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  1. Livercheese

    Ingame-Time (left) bug

    maybe it is linked to the server updates
  2. Livercheese

    Ich komme einfach nicht weiter

    würde ich nicht sagen, meiner Meinung nach geht nichts über gute Stereo Kopfhörer.
  3. Livercheese

    Pinning Solos against Groups is ridiculously stupid

    pick your fights
  4. Livercheese

    Vorbesteller-Rabatte für Escape from Tarkov

    da werden sich ein paar Leute aus der Banliste freuen...
  5. Livercheese

    Huge ban wave

    edit your quote
  6. Livercheese

    Server Change

    so for me it is possible
  7. Livercheese

    About Stream Sniping

    what the *uck, funny post, reporting stream snipers to the devs this made my day ^^
  8. Livercheese

    How about a customizable first aid kit

    when medical animations are implemented, we will see if this is needed. Btw this idea was suggested few times before.
  9. Livercheese

    Building a mid-level pc for EFT

    what do you mean ^^ sorry, english is not my native languague
  10. Livercheese


    aaah, i see
  11. Livercheese

    Building a mid-level pc for EFT

    even with my specs it is not possible to achieve constant 60 fps at this stage of development. i7 6800k 32gb 2400mhz gtx 1080 samsung ssd if i were you i would definetly wait for a more stable build of the game. After that i would look at this again.
  12. Livercheese


    lol, why is that not realistic?
  13. Livercheese

    Why .9?

    no one knows how much content is nearly or already finished, only speculations, maybe after 0.9 theres 0.91, 0.92 or whatever. And like others said, 1.0 does not necessarily mean final build / full release.