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  1. HACKS

    how is that screenshot a proof of someone hacking?
  2. How to report cheating?

    Why do you need to see it? Its most likely hidden so that hack makers cant easily work out whats detecting them. Ban lists are sometimes posted on reddit (Probably here as well). And yes, devs dont have to care. There is separate team working on anticheat afaik. As long as they can detect the new hack workarounds, most cheaters will get banned within days. They dont take reports in from players purely because most reports wouldnt even show hacks. Just some dude getting 1 tapped and calling hacks.
  3. How to report cheating?

    How is this not closed yet or video removed? In its description you can buy the cheats... All you are doing OP is spreading the hacks more.
  4. Mini SVD (gone wrong)

  5. Landmines/anti personnel mines

    I dont think any sort of mines fit the game atm. 90% of the time you wont be in raid to loot the person that you killed. Maybe once the open world comes around and you will get to come back to the same instance again but even then, it wont be fun.
  6. Claiming 7 Day Passes

    you wont get any keys. Trials were given out to EoD owners who bought in before beta started.
  7. Green Smoke ?

    it also helps to know that old gas station exit is no longer in basement. Its in the bushes at the back where scavs spawn. Near the medical bag.
  8. Smuggler's boat exit customs

    It has ??:??:?? next to it so i guess there is timer. I usually extract next to the tank. closer than crossroads.
  9. Stacking Dog Tags

    I think during raid players should be able to virtually "grab" the tag. Right click and take. The tag would then count as collected but not actually appear in inventory. Then either send them to player as if they were insurance or make separate inventory tab that allows players to collect them.
  10. VAT and buying a gift for a guy in Canada

    2 versions, EU and Other. EU works everywhere and Other works everywhere except europe
  11. Shotgun breaching and breaching charges?

    GDT is designed to smash through doors. Im sure it that feature will come to game at some point.
  12. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    What happens if i bought 2 EoD keys in april. Do i get 2 trial keys or 4?
  13. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    who said they wont add them? Devs said they want to add most of the well known weapons.
  14. karma system should be very harsh

    Karma will happen and i do hope it will be very harsh. PMCs would stick together if they were in tarkov.
  15. KEEP looted gains in OFFLINE mode plz

    So earning money in offline mode, buying gear thats almost never seen in raid (Sv-98 or DVL) and using it in online mode is not testing? No one is asking for offline mode to stay when game releases. People want easier way to earn gear since we are supposed to be testing, not grinding.