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    The game will undergo performance enhancements nearer the full release. Doesn't currently matter how good your rig is at this time.
  2. So E3 has been and gone for another year and there were some interesting looking games coming for both PC and consoles. But none of them gets me hyped as much as the early access release date for SCUM. Being another early access game has me feeling a little nervous with regards to the experience i've had with "other" early access titles so far, nevertheless i am prepared to give this game a shot as it looks to have a heck ton of depth that should make it a contender for survival/RPG game of the decade. What are your thoughts, are you hyped for SCUM?
  3. bobby_dazzler

    Screw it

    Patience young jedi. Rageing doesn't achieve anything. Sure taking a break wont do you any harm at all, but an emotional response to anything is not constructive. Take a deep breath and think positive, i truely believe the devs want this game to be a success, i mean why wouldn't they?
  4. bobby_dazzler

    a vote for keeping secure containers

    Why would we need a vote on this, it has already been decided. If the devs do decide to remove the secure container, wouldn't that just piss off EOD owners?
  5. bobby_dazzler

    What's up with scav players killing each other ?

    Unfortunately it's been part of the game since it's inception. It's Dumb.
  6. bobby_dazzler

    How can anyone play this game

    100% agree with this sentiment.
  7. I stopped playing about 4 months back. I believe the concept of this game is very ambitious and i do hope that they get it right eventually. i stopped playing due to the amount of issues that have plagued this game since alpha. I know i payed for the previledge of testing this game but the frustration outweighed the enjoyment. Plus playing through the quests time after time after each wipe also started to grind my gears. TBH i don't want to kill the game for me before the full release that will no doubt be the best experience possible. I loved my time playing (sorry testing) but the bugs, desync and hackers was enough for me to stop playing until the final release. Thanks and see you in about a year or so.
  8. bobby_dazzler

    Interchange mall map

    Good stuff bro, helpful to me yes as the map is ducking huge. All we need now is for someone to take on the task of mapping the loot locations (hint hint)
  9. bobby_dazzler

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Another hatchling thread. Thoughts are...deal with it !!
  10. bobby_dazzler

    Official Poll: Wipe Vote

    Why another wipe vote, i thought we had one a week or so ago? Reminds me of brexit, you take your vote and the results came in. Now some people are saying that we didn't vote for the right reasons and want another vote. Let's keep voting until you get the result you want eh. Democracy is dead, end of.
  11. I'm assuming when you contacted support they requested for you to send them a .dmp file (crash dump file). This way they can actually see what is causing your crashing issue. I am no expert but i think the .dmp file can show information like whether it's a hardware or software problem. Hope this helps.
  12. bobby_dazzler

    Unplayable see you in 6 months

    Seems as though you may need a new rig.
  13. bobby_dazzler

    Hooking up the good guys

    It's a rare thing seeing people helping hatchlings. Well played man.
  14. bobby_dazzler

    The Weapons glitch is back for revenge

    It is simply a shameful way to play this excellent game. One-up-manship to the highest degree. Sad.
  15. bobby_dazzler

    Games Broken

    For an online only game, the desync has to be sorted otherwise the game will be a disaster. This WILL NOT happen as it will be detrimental to the success of this new studio and i just cannot see this happening. The devs will find a way, they have to.