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  1. Borges80

    War With Cheaters!

  2. Borges80

    MP5 one taps altyn helmets??

    anything with higher than 50 pen (m995, m61, etc) will 1 tap altyn 90%+ of the time. 5.45 BS (50 pen) has an 86% chance to penetrate on first shot. M995 (53 pen) has a chance of 93%. I tanked a BS once, but it will happen rarely. M995 will basically always 1 tap it. m61 100% 1 taps, etc. M61 (62 pen) has a chance of like 97%. The armor bug shouldn't even still be in the game..that's what is annoying.
  3. Borges80

    MP5 one taps altyn helmets??

    Few things. 1. There is an armor bug STILL in the game (bsg pls) that if you're wearing armor in your stash and you go into a raid, the game will not detect you are not wearing armor. To fix this, put your armor in your backpack, then back on your body. 2. The altyn doesn't cover the chin, or the neck. It's possible to get 1 shot by anything in those areas. See this : https://streamable.com/7l3wl 3. It's 100% impossible to get 1 tapped by 9x19 through an altyn if those 2 above things did not happen. 4. It should take around 10-15 shots average of 9x19 pst to kill you through an altyn. (tested)
  4. Borges80

    List of recent bans!

    Reeks of sketchyness. "We banned 600, but here's a list of 100." Ok? If you had nothing to hide you'd post the full list.
  5. Borges80

    Nerf Melee

    Hatchets just need to STOP 1 tapping through visors..if you don't have a visor on and get 1 banged by a hatchling, that's your fault..but if you're wearing a visor and hatchets glitch through them and hit your face with right click that needs to be fixed. As well as other loads of problems with helmets and head hitboxes...
  6. Borges80


    EFT in a nut shell
  7. Borges80

    1PN138 Night Scope

    Might be time to take action and change the tos to start banning for reshade since there have recently been ways to exploit ways to cheat with it. Would fix gamma boosting too
  8. Borges80

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Borges#5657 re-verification
  9. Borges80

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

  10. Borges80

    The Reap IR Thermal Scope - Coming to Tarkov

    looks good, lets make sure the price stays high so not everyone and their grammies have them.
  11. Borges80

    Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    More face cover items?
  12. Aw wish it was the dark brown stock version, but looks good
  13. Borges80

    [DISCUSSION] - FOV and It's Pros / Cons

    Neutral for sure. Honestly in a game like tarkov 75 is high enough. On 1080p I play on 67-70 but I can see the want for 90. 90 should be the max tbh, not even 100.
  14. Borges80

    Dorm 114 invisible box + Dorm Room 110 Key

    It's not an invisible box it's actually the computer clipping through the table.
  15. Borges80

    Hacker took out entire squad, careful gents

    Can you tell us how long the ban waves are per interval? Or is it random? Like ban wave every x days