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  1. khaotic

    There are almost no hackers.

    The game still has cheaters, yes, but it's way better then what it was 6 months ago, I've only seen like 2 cheaters this patch. There will be cheaters in every game, doesn't matter what anti cheat is in place, there will always be a few to ruin it for the many.
  2. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    Arzzet has won the giveaway
  3. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    Cri about it
  4. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    Giveaway will end in 12 hrs
  5. khaotic

    Is EoD upgrade reset worth it?

    100% yes
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/231256012 3:32:43
  7. khaotic

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Guys the admin Mr_Sheep will be picking the winners since people claim its fake
  8. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    no.lol, only those who truly need it, have the best story/comment on why they need it
  9. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    btw that guy still got his poo, if you want to go ask the winners, go ahead and do it and also, to step it up a notch, lets get a admin involved with the trade as well, I give it to the admin and he gives it to the winner. and lets make it even more interesting, lets let a admin or mod choose the winners!
  10. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    But listen, im giving them a fighting chance, its alot harder now then it used it be, when I first started, everyone was new, no one was a vet, over time, the game started out with a pretty small player base, so the player base that was then are vets now, the game has grown insanely over the past 2 months, all these new players get killed by the vets everytime, I just went in and killed a 5 man squad, fast mt, everything, being a new player is harder now then it was then.
  11. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    Then do a giveway, stop complaining about me giving free poo away.lol, if you don't like it, then go complain on a different thread
  12. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    Um I am helping the players, I can get lots of people in here right now to say your wrong, ive given people money, guns, etc without even posting here on the form, if you want to cry about me saying to like it, don't, idc, I know I will have haters, but if you don't like it, then dont comment and go complain elsewhere buddy
  13. khaotic

    Gamma Case Giveaway

    If you want to complain, then make a thread and complain about it, I don't see anyone else on here just giving away massive amounts of free stuff to new players, you and ur friend need to buzz off and complain elsewhere and not on the giveaway thread
  14. khaotic

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Now doing a gamma case giveaway as well!