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  1. What's the deal here ? - video-

    Just another day on Tarkov - Some of the issues listed above from an earlier run. Is it lag ? Desync ? I ALT-F4'd and came back in and still had the same issue. I can pick stuff up - but I can't drop anything, having to leave a ton of gear behind ;(
  2. Spectate Mode for Team members

    First constructive reply ! Thank you ! That's a brilliant idea <3
  3. Spectate Mode for Team members

    It's NOT hardcore or realistic in every aspect - Look at using Medikits e.g. - you click a button and the affect applies without any animation or hindrance to your movement or aiming ? So perhaps a balance must be struck. Same for freelook - the current implementation is NOT realistic at all ... You're completely missing the discussion here - read from the top perhaps <3 Sure so EVERYONE on my squad needs to stream - hampering their system performance even more ? that makes very little sense in the greater scheme of things imo.
  4. Spectate Mode for Team members

    I really don't see a problem with that ? Look at PUBG e.g. It's hugely successful there - allowing you to spectate squad members ? It's not like Tarkov is SO realistic in all aspects that it would be a negative
  5. Would it be possible to add a spectator mode for squad games ? It's super frustrating to just sit and wait for your squaddies to extract when you've died earlier in the game. The ability to spectate them would be awesome !! CP out
  6. The current state of the medical system leaves alot to be desired for a few reasons. I'll continue to list some challenges below: 1) In order to get detailed information about your medical condition you have to open a separate window and doesn't always feel very intuitive. Please have a look at improving how your medical status is implemented. e.g. you could have varying levels of a RAG indicator on your player avatar in the top left corner indicating the severity of damage. Right now you have grey , black , red ? 2) Where's the healing animations for using medkits , bandages , morphine etc ? As it stands a player hotkeys the medkit and just spams it while carrying on running / shooting / moving without any issues. Performing ANY other action while using medics should stop the effect from being applied. Same as searching containers etc. EFT is meant to be realistic , not selectively so. This is massively game breaking and counter-immersive 3) The last suggestion is to look at the bleed out effect. Instead of weird looking veins across your screen, perhaps look at slowly fading out the colour, sound and so on until death. CP out
  7. As with most recent 1st person shooters, they allow the player the ability to move in one direction while looking around... EFT has tried something similar however i feel the implementation thereof is lacking. 1) Increase the range of free look to at least 2 - 3 times it is now, it feels like you literally have only 15% range of view either way from dead center! It's way too limited to provide any benefit to players in the state it is now. 2) Allow players to adjust ( or just reduce ) the mouse looking speed when freelook is toggled - right now you SNAP your neck when using this. 3) You can further restrict player head movement based on the current helmet being worn ? Just some suggestions on how to perhaps fix the freelook which will be a great addition when implemented correctly. CP out
  8. Fully geared , spawn in on Woods , died in 3 seconds to another geared player who basically just gunned me down before i had even fully loaded in - Raid time 3 seconds, ALL gear lost obviously ... This has happened not once , not twice but MANY times now over the last 2 weeks ... Can't be too hard to build in some code to check if there are players in the area of the spawn, before spawning the player... Super frustrating
  9. EFT Suggestions

    I would almost agree with that ... Offline mode AI seem to be Godlike ! I'm still fairly new to EFT and finding it super frustrating! That said though - I love the challenge ! Dark Souls 3 of FPS gaming !
  10. EFT Suggestions

    I'll keep this simple ... 1) Allow me to properly turn my head ( Arma 3 , PUBG style ). It adds a massive amount of awareness and immersion. The current implementation is useless. You stop dead in your tracks if you try and do it. 2) I am constantly having to click and reclick things like sprint , ads etc. If I am jumping over an object and pressing ADS I expect it to ADS the second I land. Not have to release the key and repress it. The same goes for sprinting. Check for key hold, not keypress perhaps. 3) Characters get stuck on almost every small piece of litter on the floor ? 4) There appears to be some kind of delay when moving, or the character decides to complete another animation before moving or stopping ? 5) Can we please have 21:9 support ? It's the year 2017, cmon guys. 6) Playing windowed mode my cursor often moves over to my 2nd screen causing me to just stand there. This usually happens during firefights = death. Also scavs are still picking me off at 100m with a shotty / pistol ? Maybe I'm just bad or not having much gear is the issue here . I constantly see videos of people who just run around and pick off AI / players. Each round for me is a struggle. Thanks
  11. Borderless

    Works great ! thank you so much <3

    Custom ReShade Shaders - apologies for the audio track muck up
  13. Alpha admission wave starts!

    To those complaining about standard version buyers getting the alpha just remember some of us bought into the game last year already. It's people like us that took a risk and forked out money on this game before even knowing if it's any good and I think this is exactly what the developer has done they have decided to give those that bought the game ages ago a chance to be rewarded wit a Alpha key.