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  1. You are gonna sit here and tell me that when i burst someone in the face with 7.62 AKM PS (shouldnt matter the bullet type considering the face mask was open.) and the person still doesnt die? and i have to continue to empty and entire magazine into someone? OH also i should mention this was a player scav. yeah sorry but this game is garbage, the netcode is garbage, the hit registration is garbage, none of the ballistics make any sense. Im sad i bought the EOD edition. Thinking this game would actually be good. Only to be severely let down. What ever man. Garbage game.
  2. I cant be the only one who finds it almost impossible to do an economy run, get to the scav boss, and then immediately die because they aimbot you between the eyes, go right through armor and face shields like a hot knife through butter. And people will say "oh well a decently placed grenade will do the trick!" yeah no. They run away from grenades and it doesnt matter what distance you engage them at they will kill you. I dont think they need to be like super nerfed, but just tweak the aim so they dont kill you on the spot, i get that its juicy loot but dont make it almost impossible for people doing eco runs to do anything. Dorms is basically a death sentence if they are there. Good luck with any kind of CQC because all they do is run right around a corner and aimbot you in the face. a little variety wouldn't hurt. what are your guys thoughts?
  3. Am i the only one who finds these completely useless? you couldn't kill a mouse with this amount of ammunition in a magazine let alone any player whether they are armored or not. I think if you are going to give a scav an AK or anything they need to have the big 30 round magazines. Atleast one and then the rest are 10 round magazines, but to have every single one be only 10 rounds is a hassle and trying to get gear is just impossible with only 10 rounds. What are your thoughts? let me know in the comments below
  4. Obviously this has probably been said a thousand times somewhere by now but ive found that tarkov has a netcode issue and what i mean by that is my situation that i was in. So i went onto shoreline and i had some decently good gear on me, armor and helmet, paca and kiver, with an AK-74M. Pretty ducking geared for early on and able to kill people, well anyways enough about me, onto what happened. I was down a hallway and i start getting shot at, and i go behind a wall for quick cover while healing with a salewa. Then out of no where i hear him shoot 2 more times and im dead. BUT i was completely behind a wall, he didnt shoot through anything. He was still at the end of the hall. Then it dawned on me, Its a netcode issue, that player saw me even after i was in cover so that tells me that what im seeing is not what the other person is seeing. And the server was not synced with me but with them. Thats how they were able to kill me. Kinda salty kinda not, cuz i made it out with a bit coin but oh well. Hopefully we see a hotfix coming for this soon, otherwise PVP is going to be very difficult and i can see there will be alot more posts like mine in the future from more players. To whoever is named "Sam_F1sher" you may have been able to kill me B̡͍͚̹͔̲̠ṵ̙̲t̮͓ ̙̬̺͚̠̲͠i̩͙̟̳͇ w̛̭i̛̭̗l̝̜̲̤l̟̞̩͓͔̥̺ ̷̘̦̖̗̭͓f̟̫̥̰̠̦ḭ͓̙̰͚͓n̙̠̘̩ͅd̙̬̩̩̭͠ͅͅ ̲̫͙̞̫ỵ̹̫͕̗͇o͙̟̗̩͟u͕̙ A̞̗͘n̢͕d҉̥ ̝̲̥i̸͍ ̡̫͔̞̗wi̳̗̱̕l̙̞l̴̝̭͈̜͓ͅ ̞̫͚͎̟b̹̜̥̻̲̭̗r͓̭͟in̙̟g̭̹ ̱͢y͉̬͈̯̗o͏͓͎̠̺̪̞̞u͇̖̺̤͎͍͈ ̨̲̼̠͕d̨̠͈ow̯͚͚̯͓͈͙n̵̺͖͓ Sincerely, John Wick
  5. GokuBlack108_Tv

    Scavs are out of control... again..

    Im sorry but as much as i love this game im getting tired of turning a corner and instantly being shot in the face and killed from insane distances across maps by scavs with pistols and shotguns. They are beyond overpowered and its just not fun losing so much gear to stupid stuff like this. I hope scavs get dummed down or something because right now firefights are just not fair. Every single one of the scavs shots are on point, they go for legs and instantly kill you around corners. Its growing more and more frustrating.
  6. Am i the only one that is getting one tapped on factory with a paca and helmet? like seriously? i thought this was over, with the rise of the machines is happening. I cant turn a corner anymore without getting instantly one tapped in the head. RIP all my gear on factory.
  7. GokuBlack108_Tv

    Influx/wave of hackers?

    Has anyone else noticed maybe you are in a match, you are in a place where you think no one could see you and you turn a corner or take 1 step in any direction AND BOOM YOU ARE DEAD? ever notice anything sketchy about it? i mean i guess it might just be me, but i think im running into a lot of hackers lately, wall hackers and the flying ones as well. for the life of me i find myself turning corner and instantly getting sprayed down or i might be hiding somewhere i get get shot at behind cover for 5 minutes straight and i cant even see the other guy. I love this game to death but because of this happening and no real anti cheat system dupers, and wall hackers basically own this game.
  8. GokuBlack108_Tv

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    I’m extremely excited
  9. GokuBlack108_Tv

    Flash light problem please help

    Turns out it is the X400 that is broken it will not turn on if you have it equipped to a rifle
  10. GokuBlack108_Tv

    Flash light problem please help

    Whenever i put a flashlight on my AK-74u i cant seem to get it to turn on. Whenever i press the tactical button, it just shows my mouse cursor. But when i bring out my pistol and press the tactical button, the flashlight works fine. Anyone know whats going on and or how to fix??
  11. Okay so i have this glitch that happened after i reconnected to a raid where i cannot activate my flashlight or laser on my gun, every time i hit the "T" button it activates my mouse cursor and wont let me do anything else. Quite annoying and if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
  12. So i was train farming scavs on the top floor of factory offices and i threw a grenade around the corner onto the stairs and the grenade blew up and killed me?????? through a concrete wall???? what??? Tarkov please why
  13. pretty much as the title explains, i think the scavs are a little over the top right now, i cant even do anything in factory. Its like when they had that huge aimbot issue, plus this whole new medical system not allowing us to heal several limbs at once is a little too much as well. I might as well just throw all my gear on the ground at the start of the rounds cuz if i get hit, its not like i get hit in one spot, i get critically hit in EVERY LIMB. so im bleeding out of pretty much every orifice in my body and i can only use one med kit. Its just annoying, i dont like the scavs hunting me as well, i feel so overwhelmed by that, its like okay cool, got one down, here comes the whole map looking for me to fry over an open fire. And they know where i am, the just walk and spray and practically kill me instantly, the rare cases where i do manage to walk to the extraction, im so messed up medical wise that i bleed out and die before extracting. Really really annoying, hopefully something is done about it. That is basically how factory works^
  14. If you are getting the 707 error for any quest you may have all you have to do is just go back into the raid/map for your specified quest/task and kill a scav or just simply make it out of the raid once more. So far this has worked for me for several quests and has helped me get past all of the Punisher quests for Prapor. If it doesnt work for you, try restarting your game or computer fully, and if that doesnt work, submit a bug report. stay cheeki breeki my friends