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  1. SpeedyD34D

    dehydratation system

    Hello devs.. I know that there is a lot of comments and topics about dehydratation system ingame. But I need to share my feelings about this. At this point, this system is a trash and YOU NEED TO REWORK IT! Really... you DO know that this is stupid... pls call it out at this stage of game, bcs it is not well design and it feels like it is not fully implemented... we REALLY DONT LIKE IT AND IT NOT FIT IN THIS GAME! It is totally stupid that you die bcs of dehydratation in like 2 minutes in raid.. it is not fair...
  2. SpeedyD34D

    What the heck just happened?

    Yeah, probably you're right.
  3. SpeedyD34D

    WTT Gunpowder for WD40 100ml

    Hi guys, I want to trade WD-40 100ml (for Peacekeeper quest) and I'm offering 2xGunpowder, or we can make individual deal. Thanks. SpeedyD34D
  4. SpeedyD34D


    Hope you dont run your PC on Balanced or even Low performance scheme. Check your real usage of your GPU/CPU in MSI Afterburner for example... this could cause such issues.
  5. SpeedyD34D


    @Rajben Ahoj, dostat se na tu horu není naprosto žádnej problém. Běžně tam kempím s SKS a Headshotuju jedna báseň. Byl to jen lucker co se zrovna trefil. To se občas stane každnému, že bez problému vypne nějakou grupu. Pokud tedy nemáš hmatatelný důkaz například jeho výpisu procesů z té doby, tak takovéto příspěvky ani nezakládej. P.S.: Jak už BSG několikrát uvedli, stále anti-cheat system zlepšují a nesmíš zapomínat na fakt, že i tvůrci cheatů své výtvory neustále zlepšují. Je to běh na dlouhou trať a pevně věřím, že ve full release budou takové problémy alespoň z 90% potlačeny. Cya in the game!
  6. SpeedyD34D


    Man, you make me laugh again ! Good post !
  7. SpeedyD34D

    Saiga 12 gauge ProMag magazines

    Hello devs, it would be really nice if you manage to add bigger magazines for Saiga produced by ProMag company. Contact: For Retail, Accounting, Human Resources Please call (562)861-9554 Tel :Wholesale,Distributor,Dealer Inquiries Tech Support Warranty Inquiries Please call 1(800) 438-2547 WWW: https://promagindustries.com For example: 10 round: 12 round: or 15 round:
  8. SpeedyD34D

    Trader Wipe?

    Yep me too.. it is because of Reputation system.. you need to do quests for them to unclock higher tier items.
  9. SpeedyD34D

    explanation of graphics settings

    Hope @Natalino can put some light into this topic, but I think, as @Yaboi_Gerwee mentioned, Z-Blur means Depth of Field on Z-axis.
  10. SpeedyD34D

    explanation of graphics settings

    I dont care.. everything on full .. btw.. do some research on Google IT tech pages..
  11. SpeedyD34D

    Whats with the RAM usage?

    @Jezeppe Thx you for putting light on this issue I've bought another 8gb of RAM and everything is okey.
  12. SpeedyD34D

    Whats with the RAM usage?

    Hi Devs.. please.. why this game use 8gb+ RAM ?? Why? Is it so bad balanced in this stage of development?
  13. SpeedyD34D

    Dokumenty k příběhu EFT

    Je mi to jasné, ale i tak odvádíš dobrou práci. Btw.. překládáš to z ruské nebo anglické verze textu?
  14. SpeedyD34D

    Dokumenty k příběhu EFT

    Fuu, toto je kopa práce! Nemůžu se dočkat pozvánky do hry a Ty mi čekání vůbec neulehčuješ Jen tak dál PugMonku!
  15. SpeedyD34D

    Cheaters ban wave

    It's good to hear news like this one! Go on guys! We love your work!