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  1. hippear24

    August Discounts!

    the sale does not even cover the tax
  2. hippear24

    For Anyone that says EFT is Unfair

    the players complaining about fort are not the players using hatchets/pistols its the players using ak´s and hitting 20 bullets(bp) and not getting a kill.
  3. hippear24

    Bulk buying

    I would like to see cheaper items when buying in bulk and more expensive ones when buying in singles. for example when buying 1 paca = 100% price 5 paca = 95% price 10 paca = 90% price
  4. hippear24


    run the game with cheat engine on and see what happens/view what processes are running on your pc
  5. hippear24

    Way to get Good Fps

    maxing my fov gives me more fps i have not figured out yet why but it just works
  6. hippear24

    Upgrading from a free trial to standard edition

    you should expect wipes i think it will reset your stuff it happened to my friends who upgraded standard -> eod
  7. dont mess with tooo much software you dont want to be banned :DD