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    the problem is that it really fast becomes a new method of cheating, you would tell your friends ''where he was'' or look at certain angles for them while they loot ect. However i am fan of being able to spectate, if i had a say it would be an option only for ungroupped players, but thats just my 10cent
  2. SommerTheViking

    Hip fire seriously needs a rework...

    REEE you said hipfire and we all know what you mean but we want to make THAT the issue instead of actually listen to what you say.... I feel like that is all that comes out of this post.
  3. SommerTheViking

    This needs to stop.

    Remember this is what we are ALL here for, also you, to experience bugs, glitches and exploits to improve the finished product, there has been WAY WORSE things happening out there Assuming you have filed a report before going to whine on the forums, thank you very much for your support on testing the game
  4. SommerTheViking

    112 Key Sanatorium

    as far as i know, it should still be there
  5. SommerTheViking

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 1 Shmaska - pm me if you have one you want to sell
  6. SommerTheViking

    Any date on when the wipe will be?

    well if you have, you would know
  7. SommerTheViking

    Any date on when the wipe will be?

    let me answer you with another question Have the devs told us any date ?
  8. SommerTheViking

    0.9 Update

    @TheWay and @Natalino Please dont announce anything before there is a week untill the wipe, the hype and expectations destroyes the game if it is announced too far from the actual wipe
  9. SommerTheViking

    Upgraded my account!

    *Best answer* You could also just use all your stuff and gain your own personal experience with some new guns, be a bit ballzy and just have a great time and whenever you feel like you have used all your stuff and money, go ahead and reset your account, they say that next wipe is around the cornor so i just think, why hold on to stuff ? and it may also take longer than you think, wipe is not tomorrow, so i would just go in head first and then reset when everything is used
  10. SommerTheViking

    Grenade around corners

    just to try and throw something helpful on the table... what if you do CTRL+W or S and then hit G you should do some sort of ''around the cornor throw'' animation Even better, instead of W and S use A and D for right and left.
  11. SommerTheViking

    Face Shields

    i think they are too scratched
  12. SommerTheViking

    Guess what the subject is! Vol.2

    Its an MI-24 attack helicopter
  13. SommerTheViking

    Trader Status Pre-Order

    @EightyFace you dont get in ''good'' standing, but you get a bonus of starting with (i hope i remember right now) 0.20 loyalty and you have to get above 1.00 to be in ''good'' standing
  14. SommerTheViking

    I quit

    We would like to give you a sincere thanks for your service with helping testing the game here and your overall time.
  15. SommerTheViking

    Hacked again

    That is most likely not legit at all, from that distance with 3 shots of what i think is some sort of pistol, nah.. no one is that good without alittle ''third party help'' im pretty sure its a saying, not a litteral state of him not careing at all