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  1. ItsCecil

    PVP event has started!

    Id like to know this aswell
  2. ItsCecil

    Latest update = no scavs

    Do non of you even read the forums before making threads?
  3. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Thats alright!, again mistakes happen and theyre there to be solved, i dont mind helping ppl or giving links, was just confused after seeing 10-15 threads about the same, nontheless, were not here to argue, have a nice day!
  4. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Thats also fair, but even if it would have been a bug, then somebody else would have prob posted about, hence why i just asked if ppl dont check before making threads again was never meant to be rude in anyway, just peaked my curiosity
  5. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    I have way more than 250 hours, if thats what were comparing, but thats besides the point, my point is when you see something off, is ur first thought going and making a thread instead of taking 2 seconds to see if there was a post about it?
  6. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Thats all fair, have a good day!
  7. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Oh i know, i was just agreeing with him that id rather see improvements on the game than events, tho i dont mind the events to spice it up , overall i love the game, just wants to see it go the right direction
  8. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    This is agree with you on, id rather they fixed stuff like that over an event, but who knows maybe they are in the next patch after the event, we can only hope to see, trust me i love this game and would see nothing but the game go the right direction, im with you on this one. I agree
  9. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Ppl will lose those weapons anyway with the wipe, i dont see the issue here, why are ppl so gearfraid, its beta cmon, atleast wait till release if you have to be gearfraid "insert laughing emoji" i completely agree, i had so much loot forever, like i keep going fully geared but never seem to lose my stash https://plays.tv/video/5ab3e823d8955a1ddf/some-factory-derping-sorry-for-disc-sounds-?from=user again sorry for the discord sounds if you do watch it, but this is one way of getting ez loot
  10. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    I mean to each theyre own right? No point being mad at me, i didnt chose the event
  11. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    I can see where ur coming from, specially if u didnt play much before the patch, but again its not here forever, prob for a few days until wipe and/or patch hits, in the meantime go loot some bitcoins and get those forts/m4s!
  12. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Theyre just tweaking the event so its more enjoyable until patch/wipe. No problem, i didnt wanna be rude, its just ive seen countless threads of ppl coming on and not checking Anyway have a nice day and enjoy the event!
  13. ItsCecil

    Trader's capped?

    Does everybody that makes these posts, instantly go on the forum and make threads without checking? Its the greedy trader event, for ppl to have fun with, cuz the wipe is (Possible) right around the corner