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  1. SommerTheViking

    Official Trading Thread

    Very smooth trade, no bs, highly respected supplier of supplies Thanks again
  2. SommerTheViking

    Interchange: Where to find Scavs

    im looking forward to either more scavs or tweak on the ragman quest from killing 30 scavs on interchange down to 10 scavs
  3. SommerTheViking


    you can buy them from therapist
  4. SommerTheViking

    Maps disappear

    Happened to me just now, so i figured ill pop in and read Got a bit scared for the rest of the things in my gamme for a second
  5. SommerTheViking

    Player Scav Gains Level?

    Not that i know of, i dont think there is any kind of ''bar'' that shows you this, but if you wave at them and they wave back, then thats a good sign, i also know if you spam the middle finger at them they eventually shoot you (tried that 2 patches back if i remember correctly)
  6. SommerTheViking

    Player Scav Gains Level?

    I am not 100% sure, but my best guess is that any scav you kill, player or AI will make you lose the trust / reputation by the AI scavs
  7. SommerTheViking

    Player Scav Gains Level?

    Yes, it has been like that for awhile now You also gain/lose reputation for the other scavs, say you kill a scav ai a few times in your next raids, then they will not care much for you, however if you kill PMC's and act like you are on their side you can make them follow you to gang up on players ect.
  8. SommerTheViking

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling a customs office key to the highest bitter - Starting at 400K Roubles
  9. SommerTheViking

    Official Trading Thread

    Thanking you for a nice and smooth trade #TrustWorthy
  10. SommerTheViking

    sks discussion

    it would be awesome if you could use clips that took one cells space for the sks, would make it more viable i think
  11. SommerTheViking


    it doesnt make sence either that you get shot dead and then being brought back to life again so you can war some more, but guess what, its a video game that people play to have fun
  12. SommerTheViking

    I love the face hitbox

    Nice Dogtag
  13. SommerTheViking

    Did they RUIN TARKOV?

    i am assuming you were not around when the scavs had actual aimbot and could see and shoot you through bushes and other soft cover, they act way more realistic now. I hear people constantly cry ''1 tap'' but that is not what is happening at all, granted they do kill you in one shot if you are close and they have an SKS or a shotgun but that would happen with any PMC or in real life for that matter 1 tap means that they literally fire one shot and kills you, that have happened to me 1 time in 100 raids, usually if i loot their comrede, they would miss the first shot or two and then they hit me and kills me if i am not fast enough to move to kill them depending on the distance, i think they have done a great work with the scavs that people complain so muh about, but trust me, once people start to adabt, it will be no problem.... Just like the other patches
  14. SommerTheViking


    you could have read my message mabye word number 6
  15. SommerTheViking


    That is not even close to the statement ''Black-something'' and that is tradeable at level one, not buyable No the answer is a Blackrock vest.