if you could hit it and it'll make a guitar sound...What I did was manage to hit my own leg with the axe missing the guitar and messing it up completely! I then spent the rest of the walk to the extraction point at the speed of a snail with blunt force trauma, bleeding all over the place?!? So not only can the Scav's and USEC mess you up, you can do it to yourself to save them the hassle Nice one dev's, well played. You got a chuckle out me
  15. Major patch inbound

    I totally agree with you, the calmness of the Woods and Customs make it much more tense but that said it could be like watching poker, if you're into it then its great but if you're not then it can be boring as hell.