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  1. New Glitch?

    Anyone else seen this? players caught cheating/Glitching on purpose need to be banned, exploting glitches isnt testing, SaWserer was the players name, i have his tags.
  2. New Glitch?

    How is this even possible, player called [name deleted] Glitching an M4. players like this guy need to be banned,
  3. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    Then im good with it GL
  4. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    I dont even get why this is happening, This is Tarkov forums yea? i meen i came here because i baught tarkov? tarkov is still a broken mess of a game atm lol, and yes im aware its beta, and yes im aware we are testing, But we are getting more *Hotfix* patches that arnt fixing much of anything, and now they are working on a Forum RPG because most of us spend our time on here *giving Feedback* be it bad or good, gg Battlestate,
  5. Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    Finish the current game and fix all the errors rather than working on pointless stuff?
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Ban all the cheaters without remorse or explanation, No skill, No talent, Cheaters. They are the bottom feeders of the gaming community on the whole. Let them cry when they get caught because there cheats tell them its undetectable while injecting codes into someone else's game is always detectable, let them think they can hide, flying around the sky with god mode just to get a few guns they wont be able to use lol. let them keep paying for the game only to make the same mistake again, BAN them all, Destroy there hacking dreams, and fight the war BSG, all of us honest gamers are behind you 100 % .
  7. Noob Question regarding AI

    Play factory i find is best to start off with, to get more funds and guns.
  8. Dogtag prices

    There are people doing it right now, another mistake that will ruin the game,
  9. Double grenade glitch

    Why would i use the search function to comment on someone else's thread? ive posted on most of the treads about this issue,so clearly i have used it, why waste the time to post useless responses, Thanks for your time.
  10. Double grenade glitch

    Have to agree, im losing gear left right and center due to this grenade bug, and the fact scavs are now throwing invisible grenades that dont make any sound? come on devs, sort it out, or refund my 100 + English pounds.
  11. USEC Prime - Recruiting

    Also looking for a group to play with, Same name in game, Throw me a msg or request
  12. Yea there are so many posts with this same problem being pointed out. The problem that i guess people are having is you are a scav.. law amongst yourself there is no loyalty between scavs they do what they want when they want to get what they want, and unfortunately if that meens they want the gun you have rather than theirs then they will and can shoot you, even tho yes i agree it is pointless and a complete waste of a chance. Some peoples brains are in there feet, so walking and thinking at the same time can be hard But i dont think the system where you kill any scav and all ai's hoot you. i feel if a player scav attacks another player scav all of the AI should turn on them, at the moment even if you defend against an attacker and win the ai still target you, and i feel the karma system should punish those who kill one another, maybe by + there timer 10 mins for every other player scav they kill.
  13. Hackers.... being ignored?

    Hackers need to be dealt with on a more frequent basis, not just when a big patch is implemented. Im Constantly coming across flyers ect on Woods. EFT members are a common name amoung them, the second one this morning.
  14. Quest Penalties

    I use them all lol, the only one i dont use is fence, but you need most of them max to benefit if at all, But loseing so much rep just because you complete one quest is just silly, the questing system needs to be massively looked at,
  15. Quest Penalties

    Considering how hard some of these quests are to do alone/solo farming the traders up is a pain in the bum as it is, why is it you have some hard tasks to do for a +1 rep for the trader yet other quests have -25 for 1 or more....... fix this i just lost 2 levels with 2 traders for handing in one quest for a crap reward? almost not worth doing them.