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  1. Game update handling error

    Install to default folder. C:\Battlestate Games If you have already installed elsewhere, uninstall, and delete contents of this folder %localappdata%/battlestate games/BsgLauncher/ Then reinstall
  2. Remove ability to drop down to balconies @ Sanatorium

    They will simply nerf the loot and problem solved.
  3. scav progression

    There is scav progression. Your scav character might get different outfit and name for different raids, but behind it is always same skill set - if you level it, increase strength, endurance etc - you get it in next raid. However, gear is always random.
  4. Soo many frames issues SSLI config

    I have 970GTX and on 1080p on Shoreline I get usage <50% for GPU. I tried changing settings, and nothing gets more FPS, only thing that changes is GPU usage when increasing settings, but on i7 6700K none of cores get used more than 50%, no disk, network or other resource is bottlenecking, it simply seems like something is limiting framerate artificially. I get same FPS on 3440x1440 screen, but at least GPU usage gets to 100%.
  5. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Its pay to win!
  6. Movement Inconsistancy Help

    Hold A or D to sidestep while stopping running. Then your character will transition into walking sideways instead of stopping
  7. SKS

    You missed the topic. When you have OP SKS then you can put any rail/optic that attaches to dovetail mount (if there is no mount you can also buy one from Skier). His question was related to standard (non-hunting) version of SKS which does not have ability to attach dovetail.
  8. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    Exactly. Last time my last attempted quest was Punisher pt 5, now it will be Punisher pt 2. We don't have to do them, if they don't wan't to make fun quests they will probably still check statistics and what quests were performed by most players. Task that most player did not do - they will realize something is wrong
  9. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Just make dogtag value = minimum amount of worth he needs to take with him. If he has brought less than his dogtag value, take his money for difference. That way he pays for his dogtag if he looses it, and instead of going hatchet he can go with pistol for same money.
  10. Group Murderers

    This is exactly what that function is. It is optional feature that enables you to spawn in same map with others for purpose of testing. Its current usage is: - find team to play with (on discord, forum, teamspeak wherever) - agree what map and time of day to play - go to pre-agreed lobby - invite each other - if you have space, invite random naive guy to kill at start and discuss recognition strategy (i.e. we all crouch so we know who to kill) - hit ready In future, there will be new gameplay elements that will discourage you from killing your "team" but right now there are none. Behave accordingly.
  11. Group Murderers

    Why would you join a group/invite from someone you do not know? There is no in-game voip or chat and you cannot expect they will do anything else but kill you.
  12. Ban for forbidden software using 

    It is you who allows someone to steal your account. It is your responsibility to protect it against loss. Enable 2 factor authentication, use password manager, generate password.
  13. Ban for forbidden software using 

    You are breaking forum rules. You cannot post hackusations here. Most of cases where you are killed in first seconds are not cheating but late spawn.
  14. Ban for forbidden software using 

    That is quite wide definition, it means that i.e. net limiter software (which is installed in most internet cafes) would cause ban (because limiting internet speed affects EFT gameplay). Also software that i.e. 'boosts' your PC performance by 'freeing' RAM memory would also be considered as interfering, because if you activate 'boost' while playing, it will try to take all of memory (and make PC unload Tarkov into swap file) - which will cause lag etc. Basically, EULA is written so that we can be banned for running any software, if I have Twitch open and watch it on maximum quality I can slow internet for EFT so much to cause lag and EULA has open window to ban me for that.
  15. Keys

    No, I agree with you, I was stating how skills are done to make sense, not to have armor magically become stronger. Lets not go off topic anymore.