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  1. bobby_dazzler

    HUGE FPS drops.. more than ever.

    Try using app memory cleaner it might help.
  2. bobby_dazzler

    Tarkov is not fun right now

    I stopped playing months ago, promising myself i wouldn't come back till it's in a playable condition. It's very disappointing that we were "promised" patch .10 would fix the game. From scouring the forums regularly i suspect that things are not going well at this stage of development and that .10 patch fixed very little in regards to the overall playability of tarkov. Meanwhile let's keep the hype train going with what weapons are coming next.
  3. bobby_dazzler

    *Patch Installation has Started*

    There is no wipe this time, they already stated this.
  4. bobby_dazzler

    SCUM soon.

    EA are not the only bloodsucking Vampires. At £15 a pop that's a lot more cheaper than other early access titles.
  5. bobby_dazzler

    Release when, do it already.

    Do what most other players do when they've played it too much, just play something different until you get the buzz back.
  6. bobby_dazzler

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    Being an veteran gamer i have had the pleasure of seeing the game industry evolve over the years. There was a time in the industry when you would be paid to test the beta version of games before the release. As the consumer we could get regular reviews of games in gamer magazines or even on youtube a week or two before the release. This was just fine as it gave us the chance to get someone else's opinion on the game before it's release, so we had good idea if we liked what we were seeing or not before handing over our hard earned cash. Somewhere down the line this has changed. Fast forward 20 years or so and now with some publishers not sending out early code of games to reviewers for them to play test and review as they fear that bad previews or reviews will hurt the sale of the game when released. I understand that fear from the publishers but what this does is it diminishes the trust between publisher/developer and consumer. We no longer have the opportunity to test review code and give consumers some idea of what they're spending their hard earned money on. We are now at the stage where, consumers having to pay to to test these games upfront in the name of "supporting the developers." It seems to me that the publisher/developer is more important than the regular guy/girl gamer, who is now investing in these projects, when publishers used to be the ones taking risk. We as consumers have the right to hold these publishers/developers responsible for their actions (or their seemingly lack of) when we are the ones who are now taking all the risk. You may be wondering if this is pertinent to the subject matter, i think it is. Lastly i want to add Caveat Emptor (which is Latin for) let the buyer beware. I'm ready for all of the fanboy abuse, bring it on!
  7. bobby_dazzler

    Attention hatchlings!

    Unfortunately it's art imitating life, there are ducking aholes everywhere. It's just tragic, but this is the way it is.
  8. bobby_dazzler

    Help me please

    No relevance to the subject matter. If i was to reply honestly to your response it would be regarded as inflammatory. call me whatever you wish, hate leads to a horrid place.
  9. bobby_dazzler

    I can not kill a single human player

    I made a thread long time ago asking the devs if it was possible to give us some idea of the drop chance of items in the game. I got no response. Surely quest specific item drop chance has to be higher than non quest items, but we are left to just guess drop chance percentages. it's very frustrating.
  10. bobby_dazzler

    Scavs with shotguns

    Sure the 360 spin shotgun headshots can be annoying, but im sure it will improve and become more realistic.
  11. bobby_dazzler

    "Improved Shoreline"

    There are some players on the forum who are saying they have slight improvement with frames on shoreline. I'm guessing it depends on your rig. Major optimization will happen more close to full release, be patient.
  12. bobby_dazzler

    Scavs with shotguns

    If you think the Scavs are hard at present, the devs have stated they will become much harder. @tuge
  13. bobby_dazzler

    My Honest Thoughts On The Game.

    Agreed, but for me personally out of the many hours i played i have only once found a kind soul who wanted to team up. Nice sentiment from Onionboi tho.
  14. bobby_dazzler

    unlocking/locking doors.

    Agreed. It makes sense and can't be that hard to implement.
  15. bobby_dazzler

    Hatchling butchering

    Hatchling runs are now pointless since the community raged and BSG caved in and super- nerfed the melee. I used to love running as hatchling against all the odds. Now i just don't play, period.