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  1. bathtubbandit

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #5

    Is there any update on the bunker, and also is there any plans for supported firing mechanics?
  2. bathtubbandit

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Great news, I would like to see like a janitor sized key ring....way to many keys not enough space...lol
  3. bathtubbandit

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  4. bathtubbandit

    New players

    Character name bathtubbandit Description athletic build, 6'1, with a rugged demeanor, bathtubbandit performs in any environment, with a high -stress tolerance and medical, survival and evasion training . His past Former operator, bathtubbandit specialized in survival and evasion, marksmanship and sabotage and camouflage. How did he get to Tarkov? Hired as a pmc, bathtubbandit played a shadow role in Tarkovs current situation. Bathtubbandits key reasoning for being in Tarkov was for HVT tracking and assassination. When a task went wrong, bathtubbandit was left behind and any associations burned. Predilections It is predicted that bathtubbandit will make many more allies while trying to escape Tarkov, and that revenge will be his to cherish by the end of this calamity Friends Through some of bathtubbandits tasks, he gained notoriety and respect from traders and a few scav gangs around tarkov. Wounds, and battles serving in Afghanistan, bathtubbandit has many experiences to draw strength from, the bullet wound in his shoulder, for instance, stands as a reminder of how dangerous clearing buildings can be. The multiple stab wounds around his body can attest to his rough youth and upbringing, itself a war of its own. The slight limp, an injury obtained when taking his time and being thorough led to a fall that injured his leg during a helicopter insertion. Aspirations Bathtubbandit wants to escape Tarkov to seek revenge on those who left him behind to die. After that, not much is known The greatest achievement that character did Gained the rank of e-6 while serving in Delta Force, saved and extracted multiple friends and teammates during engagements that lead to numerous awards and metals Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  5. bathtubbandit

    m4a1 tilted scope, plz help me.

    There is usually a mount for those s8ghts close to it in the traders....you need that to mount the secondary
  6. bathtubbandit

    Server issues?

    Cool...making sure it wasn't my end of things...thanks
  7. bathtubbandit

    Server issues?

    Anybody else keep gett8ng disconnected....I have a ping of around 40-50 but have been disconnected every match today.
  8. bathtubbandit

    Quick Question

    Previous post say it's active for 6 months after that its gone
  9. bathtubbandit

    Ya, OK.

    You probably killed him just didn't register right away....but crap does happen....just keep it rolling...
  10. bathtubbandit

    Official Trading Thread

    206 Marked key Will pay greatly Message me username same as here
  11. bathtubbandit

    On results of the New Year Event

    Is hideout still on for open beta...any updates on that?
  12. bathtubbandit

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    I see a battery bar....Will those need to be changed?
  13. bathtubbandit

    Server issues?

    Is anyone else having server connection issues?
  14. bathtubbandit

    Please make SOLO servers ! !

    Take grenades....gotta learn how to stalk and wait for the right moment and pick ur battles....I run only solo and do fine....
  15. bathtubbandit


    There's a glitch where the t button will not work for a little bit....It happens to me when I pick an attachment up and put it on my weapon