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  1. Mammakamel

    Norwegian Players

    Norsk spiller her og. Kamelen#9059
  2. Mammakamel

    Looking for teammate

    Hello. I'm in Norway, so europe servers are favorable. Anyone want to Coop a bit tonight? Discord: Kamelen#9059
  3. I have this problem aswell, but i can't seem to fix it. Tried REVO and removed the registry but no luck. Why is this even a problem, it must be easier to make a installer just install where you want it rather than one that searches your computer for existing ones?
  4. Mammakamel

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    Hoarding gear in a beta that will be wiped time and time again until release, not learning to shoot properly, grabbing gear using a gamma and sprinting out. This is the game for a lot of people, but it only hurts themselves. The skill difference between hatchet guys and people who run their gear is ever increasing.
  5. Mammakamel

    Door animations

    Can we please change the animation on it too? I personally open doors all the time, and I don't have to do it from the exact same position every time. I have arms, and they can actually reach the doorhandle from the front of the door, left, right. I don't have to "slide" into the exact same position.
  6. Mammakamel

    Team play / Discord

    Hello. I'm looking for someone to play with, I'm a low level player. Send me a pm if you speak either Norwegian or English and want to play with a noob.
  7. Mammakamel

    Team up with a noob

    Hello. I have completed a couple of raids, but have been playing this on/off alot. so i'm pretty bad and don't have much equipment either Never played coop in this game before either. Wow, not much of an application! Team up if: a: You want to yoda this thing, be my master b: you are in the same place as me and want to team up Pm me here. Europe Region and East-USA would be preferrable, ping and all.
  8. Mammakamel

    The Shoreline: the new screenshots of the location

    The visual design of this game is so freakin on point. Looking forward to the new map!
  9. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    When all else fails, ad hominem is the way to go. Well the dev (also a glasses wearing nerd most likely) just answered my question. First you attack me for not having the game. Avoiding the question, writing a long speech. Then you accuse me of alternate accounts. Avoiding the question. Then you throw the weakest comeback ever, dissing programmers (who made the game and this site) still, avoiding any discussion. It's like discussing with a child.
  10. I can't say Call Of Duty springs to mind, even in this alpha state of the game. I think their direction is quite clear, and dev's have said they strive for reality. I only have 120 raids maybe, but i find the weapon handling pretty realistic. RO2 feels absolutely great, there we do agree fully.
  11. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Yes i do, and my statement is just as good if i didnt. I don't own multiple accounts, why are you dodging every statement I made and just attack me? I work as a programmer is what I meant. Not the same as coding a game, but similarities when it comes to solving problems. I think beta-key giveouts work. The EFT team is actually giving away keys already, in a cosplay contest. Maybe you should join, dress as an idiot. Would not take much effort it seems.
  12. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    1. I currently play and own the most expensive pack. So the way i see it, I'm allowed to have an opinion and speak it. I also try to contribute to the forum. 2. What you are essentially saying is that beta keys dont work. Which they do. 3. My definition of more hype is giving the EOD guys (me and my friends) some keys to give out to our friends. Let them try it out. 4. I understand that closed beta is not the place for this, open beta is. Sincerely, a EOD owning programmer.
  13. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    I don't get the opposition here really. To give out some keys to friends and maybe pick someone from a sign up would be good. To your statement "Why do people need to try a game when they see it on youtube"; There is a big difference. Hence the existence of beta tryouts and their positive impact marketingwise. That however is a good point.
  14. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    No that would be bad or no that won't happen? The more hype the better, cant see the problem in giving out betakeys for people to try it for a period.
  15. Mammakamel

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Are there invites to the closed beta? For new players who havent bought?