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  1. Change how prone works

    oooo thats a good one,,first i've seen a suggestion like this
  2. left raid early

    Yup the same vatt84 I don’t see the point of just running through unless I find a factory key or something always go into a raid looking for a fight geared to the teeth not afraid of losing gear at all because that’s just how I play and I’ve had times where the server was pretty much wiped hit every scav area got shot up and in fire fights got out and still get it and other times I seemed to miss the action but didn’t get the run through upon exit just posted so they could look into it
  3. left raid early

    well pretty sure its a bug i killed 3 pmc and scavs at the bunker exit,,,and i alway stay to fight ppl unless i get hurt to the point i may die so idk happens a lot on shoreline to me any other map theres not a prob
  4. left raid early

    hey guys ever since the patch i keep getting left raid early,,not sure if its a bug ive tested it out several times,staying longer and longer it happens to me about 4 out of 10 raids thanks
  5. scav lameness

    you all have great feedback thanks im glad im not the only one who feels this way,, setting ambushes is a great thing love doing it even if i get wrecked playing as a scav still good fun,, and i also play very little as a scav lately because about 5 sec after i spawn in im either i get a broken leg or killed by other player scavs,,i have plenty of gear i gain it and lose it just the same ,,half the fun is fighting my way out after a great raid where you killed some pmcs only to just kinda walk out like well ok,,and when you play with another player its like well theres not enough loot for the both of us,,love the game just the same
  6. scav lameness

    hey everyone,,is it just me or are raids getting lame,a buddy and I play quite a lot always going in with gear to last a while in a raid either to loot or get into firefights.i enjoy Tarkov i think its prob one of the best concepts ever for a game and the gunplay is unmatched ,dev team is on top of everything and are very active.but lately after killing a few hatchling and poorly geared player with pistols and so on,you work your way through the map only to find every extraction is littered with dead scav,,doesn't take a genius to fig out what has gone on here long story short if scav players spawn in and just kill off all the other scav and loot what's the point of having an hr plus long instance,i've gone so far as extracting with 2 min left on the server just to hold out for better geared scavs ,just to end with the same gear i went in with and maybe a few things i've found along the way,i personally use the scavs as watchdogs when i play as one its very effective i've gotten all 4 of my helmets that way off geared players that the AI and i have taken down and it's a whole lot of fun to try and hunt down players is there anything that's going to be done to try and make the raids a little less AIDS a times,, like i said i enjoy the gave very much and not complaining just looking for more action while im playing
  7. Comtacs

    Hey guys quick question I have been using comtacs like using them but they take a little to get use to I try using them in offline mode to get use to them but they don't seem to work in offline mode is there any way you could enable them so they do thanks
  8. traders

    so after this patch was installed everything started and ran fine,,until i went to the traders,,everyone of them were back to level 1,but peacekeeper. the odd thing is my progression with all of them stayed the same level reach money spent was all where it was prior to the patch but they were still saying level 1
  9. upgrade to a higher game edition

    YEAH either way it was worth it, i had some nice weapons but i think what i miss the most is my skill levels it like playing it for the first time and not being effective at all lol ,don't mind losing the weapons but the skills is what makes you a killing machine ,im not sure why that couldn't be carried over
  10. so i upgraded to prep for escape edition and all progress and loot found,gear was reset is this normal or something else
  11. upgrade

    Quick ? if anyone knows ,,will a upgrade in edition of the game take place in the beta ,i had the standard and bought the upgrade to prep for escape will that increase my ingame stash and items in the current beta,i looked around the forum and didnt see really much on the question
  12. offline economy and saves

    I'm thinking two separate economies ,can't use online in offline and the same with the offline ,if anything it would give players something to get use to the game and for the players who are sick of getting killed in a matter of mins by players who are all loaded out and just give up on the game all together ,,that's my only fear for this game,, EFT is such a great idea for a game i love everything about it ,,and i ve played the offline to get use the maps and better my online play the one thing i wish i could do mod offline guns sell stuff and so on and no have it be apart of my online guy
  13. offline economy and saves

    First off i'd like to say this game is pretty good at this point,i know everyone is going on about the AI and connection stuff, but i enjoy the fighting them and haven't had any issues just full servers here and there.and if players would use better judgement and think before taking them on they are really not hard to take down.Ive also be wrecked by them many times.My main suggestion is to be able to save offline level, guns, economy and so on,or just a pve with a group/ friends,it wouldn't ruin the game but make it very have the same chances getting past scav the same as online the only thing it would be missing is the bad spawn shotgun to the face or a 4 player fire fight in a 15meter radius upon spawn.dont get me wrong i love the pvp but sometime i just like to focus on looting and killing AI it would be a nice feature
  14. my bad wasn't trying to hack into it i just posted thinking this was for the devs ,,,sorry
  15. First off great game,Hats off,i got what i paid for kinda wish i bought the big pre order,the only issues i've had is with servers being full and thats just once and awhile. The game runs beautiful i avg 70 to 90 fps on ultra and after a little fine adjustments i have a mouse sensitivity i can really play with online like is pretty intense and heart pounding,i've had many great fire fights and extractions,and messing around on offline mode helped get me use to the game big time.I only have one request or bit of little input could there be a save for just offline for progression with separate load out modding and trader just for offline use?