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  1. Bad fps on a 980ti

    I have a i7 4770 and 980ti and 16 gig ram and i have 40 fps too in shhoreline with 1440p resolution and 1080p resolution same things 120 hz .. .. i think the game need optimization
  2. how know my ping

    is it possible to know my ping on escape from tarkov? Either by games or other applications?
  3. Ready botton

    Dont put the READY BOTTON at the same place of NEXT BOTTON
  4. Ready botton

    Please move ready botton .. i always click it by accident and cannot be invited !
  5. Flying hacker !

    Sorry fot the link !! now the link work !! LOOK it plz , I DONT THINK IS A DSYNC [REMOVED]
  6. Flying hacker !

    Look this hacker !! [REMOVED]
  7. Communauté Québécoise

    Discord pour EFT quebecois ! Battlegrounds Quebec , on est une coupe a jouer a tarkov !!!
  8. Scavs Gameplay video

    nice really good video
  9. Coming soon - Escape from Tarkov in-game events!

    Nice keep good job !