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  1. Turn off com tacs

    the comtac headset and the one you put on the fast helmet would be so much more greater if you could toggle it on and off, i have had that thought for myself for quite a while now.
  2. free insurence on your wepons

    I saw this post and did some testing I bought 3x PAKA armor and insure it, 2 of the times i did not notice any money being used on the insurence, but the 3nd time i noticed money where missing from my wallet, Just throwing it out there (it was all insured from the inventory)
  3. Scav concept Idea

    So what i am hearing you saying is kinda like ''gungame'' in various other games out there, i like the idea of earning better gear over time on your scav, but that lead me to think, what if you could choose to keep stuff you find on your scav and use it on nest unlock after cooldown, say i go in with whatever, find / kill and grab an AK from a PMC, i choose to let my scav keep it and next time i get a geared guy with.. say an M4, now i would like my own PMC to have that so i choose to pick it into my inventory, then my scav resets with a new random set. Something along those lines would be cool i think, however i dont know if that can be done in all the coding and so on, but the thought is there.
  4. any Danish players ?

    Im mainly a solo warrior, but i'd still like to announce my danish blood
  5. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    If you say so
  6. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    i see an SVD and something that could look like a PKM
  7. Official Trading Thread

    Very nice indeed, thanks for the trade
  8. Official Trading Thread

    ill give you 200K for 2
  9. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Would this mean if i fold the buttstock before exiting, it would take less space, or do i have to actually take it off the gun ?
  10. Thank YOU ! Congratz !

    if you with '' my boy'' means your son, then you must be a great dad I would give my son this game to if i had one
  11. Please make SOLO servers ! !

    I agree, i have seen many people talk about it, yet here is another, i too would like to see an option or straight up mechanic that matches squads with squads (if possible) and solo players with each other
  12. The Punisher Pt. 3

    im not trying to be a dick here, but i found it fairly easy to complete, did it in 2 runs with 20 min left, ofc i didnt loot or anything, just brought lots of ammo, meds armor and a trusty ak and ran for kills only
  13. What?

    Honestly, dry your eyes, i dont belive they are on purpose giving US servers better connection only because of streamers, i have only experienced bad EU server rarely and in ALL cases, they have fixed the issues very fast, stop being so hurt, there is nothing but hate towards the developers most of the time, if it is so bad for you, then have a break ! Dearest Sommer
  14. I’m friendly

    i know i would be pissed if i brought a nice m4 or modded AK (i love ak's) and was friendly to a guy with a hatchet just so he could smash me in the back first chance he gets
  15. Too much Fort Armor

    Back in the day when it was called alpha, you could buy fort armor, which people did, and there was really no problem back then because the devs could adjust the armor mechanics and their armor points aswell as bullet armor penetration, fort was everywhere and i found that nice because you could choose to be a light soldier or a tank, i think its kinda nice that fort armor was pushed back into the marked again.